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What Is She Thinking — or Is She?

Posted by auroracitizen on February 16, 2011

If you watched former Councillor Alison Collins-Mrakas’ past program on The Auroran-Online, one can hardly believe the scene that was being described as having taken place at the Aurora Council meeting of February 8.

Councillor Gaertner appears to have completely forgotten why she was elected and possibly is showing the strain of trying to serve those who elected her — rather than the community she was elected to serve.

Her attack on John Leach, the Town Clerk, accusing him of doctoring the minutes and her demand that the minutes of a previous meeting be amended to correct, in fact, overturn her own spoken word, is baseless, cowardly and demeaning to Mr. Leach and in contravention of all civil procedure.

“Minutes are to provide an accurate record of what happened. The DVD is very clear that I did not ask to move the motion. I did not raise my hand to move the motion. I would have had no knowledge that I would have been assumed to be the mover of the motion. In my opinion, if the minutes stand as they are now, this record has been doctored.”

Councillor Gaertner ranted on at great and loud length, repeating herself numerous times, despite admonitions from the Mayor and conceivably others present in the chamber.

All of this about a request by the Councillor Gaertner for a recorded vote that was seconded by Councillor Buck, and which request (motion) Ms. Gaertner now says she did not make and thus demands an amendment to the minutes.

Mr. Leach has subsequently viewed the DVD of the meeting in question several times and confirms that Ms. Gaertner did IN FACT made the request which in its context was taken as a motion, was duly seconded and voted upon by members of Council.

“At the time that this matter was considered, the motion was read out by myself and Councillor Gaertner requested a recorded vote. The chair, Mayor Dawe, asked for a seconder and the seconder was Councillor Buck and in doing so I believe he recognized Councillor Gaertner as the mover. It is unfortunate that she did not indicate at the time that she wasn’t the mover because I believe the Chair, as well as myself, understood that she was. Subsequently a recorded vote was taken and the action was confirmed by Council’s confirmation bylaw.”

Of course it is interesting that none of these protestations were made the night of the alleged incident — but only after receiving input from others subsequent to the meeting. It makes one wonder if her speaking notes were again written by others.

It feels to many like there are others sitting at the Council table who were not elected to serve — but have another objective in mind. This ongoing confrontational behaviour by Councillor Gaertner  (often supported by Councillor Ballard) is a disappointing facet to a Council that is otherwise trying to build good relations and work together. Ms. Collins-Mrakas also appeared to be very much puzzled by this entire episode, wondering what might have prompted it.

In light of the lack of apology forthcoming to Mr. Leach, Ms. Gaertner should have been expelled from the chamber for the balance of the meeting and docked financially. Councillor Gaertner’s refusal once again displays her total lack of respect for the rules of procedure when they don’t support her goals — which clearly is not to have a smooth running Council.

In the province of Ontario we do not have the right or the ability to demand the resignation or recall of an elected representative. If we had such a right, many believe that Wendy Gaertner would be gone from Aurora Council already.

We seem to have moved, following the election, from a dysfunctional majority of Council to a dysfunctional minority of one, or possibly one and a half.

60 Responses to “What Is She Thinking — or Is She?”

  1. Anonymous said

    I have a couple of comments/questions:
    I don’t actually know where the “press box” is situated in the council chamber but, if it is opposite Gaertner, one might guess that the ex-mayor would sit there to figuratively pull the puppet’s strings or use sign language or any other form of non-verbal communication so that Gaertner knows what she is supposed to say next.
    I noticed last night that Gaertner was permitted to ask questionsof staff. Has something changed re her insult to the town clerk that she should be allowed to do so? Has she submitted a formal apology?
    I feel nauseated whenever Ballard speaks and is on camera. I hope that someone on council wipes that supercilious smirk off his face soon.

    • Anonymous said

      I don’t think one has to look outside of the council table to notice the non verbal cues Clr. Gaertner is getting.

      Just watch Clr. Balard who sits directly opposite and you will see him nod, mouth words, shake his head and a bunch of other gestures in Clr. Gaertner’s direction.

      All for naught as it is obvious that at this point there is no one home to receive the signals.

  2. Guy Poppe said

    To Lucky Wife.

