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Morris Lawsuit Documents Now Publically Available

Posted by auroracitizen on January 12, 2011

The following court documents have been filed in advance of the court date on Thursday January 13th and are now publicly available;

Aird & Birlis on behalf Morris: Factum-A&B

Sack Goldblatt & Mitchell on behalf of Johnson, Hogg & Bishenden: Factum of the Respondents-SGM

Torys on behalf of Canadian Civil Liberties Association: CCLA Factum

We will leave it to you to evaluate the merits of the lawsuit and decide what should happen this coming Thursday.

2 Responses to “Morris Lawsuit Documents Now Publically Available”

  1. Paul Sesto said

    This is a lot of legal documentation to read through and I have only done a quick review.

    Separate of all the reasons why this suit should never have been approved, funded and gone forward to this current stage it is a scary proposition that any number of people could have been included as defendents.

    Elizabeth Bishenden has been singled out because she was “at one time a moderator of the site” and Richard Johnson is singled out because he was a “frequent poster and commentator on the website”.

    Looking back at the August 2010 Archives of the Aurora Citizen, which mostly contained political commentary, contributors that used their names included:

    Brian Duff
    Broderick Epps
    Christopher Watts
    Matt Maddocks
    Evelyn Buck
    Geoff Dawe
    Anne Scott
    Guy Poppe
    Dave Robinson and
    David Heard

    Any of these people could possibly have been named as defendants as they choose to use there real names and stand behind what they wrote (I am assuming they are all real names)… Gosh aren’t those two (Geoff Dawe and Evelyn Buck) part of our new elected council?

    As this continues to get dragged out for Hogg, Bishenden and Johnson I hope everyone will continue to support these three Aurorans who stand there for all of us. The most important aspect is to get this to a successful conclusion for them and then the Town should be willing to openly supply the timelines, details, approvals etc. of how it got to that point. It can’t be brushed under the carpet. “Someone’s got some explaining to do!”

  2. Puzzled said


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