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Mayor Morris’ Re-Election Website

Posted by auroracitizen on September 15, 2010

Well Phyllis has finally launched her re-election website. And frankly it exactly reflects her political style. Glossy looking, completely lacking in anything of substance and a willingness to mis-represent or  twist facts and stretch the truth to suit her own purposes.

One of our readers has provided their view on the site and asked for your feedback.

Mayor Morris has now updated her re-election webpage.

Without knowing the history of Town Council for the past 4 years and having a critical eye for the lack of detail it would be easy for anyone to think that perhaps we should all be re-electing Mayor Morris. For perhaps the thousands of Aurorans who do not follow town politics this could be an easy conclusion. It’s up to the informed and the other mayoral nominees to set “the record straight”.

The other nominees should also note her “tag line” of “Leadership, Vision, Ability”. This is what they will have to counter and what she is running on as the incumbent. She doesn’t have to demonstrate these qualities she just has to keep repeating them and the voters may believe her and vote her in again.
I have included a few comments below of my own but would be interested in what others may think of her presentation. She of course would not speak of the negative and must spin it all to her best light. I believe it whitewashes over the conflicted town council and all of the problems of the past 4 years.
There doesn’t seem to be any message in her website of what’s going forward by electing her once again. She perhaps doesn’t want to disclose a platform at this time and will only do so when needed.

Reference  (Homepage)

  1. “It has been a pleasure to work with a fantastic Town Council that successfully considered and charted new directions. The public record shows it to be the most capable in a decade at both finding common ground and achieving results.”  Wow! Has she really enjoyed all of the turmoil. What new directions have been charted? Where are the details of this success? What is the “public record” that she is credit for as being “the most capable in a decade?”
  2. “Our town is remarkable! Aurora is quiet neighbourhoods, heritage homes and nature trails.”   No mention of traffic jams at Yonge & Wellington or at the GO Station on Wellington or that Aurora has urban sprawl.
  3. “Aurora is for everyone!”   Wasn’t the Mayor the one that commented that low-cost housing isn’t needed in Aurora. It is for everyone that can afford to live here now and in the future with rising taxes.
  4. “Aurora has grown stronger because we respect and nurture new ideas. Your local government is better because it has become more open, accountable and fiscally responsible. With fresh energy, enthusiasm and commitment, we have developed a clear vision of how to further enrich our community.”  ??? more open, accountable & fiscally responsible? Where’s the proof?
  5. “The New York Times wrote: “Aurora is exactly the kind of hip, upscale, well-educated town where conflicting values are put to the test.” You would need an US paper to quote as the Canadian papers with local knowledge have not printed favourable reviews of what’s happening in Aurora.
    (Editors addition:  Knowledgable readers know this is related to a New York Times article that appeared on April 17, 2008, headed “A Line in the Yard: The Battle Over the Right to Dry Outside”  Is this what our election is all about? Or is this possible mis-leading to people not fully aware of the context)
  6. Reference (About Phyllis) “Mayor Phyllis Morris is known for her integrity, energy, positive attitude, sense of fair play, genuine concern for people”   It’s all depends of course on your perspective.
  7. “Phyllis Morris was elected Aurora’s first four-year Mayor in 2006.   “Of course emphasis has been placed on the “four-year”. Come on, really??  Is that what you are calling your accomplishment? Well somebody had to be the 1st.
  8. “Mayor Phyllis Morris has consistently demonstrated her leadership skills by identifying issues critical to the Town and rallying the community, councillors and staff to find solutions.”   From what I have read I would question her methods of “rallying”. It would appear more like “it’s my way or the highway” in how she deals with issues.
  9. “In areas such as the environment, town planning and heritage preservation, she is often at the leading edge of what is happening in politics in Canada and the world.”Really?? That’s putting it on a little thick. Mayor Morris is “often at the leading edge of what is happening in politics in Canada and the world”. Wow that’s stretching it! I don’t seem to seeing her on national news etc. Is she taking personal credit for all of Aurora? She doesn’t include any examples. Is it perhaps a couple of heritage awards and the “line laundry” issue but of course no mention of the code of conduct fiasco.
  10. “As an elected official, Phyllis’ key goal has always been to facilitate the public’s access to the processes of government, so that her constituents’ needs are heard.”   This seems to contradict the many requests for information that other Aurorans have issues to Town Hall and the numerous closed sessions of council.

What’s your take on all of this?

59 Responses to “Mayor Morris’ Re-Election Website”

  1. Guy Poppe said

    to Fed Up

    What are you talking about? Driving by the Mayor?

    Obviously short of substance to those issues that affect us.

    • enough is enough said

      To: Aurora Citizen

      May I suggest that your bloggers should all ignore Poppe. If he receives no attention he might actually withdraw from the game. He is a narcissistic publicity hound who loves seeing his name in print, regardless of the babble that dribbles forth from his lips. Akin to the majority of politicians.

