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Bell Sends Rebate Cheques Incognito

Posted by auroracitizen on March 30, 2011

I recently received a letter from Bell Canada.  Logo top left, basic bulk mail indicia and the statement “Important account information” above the window. It looked very much like bulk mail which usually goes directly into the garbage.

But I am glad I didn’t throw it away.

Inside was a letter explaining that as a Bell customer I was entitled to receive a portion of the funds that the CRTC had directed be set aside and attached was my Home Phone Rebate Program cheque for $67.

So it got me wondering. What would have happened if I had put the envelope in the garbage?

Obviously I would not have cashed the cheque and the money would have remained in the Bell bank account. Good for Bell, bad for me.

So was this an intentional strategy to minimize redemption of these cheques by home owners? Why didn’t they simply credit my account so I would get the money. Makes one wonder doesn’t it.

So, make sure you open your mail from Bell this week. There could be a cheque inside.

12 Responses to “Bell Sends Rebate Cheques Incognito”

  1. Well, I open junk letters to get rid of the pre-printed forms or letters with my address. I never toss anything with my name on it, just for privacy protection.

    Secondly, this is a good point – why would they not deposit into our accounts? This would have been excellent idea, same as enbridge did when I over paid. When I signed up with Bell they give me this big thing about being eco-friendly and forced eBill (electronic bill on us), then so they can send out junk mail two times a month and this time printed cheques. Someone should challenge Bell for their environmental responsibility to trees, lol.


  2. Companies will “stealth” rate increase letters with similar methods. For this reason I open every piece of mail that I receive. If you ASSUME it’s junk… well we all know what assume means.

    You can’t blame Bell if you throw out the cheque. I am sure they did it this way hoping that some cheques will get tossed. Adding a credit to everyone’s account would be a better approach but this payment includes subscribers that left the company so that would not work.

    I got two $67 cheques!! I have two phone lines.


  3. Grace Marsh said

    LOL – Glad I wasn’t the only one. I almost tossed it as well. I was sure it was junk mail too. Certainly makes you wonder, doesn’t it.

  4. Christopher Watts said

    Consider yourself lucky you;re with Bell. I expect Robbers will just mail our “rebates” to a landfill directly to ensure no one cashes them.

    Why wouldn’t they, they’ve already proven they aren’t interested in servicing us, only our $ :

    • Anonymouse said

      Do you say this because you are a disgruntled ACI employee that Rogers turfed?

      O O

    • Christopher Watts said

      I fail to see how you could arrive at the conclusion that I am a disgruntled ACI employee. Do you naturally assume that customers that have issues with companies are ex-employees?

      I have never worked for ACI, it is unfortunate that they were taken over by Rogers, which as a company has proven itself less interested in service than its bottom line. The link I provided confirms that.

      What business is it of your who my past, present or future employers are?

      Switching from antlers to a rat-tail hasn’t made you any more tolerable.

    • Bemused said

      We should be grateful that this creature has diminished in size as well as stature, although the same anger-management issues remain.

    • sharon said

      Hey Mouse,

      ROGERS charges 30% more for less service than we were receiving from ACI. What’s not to be disgruntled about? Stop sniffing for cheese where there is none.

    • Anonymous said

      Hey Sharon,
      You have alternatives…. if it’s that bad switch. If you don’t like the price, switch.

      This is about Bell and their cheques – who cares about Rogers, where Watts did or did not work before or Moose vs. Mouse

      By the way, ACI was not all that. I had significant problems with TV cable with them. Once Rogers equipment was in place, the problems went away. ACI could never figure it out.

  5. JOHN H SARGENT said

    A good post LOL my envelope did hit trash bag, if not for my neighbor mentioning she got rebate cheque from bell it would have stayed there.. That was 2 weeks ago , 2 days after regular bill came in mail,so yes one would assume advertising junk, so maybe they d hoped more than a few hit trash and stayed there??? Gredit would have make more sense.. Did everyone get 67 $

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