    While I don’t agree with you entirely, your argument caused me to re-read it several times. Accept my applause. If you had graduated from law school and come to me for your articles, I would have given you serious consideration.

    Aside from the accolades, let’s get down to the issues.

    So I ask you: if you were the Mayor, how would you have dealt with this

    • Maybe less mayhem said

      It is my understanding that a Town Clerk is generally the resident expert when it comes to procedural matters arising out of Council/General Committee meetings.

      Is it appropriate for the Clerk to interrupt the Chair when a procedural error occurs, and, with respect, requests that the comments made by a given Councillor be repeated right then and there for clarification?

      Had this been done with the now overblown Gaertner “motion” and everything that has followed, the matter could have been dealt with at the time it occurred without the fallout that has taken place.

      The Council’s attention to pressing town business has been disrupted and personal feelings have created much potential distrust and ill will.

      It’s time for everyone around the table to grow up and do your jobs – both Staff and those elected.

  3. Guy Poppe said

    To Anonymous (Feb 18 10.17)

    If, as you claim, the mayor’s failure to ensure a mover existed was not because of his inexperience, then what was the reason?

    The readers, upon review of the DVD, don’t seem to have a problem recognizing an error was made.

    I don’t agree he did the right thing. He should have deferred the matter and reviewed the DVD. If he did, his error was obvious. If he didn’t, why didn’t he.

  4. sharon said

    Oh for God’s sake everyone, grow up and shut up!
    Nyah, nyah, nyah. Worse than kids, all of you.
    With civility and humour with proper discourse, this issue could be solved in less than a minute.
    That the councillor would not qualify originally what she was objecting to in the minutes, gave confusion to the clerk what he was to verify. They both need to apologize for their mistake, and move on.
    This is a situation of a new council and should not take this much hot discussion of who did what and to whom! This has and rehash of what or what did not happenned soes not help each other or our town. Again, grow up!

    • Here here Sharon!

      If the same thing happened to any of the others, would the same discussion go on here? I doubt it. Wendy has the scarlet letter on her (actually 2, PM – Phyllis Morris) and everything that she does is held as some manipulation by Morris.

      In the grand scheme of things, it’s minor – get on with the business of the Town for crying out loud.


    • Evelyn Buck said

      For those that believe no proof is necessary.

      For those who do not believe no proof is possible.
      Stuart Chase

    • Mr. Spock said

      Robert, we’re beating a dead horse I’m afraid…

  5. Mr. Spock said

    Okay now, where’s everybody’s apology to Councillor Gaertner?

    Heard? Maddocks? Luckywife? all you Anonymouses (Anonymi…?)??

    Just what I expected.

    “But wait, oh look!, there’s the ex-mayor sitting in a place we don’t know enough about to know if she has the ‘right’ to or not to sit, but let’s not let that stop us,…start up the rightous indignation machine!!…sputter…I’m getting all red in the face…ooh!…ooh!…this is exciting!!..we got Phyllis to kick around again…ooh!…ooh!…I think we need a cigarette…”

    Sheesh, you people never change.

    • Anonymous said

      apology to councilor Gaertner?

      what planet are you from? oh right

    • Anonymous said

      Is Cllr Gaertner due an apology? Perhaps, but only after this schmozzle over an honest misunderstanding is done and dusted. And only if any further shenanigans on her part don’t occur.

      But most importantly, only after she retracts her accusation and offers a full and sincere apology to Mr Leach.

    • David Heard said


      Please inform me what I said that shows bias.

      It was a positive statement that showed the Councilor has done some great things for this Town and THAT focus should return.

      My real name is posted.

      If you are going to sling mud in my direction please identify who you are…..not who you are under a fake name.

    • Matt Maddocks said

      In this circumstance, I’m going to break my own rule of not responding to comments from those who remain hidden, as here you’ve called me out by name – a basic courtesy that you do not afford to me.

      Let me make this direct and clear. If you want to challenge me, or address me in debate, then have the guts to identify yourself. In your current form, hidden and protected while hurling insults, I have zero respect for any comments you may make. While I will defend the right of any blog participant to remain anonymous, that defense breaks down the minute that person decides to directly engage me in such an infantile, callow manner.

