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Local Student Research Reports on Research

Posted by auroracitizen on January 13, 2011

I am a regular blog-reader, as well as a college student. As some of you might recall, back in late November, the Aurora Citizen owners were kind enough to post a link to a survey for my research class report, and many of the blog-participants were good enough to respond. Now, I’m back to share the results.

There were 55 unique respondents to the survey. As explained on the blog back in November, the “Local Citizen” in the survey actually refers to this blog. Below are the survey questions and the results. Personally, I found the results rather interesting — and my mark on the report was 100%.

Thank you again to the blog-owners and those who participated in the survey.

-A Local Student


1.  Have you ever posted on the “Local Citizen” blog?

14% responded “Yes, once or twice.”
46% responded “Yes, a few times.”
35% responded “Yes, too many times to count.”
5% responded “No.”

2.  Have you heard about the lawsuit filed against the owners of the “Local Citizen” blog?

75% responded “Yes, from local news outlets.”
8% responded “Yes, saw it on the blog.”
14% responded “Yes, someone told me about it.”
3% responded “No, this is the first I’ve heard.”

3.  Have you ever hesitated to post a blog comment due to the threat of legal action?

85% responded “Yes, I am careful what I post due to the recent lawsuit or threats of lawsuits.”
9% responded “Yes, I think about the risks, but post my opinions regardless.”
6% responded “No, I never hesitate to post what I think.”
0% responded “Other.”

4.  Have you ever posted a blog comment and feared legal action because of it?

24% responded “Yes, I have posted and then worried about legal action.”
24% responded “Yes, it’s occurred to me, but I don’t worry about it.”
47% responded “No, I don’t post risky statements.”
5% responded “Other”.

5.  Are you confident in your understanding of the law in Canada regarding libel and defamation?

51% responded “ I am intimidated at the idea that my postings may leave me vulnerable to a lawsuit.”
8% responded “ I can freely express my opinions with no risk of legal actions.”
38% responded “ I understand what constitutes fair comment and what constitutes libel.”
3% responded “ Other”

3 Responses to “Local Student Research Reports on Research”

  1. Elizabeth Bishenden said

    Great food for thought!

    I am with the 24% who never worried about legal action.

    I do worry now.

    • IMO said

      Many previous posters are no longer contibuting to this blog, so it seems they share your worry, Elizabeth.
      So, no matter how the lawsuit is settled, a result has been achieved for the plaintiff.

    • October Came, Thanks were GIven said

      IMO, ‘the plaintiff’ achieved nothing, including re-election. The fact that she no longer occupies the chair is the reason no one continues to post about her performance.

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