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Councellor Gaertner Admits She Didn’t Write Notes

Posted by auroracitizen on December 20, 2010

Could it get any weirder?

After attacking Mayor Dawe at last Council meeting because he provided Council with a written Notice of Motion rather than a verbal Notice of Motion, Councillor Gaertner read from prepared printed notes that most would assume she prepared in advance of the meeting.

Throughout, members of the audience saw her continuously refer to these notes as she railed on that the written notice was not consistent with the procedural bylaw — even after the clerk assured her that written was even better than verbal, which was the minimum  as stated in the by-law.

She then proceeded to move a motion that the written Notice should not be accepted — instead, Mayor Dawe should make the Notice verbal.

“I would like to make a motion that items 15 and 16 be removed from the agenda tonight as they contravene the procedural bylaw and the mayor can give notice of motion verbally under new business as is our custom in Aurora Council.”

This motion was seconded by — wait for it — Councillor Ballard. Thankfully Council saw the absurdity of this “keystone kops” motion and voted it down 7 – 2 (guess who the 2 were :))

After her comments, she provided a copy of the notes that she read from to Brock Weir of The Auroran for his reference.

Here’s where it gets good.

It has been a common belief by many Council watchers that Councillor Gaertner gets notes provided in advance by others and then reads from them as if they are her own — but never before has she provided them for the press so that this belief could be proven. However, here’s what she said when asked to comment on the notes provided to The Auroran.

When asked who printed it off and handed it to her, she said “I guess I shouldn’t answer because this might get them in trouble.” “I don’t know whose comments these are. I have no idea. Do you think that I would hand that to you knowing that there was something like that on the back? I never wrote that, but that is somebody’s opinion. That is not my opinion.”

Thanks for clearing up the confusion.

The interesting comment she makes was “Do you think that I would hand that to you knowing that there was something like that on the back?”

Well of course, any intelligent person wouldn’t hand them over — but would any intelligent person be reading from someone else’s notes to begin with?

Some questions that immediately come to mind.

  1. Who is this mystery person or persons providing Councillor Gaertner her comments?
  2. And who did people actually elect when they put their “X” beside Councillor Gaertner’s name?

Points to ponder in the coming months and when trying to evaluate the contribution of Councillor Gaertner to this Council.

18 Responses to “Councellor Gaertner Admits She Didn’t Write Notes”

  1. A Timid Observer said

    To be fair, the procedural by-law does say:

    “A Member… shall, … verbally provide notice of the proposed motion”

    I think it should state “or better” or ” verbally or in writing” or even omit the word “verbally” if they dont want to limit the choices. Either that or state that these are minimums. I didnt see any mention that this was a minimum (but I only did a quick search)

    • KA-NON said

      Sure, fine, whatever.

      However, when the PROFESSIONAL CLERK says that it is ok, then it is ok. Period.

      The fact that she did not accept the clerk’s interpretation is disrespectful to him and to council.

    • Elizabeth Bishenden said

      KA-NON, I respectfully disagree because the Council must be responsible as the democratically elected group. Staff should take direction from Council, and Council should take recommendations from Staff, sometimes with a view to change. It’s not so much about who is a professional as who is acting in the best interests of the Corporation of the Town of Aurora. There could be times when the Clerk is wrong (not this instance, in my opinion) so having Council defer to his professional status at all times is not necessarily a great idea. Respecting his professional status? Yes, for sure.

      The real point is the Cllr Gaertner’s delivery was as if she were reading from prepared notes and when she delivered printed papers to Brock Weir’s hands, they seemed to have notes that had been written by another person.

      One muses that someone is trying to manipulate Cllr Gaertner into going on the attack about what would seem to most people a petty point. Does anyone else remember words attributed to one of the former members of Council that went “when there’s a by-election”?

  2. Anonymous said

    Well I guess now we know what Ballard meant when he said, “Let the games begin.” He and Wendy are clearly playing.