      You want to play games? Then find someone who is willing to put up with your immature behavior, because I won’t. If you want to do battle with me, stop hiding and behaving like a petulant child. Grow up and take ownership of your words.

      Whatever hornet’s nest my position may stir up, so be it. I stand by my statements.

    • Luckywife said

      Wow, Spock, you are the strangest Vulcan I have ever encountered. I owe Councillor Gaertner an apology?????

      Are you so deep into the throes of the Pon Farr that your logic and reason have deserted you? Have you done a Vulcan mind meld with former Councillor Evelina MacEachern? Have you tried giving yourself The Vulcan Nerve Pinch?

      Since I am so concerned for your welfare, I will apologize to Councillor Gaernter. In fact, I will give you a list of “I’m sorries” and you can use your superior intellect to choose the right one for the circumstance. Don’t forget to tell her it’s from me.

      Councillor Gaertner, I am sorry that you are confused and that you hardly ever understand.

      Councillor Gaertner, I am sorry that you feel it is appropriate to come to council unprepared and to waste everyone’s time asking, re-asking, and then rejecting the answers to your confused questions.

      Councillor Gaertner, I am sorry that you feel you have the right to insult, badger, and debate Staff in a public meeting.

      Councillor Gaertner, I am sorry that you have aligned yourself with advisors who do not have your best interests in mind, or heart.

      Councillor Gaertner, I am sorry that you cannot hold the Mayor, the other Councillors or Staff to blame for making a fool of you. Consult with advisors, re: Fools

      Councillor Gaertner, I am truly sorry that you find yourself occupying a position that you are grossly and demonstrably unqualified for.

      Councillor Gaertner, I am sorry for you. Very, very, sorry.

      Live Long, and Prosper

  6. Guy Poppe said

    To Lucky Wife (Feb16, 2011)

    I was not going to go into another debate, expecting to be faced with another series of insults, or ad hominem arguments from others.

    But, humbly, I express my respect for your worthy points of view, and felt I owe you a response.

    As I have said before, this issue arose from a misunderstanding. Who misunderstood who is not important. How it was responded to and dealt with is more important.

    We can debate the word “doctoring” and whether it has a negative connotation, all night long. For me, in its context, it was unwarranted.

    I have spoken to Mr. Leach, and as I said before he is someone I respect and is most understanding and forgiving. He holds no grudges.

    So how should this have been dealt with?

    I can only tell you what I would have done. Perhaps you would have dealt with it differently. That’s what makes us individuals.

    Undoutedly, the councilor has a great deal of respect for the former mayor and some council members. The election was rife with division and this was a sensitive issue for her. This may have played a role.

    For Mayor Dawe, it now presents a new and unknown role. Mistakes are bound to happen, and they did.

    There is an atmosphere of mistrust, and all parties need to get beyond that. The mayor needs to acknowledge the mistake, and Clr. Gaertner needs to confirm her comments were not intended to besmirch the Clerk’s character. If Mr. Leach wants something more, I’ll leave it to him to express.

    I truly hope we come together.

    • Anonymous said

      Mistakes have happened, continuously from Clr. Gaertner.

      I don’t believe strong leadership is a “new and unknown role” to our current mayor.

      It certainly was to our previous mayor.

      How should it have been dealt with?

      The way it has.

      “besmirch” doesn’t sum up the Clr’s actions, an apology or “clarification” is not necessary, a withdrawal of her accusation immediately is what is needed.

      She missed the last meeting because she was “sick”? How many more meetings does she plan to be sick for?

      Her actions have been incredibly childish and they are not serving the greater good of the community.

      She has no face to save.

      Move on.

    • Luckywife said

      To Guy:

      Thank you for your thoughtful response. I can appreciate that you may have some apprehension about expressing your view points given some of the less than civil responses you have received in the past. If you have been keeping abreast of the discussion topics here, you may have noticed that I also have attracted some recent hostility for some of my commentaries and apparently, at least according to Mr. Spock, I am also to be condemned for not making one either. My very own Kobayashi Maru.

