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Vic Paraninfo: 4.30.37 – 3.29.11

Posted by auroracitizen on April 2, 2011

Friday was the memorial service for Vic, who passed away unexpectedly on Tuesday.

Aurora lost a great citizen.

If you knew him — no more needs be said.He will be universally missed.

If you didn’t, you missed one of the things that made Aurora such a special place to live.

In an article from the national Post (June 5 2008), they acknowledged his role in Aurora on the event of his retirement.

A comforting smell of leather fills Vic’s Shoe Repair, where used skates and soccer cleats, arranged by size, line the shelves.

More comforting still is Vic Paraninfo himself, a fixture of downtown Aurora since 1972, with his winning smile, easy banter and hands gnarled from decades of stitching shoes and massaging skates (after having warmed them with a hair dryer) to fit on customers’ feet.

But Mr. Paraninfo, 71, is quitting. On Friday he will hang up his plyers and his French hammer, and turn the shop over to a new owner.

“I’m sad,” he says. “Half my life was spent here. You meet all kinds of people. But I’m happy. It’s time to move ahead, stay home with my wife. She needs me. And spend more time with my grandkids and do some volunteer work.”

Tributes and condolences to the family may be made at

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Sheila and family for their loss.

4 Responses to “Vic Paraninfo: 4.30.37 – 3.29.11”

  1. Shirvanaa Ragoo said

    Uncle Vic as I fondly referred to him…A GREAT man, wonderful soul. I consider myself Blessed to have known him and to have been his friend. Peace be unto you and your family. With Love, your friends from Trinidad.

  2. Brian Duff said

    Vic was a huge friend of the Wells Street P.S community and will be dearly missed.

  3. An admirer said


    That is beautiful.

  4. David Heard said

    In reference to another post ….

    Vic was, and will always be, what a friendly Aurora is.

    We will remember you with love.

    Heaven will never be without fresh soles.

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