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Magna Hoedown Was a Hit

Posted by auroracitizen on September 18, 2010

Magna Hoedown returned to Aurora with a bang. Great event that raised $514,000 for local community groups. Great food, great entertainment and great friends.

Did you go? Did you have a good time? Share your stories if you have any.

Special thanks to all the volunteers — without you , it wouldn’t have been possible.

14 Responses to “Magna Hoedown Was a Hit”

  1. Anonymous said

    After reading the childish sniping that was posted on the 20th I am really glad that I was NOT at the Hoedown.

  2. Robert the Bruce said

    I was there – my first time.

    The food was good but it was not hard to tell it was under the lamps or over the Sterno for a while. The pulled pork was the best of the three entries – a little drier than mine but the extra sauce made up for it.

    I think that there was a problem with the water for coffee/tea. Members of my group all experienced an overpowering bleach/chlorine taste. Either the water was bad or the urns were washed with bleach and not rinsed enough. Tim Hortons would not be happy as their cups were being used. On the other hand, it increased the beer sales.

    The entertainment was good – Blue Rodeo was great. I am not a C&W fan so I did not know any of the opening acts. BR I do know so I was aware of their catalogue.


    • someone who loves this town's food more than politics said

      I have to echo Matt Maddocks comments.

      The food was excellent. I doubt that nay of it was held under heat, there were a dozen grills out back that I counted upon entering and they were all going at capacity.

      I had all 3 mains (hey it was hard work dancing to all that Western music all night) and they were all 5 star. The chicken was moist and very well roasted. The sirloin burger could have been served from any fancy bistro for half of the ticket price and no one would have blinked. I’m not sure what pulled Pork Robert had but mine was as good as Ribs Royale from Ribfest. It wasn’t dry at all.

      There wasn’t any bleach or chlorine in the beer or wine, at least not in the numerous ones I tipped back. Who drinks coffee or tea at a Hoedown? Honestly.

      The entertainment wasn’t just great it was fantastic! There was music for everyone, country fan or not, it was a great spread of music. The charity auction and raffle were both exciting and for a good cause which is rare here in Aurora with the recent bad taste of the Jazz festival still fresh in everyone’s mouth.

      This was the event Aurora so desperately needed, it couldn’t have been revived at a better time.

      You couldn’t have had a bad time, unless of course you were there as part of the Mayor’s entourage. It was obvious to see the friction between them and Magna. I’m just glad it didn’t detract from the good time.

    • Robert the Bruce said

      Okay someone who loves this town’s food more than politics….

      You paint me in a pretty negative light. I made a fairly positive comment about the food. All three entries were in heated serving trays with Sterno heat under them – Yes there were BBQs outside working away, but the heat required by public health would have to be provided by some serving heat. I certainly would not have given it as glowing review as you, but perhaps you’ve never had real southern BBQ to understand what it is – those guys at RibFest are good but they a second rate compared to the BBQ I’ve had in Virgina and the Carolinas.

      Who drinks coffee or tea at a hoedown? Perhaps the designated drivers???? Maybe you tipped back too many. I heard a number of people comment about the coffee and tea chlorine taste.

      The food was what it was. It was a charity event – no one should expect 5-star – I did not. I ate my share of all it.


    • someone who loves this town's food more than politics said

      Okay Robert,

      Sorry you didn’t enjoy the Hoedown as much as some. There is no negative painting, but I don’t believe you gave enough props to the event which was nothing short of fantastic.

      I doubt “your sauce” could compete with either Ribfest or what was presented at the Hoedown, but if you believe you are a BBQ master I encourage you to enter the sauce competition at Ribfest next year and put your money where your mouth is.

      I’ve had BBQ in Virgina and Carolinas and it is nothing compared to what I’ve tasted in Alabama and from about 80% of Texas.

      The food was, what it was: Fantastic.

      The whole event was.

      On the food alone the price of the entry ticket was too low.

      If you’re upset about the quality of coffee or tea you are obviously nitpicking and I will leave it at that.