      I have reviewed the tape that Cllr. Ballard posted on you tube, and I agree, in hindsight, a mistake was made. Cllr. Gaertner did not move the motion. What is also clear on the tape is that the Mayor and Clerk assumed that she had. Frankly, what is also clear to me is that every other member of council, including Cllr. Ballard, assumed the same thing since not one of them made notice of it or requested clarification. In my mind, there is no fault to be assigned to any one person, it was a simple misunderstanding. The clerk reviewed the DVD and made a submission to council based on his perspective and made a recommendation to council to adopt the minutes as is. Fair enough. Council has the option to accept or reject the recommendation. If there is to be a debate about the clerk’s report, that is a matter for the council, he has no role to play in that.

      In my opinion, Cllr. Gaertner’s response and verbiage when interrogating the clerk was not proportional to what actually occurred. The clerk did not “doctor” the record; he was not rude or disrespectful to the councilor in his responses to her. He made a submission and recommendation to council, and it is their privilege and responsibility to either accept or reject it. What then, could possibly have motivated the Councilors rage against the clerk or could justify her treatment of him? There is none. It was excessive, unnecessary and unprofessional.

      I truly wish that the Mayor had not allowed it to continue as long as he did. I would have preferred that this be dealt with that night, Feb. 8, then to have it drag out like this. However, I do realize that what occurred was probably a shock, I know it was to me, and I suppose the best course of action in the end was to take a step back and think about how best to deal with the matter. I support the Mayor’s decision to give the councilor the option to either withdraw her accusations or be denied the opportunity to direct questions to staff within the chamber. To my way of thinking, he has taken a fair and reasoned approach to an escalating and serious problem; namely, Gaertner’s inability to accept that the outcome of the election was determined by the voter’s, not her council peers or the town staff. Contrary to Cllr. Ballard’s inflammatory “twit” from the council chamber, I don’t see how the Mayor is denying her democratic right to participate. She is free to debate, free to vote and free to do research and question staff outside the chamber. If she wants it to be different then my understanding is that she will have to withdraw her allegations against the clerk. Apologize as well? I don’t know about that, but I hardly see the point of it, an insincere apology has no value.


    • Anonymous said

      Well said Luckywife!

      An insincere councilor also has no value, and by my count we have two.

  7. sharon said

    On January 25th, Councillor Gaertner, when the receiving of past minutes came up, expressed that the minutes are incorrect from Dec 14th in camera special meeting. She claimed not to make a motion, but was seconded by Councillor Buck, and the motion was carried. At that time, Ms Gaertner claimed that Mr. Leach made the motion. Mayor Dawe questioned this, and Councillor Gaertner corrected herself to say she didn’t know who had, but certainly she did not make the motion. Mr Leach very graciously said he would review the dvd and advise. It started then. Now the molehill grows into a mountain.

  8. Anonymous said

    “What is she thinking – or is she?”
    In a word, no, she isn’t. Clearly, she has others thinking for her. She’s not even good at reading the notes they give her.

    • Press pass said

      Could someone explain to me how it was that Morris was seen at yesterday morning’s budget discussion seated at the press table?

      Does she bear press credentials, and. if so, then from what specific media?

      Or is this simply a rehearsal for her blog-to-be, as she alluded to in an earlier incarnation.

      Dear Divine One – please spare us that!

    • fed up said

      she still thinks that she has privileges at the town hall?–how arrogant–let her sit in the cheap seats with the rest of the citizens who threw her out of office–by the way, I heard rumours that she had left town–OH WELL–we can still dream

    • Anna said

      ‘….rehearsal for her blog-to-be’ – it will be interesting to see the comments on her blog – bloggers may be afraid to comment because of potential lawsuit

    • Anonymous said

      Press Pass…. Why not check with the Town as to how you get to sit there?

      Fed Up… Same to you; maybe it was offered

      To both…. I beleive that she is still a resident of the Town – I think she is allowed to attend council.

    • Press pass said

      To Anonymous @ 4:457 p.m. today

      “To everything there is a season” and in the Council chamber “to everyone there is a place.”

      If you have the answer then please share it with us as to “how you get to sit there.”

      There are a lot of images that float before me but in keeping with the new mood of moderation I shall refrain from passing them along.

      As for “maybe it was offered” who did the offering and was this done with that person’s specific authority to do so?