    • evelyn.buck said

      It appears, Councillors Gaertner and Ballard are the cards in someone else’s hand.
      In the same meeting Councillor Gaertner revealed notes not written by herself, Councillor Ballard opted to enable a delegate to publicly castigate a staff person with unsubstantiated and unfounded allegations and accusations.
      Councillor Ballard has no personal experience of the matter,
      Yet he presented a resolution pinpointing certain aspects he wished to be addressed in a staff report.
      Councillor Ballard was not to know a staff report on the history of a matter comes to Council complete with all documentation.
      We are familiar with the strategy of challenging a director’s competence.
      Kept up, like water on a stone, eventually the stone will wear down.
      Like a cat playing with a mouse,it is not worthy of a self-respecting politician.
      It is an unequal battle and full of twists and turns and risk. The community becomes adept at recognizing the game being played.

  3. Chris said

    …. So WG is quoting from others notes:
    Remember our teachers told us to keep our eyes on our own papers or we would be ‘cheating’.
    Quoting others without proper credit: students are suspended for ‘plagiarism’.
    Speaking the words of others beyond the political pale is ‘fortune telling’. (The image of WG staring into a crystal ball seems appropriate).
    Is she the dummy or the ventriloquist?
    Take your pick Wendy: A)-cheating, B)-plagiarism, C)-soothsaying, D)-being a wooden mouthpiece without an original thought in your head, or E) – All of the above.
    Isn’t this an example of unethical behavior worthy of the review by the integrity commissioner? (JK)
    And here I thot all the fun was gone from Mayberry R.F.D. politics

    • Broderick epps said

      Wendy G reading from notes she didn’t write nor acknowledge where they came from. Why would anyone be surprised. She has for the past seven years, been a non contributor of original ideas or debate. Unprepared, nonsensical except when following Ms Morris’ lead, Wendy has not been a council stalwart. Unfortunately we must endure four more years of this hapless individual.

  4. Kron Prinz Ferdinand said

    I think Gaertner should resign over this.

  5. Sharon said

    Oh Dear!
    This is unacceptable. And to think I’ve been defending Wendy so far, based on her history with volunteering in the town and personal dealings with her. Why would she read and support something that is not her opinion? She must feel even sillier now with this exposure. Please Wendy, step back and slow down. Do your homework and get to work. And the rest of you, no need to keep up the constant pressure on Ms. Gaertner, she’s doing a great job of messing things up on her own.

  6. Luckywife said

    Some questions that immediately come to mind.

    1.Who is this mystery person or persons providing Councillor Gaertner her comments?

    I’ll have two guesses, and no, neither of them is named Buck, Collins-Mrakas, McRoberts, Granger, Gallo or Wilson.

    2.And who did people actually elect when they put their “X” beside Councillor Gaertner’s name?

    Maybe the answer depends on whose turn it is to tutor the next meeting agenda.

    Question for the AC Moderators: If I’m right can I get a prize? I’m not greedy, I’d be happy with a coffee from On The Bean.


  7. Brian Duff said

    I thought that two of the things Aurora voters were looking for in the last election were for Councillors to have the ability to have independant thought and the principles to engage in courteous debate. I guess I was wrong….

  8. Tim the Enchanter said

    I guess Wendy wasn’t notified, either verbally or in writing, that the good burghers of Aurora were fed up with this kind of crap.
    The election results were a clear and emphatic repudiation of the Morris regime yet Gaertner appears to be ready and willing to perpetuate the mind-numbingly juvenile “gamesmanship” that we all grew sick of.
    Running to teacher because Jimmy used a pen instead of pencil?
    I mean really!
    How exactly does that make Aurora a better place to be?
    Frankly, I’m beginning to be of the opinion that the condescending tone and frequent scowling are simply defense mechanisms to cover for her apparent inability to grasp the concept of what being a councillor is all about.
    It’s so pathetic I’m embarrassed for her.

  9. fed up said

    as already stated “let hte games begin”

  10. Augustinius said

    Councillor Gaertner should do the only decent thing under these bizarre and troubling circumstances. Resign immediately and seek assistance.

  11. JOHN H SARGENT said

    Just food for thought. If C Gaertner was ever to quit would there be a bye -election or would Mr Granger step to the plate (like i said just a thought)

    • veritas said

      The ONLY way to go would be a by-election after last term’s travesty.

    • Robert the Bruce said

      I think the GOS are hoping for the latter – WC is the lamb to the slaughter – the Lone Granger is saddling up his horse.


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