      Next time take a cab and live a little, you know like in Virginia or South Carolina.

    • KA-NON said

      I’m with Robert/Fuimus. The food was fine. Not “Fantastic”, just fine.

      BTW, grading the food as fine does NOT suggest that the HD was not a first-rate event – it was. Extremely well organized, highly talented – if a little loud – entertainment, a professional job all the way round. The food was not fantastic however, it was OK. Oh, and I also agree with Robert on ribfest. A commercial event, with a neat small-town vibe, but the food is defenitely second-rate. Still a fun event. It is not treasonous to have an opinion on the food.

      Ok, enough arguing amongst ourselves on this sidebar issue. Time to put the (cowboy) boots to the current administration!

    • Anonymous said

      I too tried to drink the coffee and my husband the tea at the hoedown but could not because of the taste of bleach (we don’t drink alcohol but still wanted to participate). The rest of the food was fine (Fantastic is a bit over the top though). I especially liked the desert.

      I am a little offended at how Mr Bruce is being attacked because he stated an opinion. Is that not what this blog is for? His opinion is just as valid as yours. You say fantastic a lot. People have different levels of “fantstic”.

  3. Tim the Enchanter said

    Phyllis and Geoff were secretly taped having a chat at the Hoedown. Sorry – it’s a little grainy and sound is poor.
    Wonder what they were talking about.
    Looks like someone, possibly Belinda, was acting as mediator.
    check it out.

    • Geoff Dawe said

      Tim the Enchanter,

      You hit my soft spot with Bugs! Very funny!

      I too thought the Hoedown was a great night. Kudos to all the volunteers who worked so hard last night.

      And, Kudos to Magna and all the other sponsors for making the evening such a financial success.

      Well Done.

    • Tim the Enchanter said

      There’s another bonus for Aurora – a new mayor with a sense of humour.
      Keep up the good work Geoff!

      A shout out as well to all involved with the Hoedown.

  4. Matt Maddocks said

    What a fantastic party! It was my first time attending the Hoedown, and I’ll tell ya, I’ll be getting my tickets for next year’s event as soon as they come out! Magna and all their volunteers put on a very professional show. There were approx 4500 people there, but everything ran smoothly. The lineups at the buffet, bar, and washrooms were never that long, but still moved very quickly thanks to lots of staff working hard to serve the crowd. Speaking of the buffet, that was some of the best BBQ I’ve ever tasted. Mind you, I’ve never met a pulled-pork sandwich that I didn’t like…

    The music was awesome. Opening acts Tara Oram and Jessie Farrell had the dance floor packed. Auroran Dylann Miller thrilled the crowd with her beautiful voice. Headliners Blue Rodeo rocked the show until close, sounding great and playing hit after hit. We wouldn’t let them go until they came back for an encore!

    Reading the evening’s program, the list of charities supported by this event is amazing. Six pages of the program are needed to list all the recipients. Way to go Magna – you guys define corporate community generosity and committment.

    It was great to see and talk (yell) with so many friends there too. Sorry if I was repeating myself or slurring in any way. That would be because I was probably repeating myself and slurring. Thanks Molsons – you get me everytime. A cab ride home (and there were lots of cabs waiting outside) was the smartest idea I had all night.

    A fantastic evening. My highlight of the night though, would go to meeting up with m’boy Chris Watts. Chris was all “duded up” in a black cowboy hat and shirt, a shirt that when he turned around proudly proclaimed in big white letters on the back: “NOT THE MAYOR”. Chris, you kill me man!! LMFAO!!

    • Anonymous said

      Chris Watts cracks me about to. Do you think when Geoff wins the Phyllis will hand over the jacket or have it bronzed and hang it in her shrine?


    • Matt Maddocks said

      She’ll probably just still wear it. You know, the “living in denial” thing…

    • someone who loves this town's food more than politics said

      The Mayor will be mailed my Shirt on October 26th, though I doubt she’ll be able to get it over her inflated head.

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