      Fatuous comments are really a waste of everyone’s time, especially for people like me who seem compelled to step on a roach.

    • Anonymous said

      To Anonymous @ 4:57

      If you check with the town you will be informed those are press seats.

      Yes she is a “resident” of the town.

      She is allowed to attend council.

      She can do she by sitting in the gallery….or if she’s press than she can sit in the press seating.

      Is she press? If so whose?

      If not, who in their right mind would “offer” her to sit there, and why would she accept.

    • Anonymous said

      Who issues press credentials?

      How hard can it be to get them, Watts says that he has them.

    • Christopher Watts said

      Who issues press credentials?

      Is that a trick question?

      The answer is the press.

      How hard is it to get them?

      I guess that depends how hard it is to contribute to the press.

      I never said I have “them”, The Auroran says I do.
      I write a small column for them biweekly.

      I mentioned on my blog that I have not attended a meeting yet in my capacity as a member of the press and therefore have not sat in those seats. I don’t know if I ever will.

      The point is why would the former Mayor go and sit in those seats?

      She obviously understands who sits where.

      It appears to me that she believes she can sit where she likes and nobody would say anything.

      And nobody did.

      Until she left that is.

    • Darryl Moore said

      Watts said:
      “Who issues press credentials?
      Is that a trick question?
      The answer is the press.”

      But he failed to ask the next question. Who is the press? To which MY answer is, anyone who wants to be. That is the power of social media and the internet. It is very difficult to define “press” as an entity any more. This could actually be a segue into a whole new debate, but I suspect it is also irrelevant. I am sure there is no bylaw that says anything about who may sit where in the chamber, and that “press gallery” is merely a convenient label for those seats.

      If Ms. Morris or anyone else choosing to sit there for the convenience of taking notes, begins to impact traditional media press, then I would suggest that council will need to address this. Until then, I seriously do not see any issue here.

    • Anonymous said

      For what it’s worth, “press” is an obsolete term in the industry. It’s now generally referred to as news media or just media.

      In other news, I see Watts’s self-imposed exile was a short one, as was accurately predicted by RTB.

      I guess he got tired of talking to himself.

    • Anonymous said

      What was the over/under on Watts’ return? Who won?

    • Christopher Watts said

      Mr. Moore,

      It is interesting that you claim to know that the former Mayor was sitting there for “the convenience of taking notes”.

      Where I would agree with you that there is no bylaw I think there is a clear understanding as to what those seats are reserved for, just as there is a clear understanding what the rest of the seats in the chamber are for as well.

      I don’t see this as an issue of “impacting traditional press” or not, it is one of respect and she has shown a lack of it by choosing to sit where she did.

      I would suggest that she made a conscious choice to sit in those seats so as to separate herself from the “great unwashed masses”.

      Whether she likes it or not at some point she is going to have to drop the arrogance, recognize that she is only a resident and start acting like one.

      I expect the fact that she feels “inconvenienced” by this new reality is of no concern to the rest of the town, especially those she chose to sue.

      As for anonymous commentors that believe I have emerged “out of exile” nothing could be further from the truth,

      I explained my choice to limit my postings to the AC on my blog here:

      “And until moderators of the AuroraCitizen investigate incorporating a tool that can help democratize the commenting section I will limit my comments there.”

      If Anonymous commentors here are betting on my participation with this blog that is incredibly sad.

      Cowards that hide behind their anonymity, like Robert the Unclean, are nothing if not entirely predictable.

      I participate on my own terms.
      I also let you know what they are and who I am, so that should make the split on betting a lot easier going forward.

  9. Guy Poppe said

    To lucky wife.

    Thank you for the welcome. It should really be directed to the Aurora Citizen who has allowed me to post these last comments.

    Insofar as your question re libel suit, after nearly 35 years in a courtroom, the last thing I would advocate is that forum to resolve issues.

    I have no idea where you get the idea that I favoured Morris’s suit. I have never talked to her about instituting proceedings nor gave her counsel in that regard. I’m a little too long in the tooth for that.

    As I have stated before, I make no comment on the merits or lack thereof of the suit.

    However, what is bothersome is my perception of an attempt on the part of some to discredit, insult, badger and deride some because of their membership in last council. This, in my humble opinion,is a destructive advocation. I saw the posts about on whose is on one side and whose on the other. This is so wrong.

    Let us rally together and with positive leadership we can step forward.

    • Anonymous said


      Fair enough. But, you didn’t really answer my question. So I’ll rephrase:

      How do you perceive an attempt by a Councilor to discredit, insult, badger and deride the Town Clerk? What is the appropriate action to deal with this matter?


    • Anonymous said

      To Mr. Poppe:
      “Let us rally together and with positive leadership we can step forward.”
      Please tell this to the stunned and obtuse Gaertner and the twittering Ballard. These two (and those behind the scenes)are the stumbling blocks to realizing your exhortation.

  10. Anna said

    This is such a shame and sad!

  11. Guy Poppe said

    To the Aurora Citizen

    “Her attack on John Leach, the Town Clerk, accusing him of doctoring the minutes and her demand that the minutes of a previous meeting be amended to correct, in fact, overturn her own spoken word, is baseless, cowardly and demeaning to Mr. Leach and in contravention of all civil procedure.”

    Have you spoken to Mr. Leach about this? If you did, you will find that he is an understanding and caring individual who holds no grudges and is well aware of the vagrancies of politics. Please let him speak for himself.

    Insofar as “her own spoken word”, have you reviewed the DVD?

    • JOHN H SARGENT said

      A little change from your 11.51 posting.You say let Mr Leach speak for himself as he is a understanding,caring,individual who holds no grudges, so are you saying former Mayor Morris and recently C Gaertner are not, as you were always ready and willing to speak for them,and for the latter as recently as 11.51 am to-day and now 1.29pm ..Not a accusation just a observation of your own writings….h. a. g. d

    • Gaertner Also Didn't Catch the Mistake said

      Here’s the video (complete with slanted comments):

    • Anonymous said

      What slanted comments? They’re an accurate commentary on what transpired.

    • Anonymous said

      “People make mistakes — even Mayors”

      Yeah, don’t we know it! (Please see Morris, Phyllis circa 2006-2010)

    • Anonymous said

      Even without the captions it’s pretty clear – there is no mover. Not Gaertner, not anyone.

      Ultimately the chair is responsible for conducting the meeting and ultimately he must take responsibility for mistaking Gaertner’s call for a recorded vote as the mover of the motion. It is understandable how the Mayor, through a lack of experience, made the mistake he did. However, it’s inexcusable that after having had the opportunity to review the DVD, the Mayor and / or the Clerk continued to insist that Gaertner moved the motion.

      The only charity I can offer them is that I hope their recent actions toward Gaertner were taken without the benefit of reviewing the DVD. Otherwise their display is nothing less than shameful.

    • Anonymous said

      I can’t believe Evelyn didn’t catch it. She must have been off her game that night

    • KA-NON said

      Ok, fine, so what if Dawe apologizes for this honest mistake. Will that do it? Will that satisfy Gaertner? It was clearly explained to her at the last council meeting that what had happened was an honest mistake. She was also offered a solution. Why would she accuse the clerk of “doctoring”? Others have commented that “doctoring” in this context is not necessarily a negative. Give me a break!

      Why does she care? Seriously, why in the world would she care about this? It was a motion to receive and she voted against it. Her intentions with respect to the memorandum are clear for all to see and for posterity.

      In my opnion, and I would guess in the the opinion of anyone who cares to look at this objectively, that, she is making a big deal out of this for purely political reasons. To disrupt the current council, and, specifically, to make Mayor Dawe look bad.

      I think that this is capital “P” pathetic.

    • Anonymous said

      Bang on, KA-NON! I think we can add capital A – Agenda to the vestiges of MorMac.

    • Anonymous said

      Mr. Poppe,

      I agree with you that our town clerk Mr. Leach is indeed “an understanding and caring individual who holds no grudges and is well aware of the vagrancies of politics.”

      It is unfortunate that Clr. Gaertner doesn’t see it this way.

      After her conduct towards him, and her refusal to withdraw her accusation one can only draw the conclusion that the same cannot be said about her.

  12. David Heard said

    I believe the Councilor has a large opportunity here.

    Many times, we humans make mistakes.Ones that can be quite large,and offensive to others.

    Everybody….yes everybody, in their life make mistakes.

    It is however how we turn the tables, for ourselves and everyone.

    It is only a couple of months into the term.

    I wish to direct this to Wendy(If I may respectfully call her that).

    Whatever it is,please let it go.I do not believe this is you.

    Where is the person right now that championed for our youth.

    You made “Hot Spot” their home away from home.

    You probably gave troubled youth a memory, or two,that helped them in a challenging time.

    Where is that Wendy now?

    Find her ….and let go.

    The positive ripple you will cause ….my goodness….you have no idea.

    We need you for the next four years.

    We need positive energy because our town,like many others has challenges.

    Our youth need you again Wendy.

    They need you to be an example of change.

    Positive change.

    Please for yourself and the community ….whatever it is ….please let it go.

    • Matt Maddocks said

      Extremely well said David. Cheers.

    • Muddled mother said

      Wendy Gaertner seems to have undergone a cataclysmic change from those early “Hot Spot” days.

      It would be with great reluctance and concern that I would allow my teen-aged children into the same room with her.

    • Evelyn Buck said

      We may all have been off our game that night.

      It was around midnight,after five hours of non-stop talk. The situation is easily understood.

      The accusation, weeks later, the clerk deliberately falsified the record is not excusable.

      It cannot be allowed to stand.

      It must be withdrawn.

      There are those who would disagree with me I know but I’m with David.

      I give Wendy the benefit of the doubt.
      We need to work to-gether.

      Mormac should rely on their own resources to do whatever dirty work they can from beyond the pale.

      For your own sake Wendy…cut them loose.

  13. Guy Poppe said

    First of all, at no time did councilor Gaertner move the motion to receive the document, either directly or indirectly.

    The councilor simply asked for a recorded vote. No seconder is required for such request.

    The mayor erred in believing a mover existed. Mr. Leach, by his own admission,similarly wrongly assumed.

    The matter should have been deferred pending a review of the DVD.

    It was simply a misunderstanding that resulted in an unwarranted battle and accusation.

    That’s where leadership needs to step in.

    • Anonymous said

      I can accept that an honest mistake was made. Cllr Gaertner can’t or won’t, for whatever reason. It is quite a leap from a mistaken assumption to ‘doctoring the minutes,’ but she made it.

      Gaertner was always quick to leap to the defence of staff in the past term, usually in the form of a red herring but whatever. Anyway, as Cllr Buck pointed out, Gaertner created the confusion by jumping on the motion to request a recorded vote. In her haste she gave the impression that she was moving the motion. She subsequently failed to question the identity of the mover if indeed it wasn’t her.

      This kerfuffle is all post facto, which does make one suspect that consultation with others may have led her to question the minutes of the meeting. But questioning those minutes didn’t need to include impugning the Clerk’s integrity and competence.

      Regardless, a simple – and sincere – apology for a simple misunderstanding will resolve this matter. Cllr Gaertner, the ball is in your court, show some respect and demonstrate some integrity (and find new counsel while you’re at it – you and us are being ill-served by those that you’re still reliant upon).

    • Luckywife said

      To Guy Poppe:

      Welcome back to the AC.

      Firstly, you seem to be running a little behind the current events. The matter was deferred, and a review of the DVD was undertaken. The clerk made a submission to council by memo for the Feb. 8, council meeting. The trouble is, and Alison spoke of this last week on Our Town, Cllr. Gaertner refused to accept the clerk’s explanation and then proceeded to make a very serious accusation against the clerk. What is there to misunderstand about that?

      Secondly, leadership did step in. The Chair gave the councilor the opportunity to withdraw the accusation in the opening moments of the Feb 14 special meeting. She refused. The Chair then exercised his leadership authority and advised the councilor that she could no longer direct questions to staff through the chair until the accusation is withdrawn. Simple. Effective. Leadership. What more do you ask for?

      As a lawyer, I think you realize the seriousness of this issue and the accusation. Setting aside the dispute of who said and did what, the accusation made in a public meeting against the clerk by Cllr. Gaertner that he doctored the record, can be seen as both defamatory and libelous. It might even be workplace harassment.

      So, Guy, you are on record as supporting the legal action taken by the former Mayor for defamation and libel; would you also be in support of the Town Clerk filing a claim for defamation and libel against the councilor and his employer at taxpayer expense?
      I’m not suggesting that will or could happen, but if I were the employee it is something I might possibly consider. I look forward to reading your response.


    • JOHN H SARGENT said

      Guy thanks for the clarification, but are you referring to the same issue that is being addressed here, with the comment unwarranted battle, it appears to a lot of the public that this is what councilor Gaertner wants is a battle with leadership it self at any cost and she has done nothing but try and disrupt from the get go of this term with all sorts of accusations as she not happy with out come of past election..You may defend her actions as that is your right.

    • Anonymous said

      Guy’s right. It was the chair’s fault for not confirming Wendy was the mover.

      And Wendy’s right — it’s not her job the ensure the minutes are accurate. That’s the clerk’s job.

      Having read his report, I think he was setting himself up for a confrontation by trying to blame Wendy for not speaking up about the error.

      How could she point she was not the mover when she didn’t know she was being considered the mover?

      Another thing — it was only last term Buck accused the CAO, clerk and Town solicitor of colluding to doctor the minutes with regards to the St. Kitts open forum fiasco.

      She never apologized and was neither kicked out nor muzzled.

      For her to criticize Wendy for doing the same thing is the ultimate in irony.

    • Anonymous said

      I’m surprised the link to the DVD hasn’t been posted on the AC yet.

      I would like to see for myself if Councilor Gaertner moved the motion. From everything I’ve read, it sounds like she may not have moved the motion. Some are upset that she didn’t correct the error the moment it occurred. Some are upset that she may have received outside advice and then questioned the minutes as recorded by Mr. Leach.

      With all due respect, if she didn’t correct the matter immediately or received advice from others dosen’t change the fact of whether she moved the motion or not. And if Councilor Gaertner didn’t move the motion, then who did? Without a mover, the motion and it’s effects are at best questionable, if not null and void.

      Also, I believe the motion centred around a decision to cut off funding for the former Mayor’s lawsuit against 3 residents. Given what is at stake, I’m surprised the DVD hasn’t already been shown to council and put everyone at ease that they aren’t putting the Town at further risk in they’re rush to right a perceived wrong.

    • Brain dead already said

      To: Anonymous @ 8:32 p.m. today –

      “…they’re rush to right a perceived wrong”

      Grammar/spelling doesn’t appear to be your strong suit.

      Do you seriously think the “wrong” is simply one of perception? What will it take to convince you that the “wrong” is an absolute one? This is not a matter of perception but one of reality. Would you gladly trade places with Richard, Elizabeth and Bill? I doubt it!

    • Anonymous said

      To Brain Dead

      Until proven, it’s perceived or alleged or speculated. Take your pick.

      Kind of like the current situation with Councilor Gaertner, until we see the DVD, it’s alleged that she was the mover given her strong convictions to the contrary. I would of expected better from the Town.

      As for trading places, I wasn’t the one censoring the content, so why should I trade places.

  14. JOHN H SARGENT said

    RE Councillor W Gaertners actions..FEB 8…She along with her certain Council mates of the past and friends have no respect for Town clerk Mr Leach and will nick pick were ever possible to try and discredit him ,if you can remember back to the recount meeting in Nov 2010( with the appears to be orchestrated comments) which became lost in the coffee.. I was sitting beside a friend of C Gaertner who spoke in open form and who told me that they were out to get Mr Leach and for me to just watch the papers etc as they had court documents from were he worked before–of course i was accused in her letter to editor in the AURORAN of telling her this stuff.(go figure)..well its been slow for a while as that did not work at the time, but i guess the intend is not lost so expect more sour grapes to flow at any given time in the next 4 years..Yes it appears she and or others do not want this council to get off and running on a smooth coarse even if it is on right track..Have read a posted comment that Councillors Buck, Mc Robert, and Collin-Mrakas voted together last term so what wrong wit Gaertner.,Gallo,Ballard voting together this term? how childish a comment, it appears to have come to this thought with out any real rhyme or reason other then to disrupt the proceedings…..may the voting public be the judge and jury–

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