  2. Anonymous said

    I finally got around to reading this week’s Auroran this morning. After reading Stephen Somerville’s article about Allison Collins-Mrakas, several things struck me:
    How impressive her background and expertise are by comparison to the airy-fairy, non-descript resume that is posted on the mayor’s website.
    How utterly sad it is that such credentials and experience were not recognised, respected or allowed to surface and flourish by the six buffoons to her left (Bob McRoberts excepted.)
    How professional and gracious she was even in the face of constant attack and attempts to discredit her.
    What a disgraceful waste of a rare combination of intellect and experience was orchestrated by the six, particularly during the debacle of the code of conduct and two integrity commissioners, which just emphasises their collective arrogance.
    What a great loss it is to us, the residents of Aurora, that she has been driven from the political arena.
    How truly grateful I am that she was elected for the last term and shone like a beacon through the darkness of the Mormac dictatorship.

    • anonymous said

      I completely agree – Guy Poppe, what say you? Not much I am sure.

    • fed up said

      perhaps Poppe can comment on the mayor’s driving habits following ribfest

    • To Nice gets you no where said

      “How professional and gracious she was”

      Herein lies the problem, while it was abundantly clear that Bob and Allison were complete polar opposites to the GOS, they did little to stand up and be counted , Sadly they will remembered for their countless lost opportunities to set this bunch straight, Many times doors were open so large you could have driven a truck through and yet, the silence from their corners was deafening. Whoever said politics at any level is like a High Tea, Sometimes one needs to roll up ones sleeves and get ones hands dirty in order to win friends and influence enemies
      Just ask Ev !

    • Broderick epps said

      Definitely agree. Ms. CM is/was one of council’s brightest stars. At least to her left sat council’s articulate,intellectual, whose talent rubbed off on Alison, Wendy Gaertner……just kidding.

    • Tim the Enchanter said

      Too Nice

      Have to agree that ACM and BM were the class of the field but missed opportunities to make points.

      In my view ACM had an excellent opportunity regarding the May 12 Missing Minutes fiasco. She raised the point and everyone knew what she was talking about but it was lost in that disingenuous “we don’t know what you mean” tactic so often seen at council this past term.

      I recall at the time that she should have simply presented a written transcript of the missing portion and ask that the official minutes be amended.
      No finger-pointing or accusations, just the simple facts.

      BM was also a welcome addition to council but in all honesty, his dry, monotonous delivery made my eyes glaze over more than once.
      In my opinion he needs to be more direct and less UN diplomat.

      Regardless, I regret that they chose not to run again.
      They were diamonds, albeit not completely polished, in a rather ordinary bag of rocks.
      Aurora will be poorer because of it.

  3. evelyn.buck said

    My ears are burning. The Mayor’s shill is once again intent on interpreting my comments to my disadvantage and to the advantage of his hero.

    I don’t mind repeating my answer to Augustinian’s question. Taxpayers are not getting what they are paying for because Council is not receiving the expert advice they are entitled for the resources expended.

    Which is not saying staff are not capable of fulfilling their proper function.

    It is to say they are not permitted to give free and untrammelled advice.

    They are required instead to follow the wishes and desires of Phyllis the Terminator.

    From a table-side view, and what could be better, that’s my perception of the situation at the town hall.

    It’s not good. It needs to be changed.

    • Guy Poppe said

      Aren’t you the same person who said your colleagues lacked intelligence?

    • KA-NON said

      Guy, your responses are pathetic. But at least you found the reply button!!

    • Thanks Will Be Given Come October said

      Guy, I’d like to think her remark was selective in it’s nature.

    • For a fistful of dollars said

      Poppe running along the rail, feet pounding in the mud, dirt flying all over the place, and he’s gaining, he’s gaining, he pulls ahead and now he’s running nose to nose with the mare.

    • Eloquently Stated said

      Now that I just got up off the floor and dried my eyes from the tears of laughter,that post from “Fist full of Dollars” is one of the best ever

  4. Guy Poppe said

    To Lucky wife

    I responded several months ago to the issue of alleged staff exodus.
    It was censorsed.

    You’ll have to do your own research.

    Let me say this: it is pure fabrication started by Clr. Buck and parroted by folks who dislike our current council.

    Not a single shred of evidence supports this allegation.

    I know Ms. Marsh and Buck don’t like the mayor, but I’m talking senior staff,

    Some of you have further sought support for you dislike of the mayor in the fact two councilors are not running again. You suggest you know the reason. Really??

    Please remind your audience of the number of incumbents that did not run again last time.

    • Richard Johnson said


      Are you suggesting that all of the senior staff except for one have not left the town ?

      How can the obvious answer be fabricated ?

      A list of individuals that have left the town has been posted on this website. Are you saying the list of 20 is incorrect ? Please clarify.

      Also note that we are not asking about total staff turn over. We are noting that senior and mid level management have left in droves. That seems to be the point that you and Phyllis are missing for some reason.

      Am I missing your point again ?

    • Guy Poppe said

      Richard johnson

      Tell me two senior or middle class staff that have left the town’s employment because of the current council.

      Don’t balk at the pretense it’s a privacy issue.

    • Not born yesterday said

      Guy, I think your marching orders from she who must be obeyed are to exasperate and infuriate the contributors on this blog. You insult our intelligence. We watch council meetings. We know what’s going on. I don’t believe for one minute that you have been censored by this blog, given the all the tales you have been spinning, this is just another one. I have heard stories from the inner circle of evil from an extremely reliable source that are UNBELIEVABLE. Her worship is sinking. You better jump off while you can.

      Geoff Dawe is the man. He will bring class and integrity back to Aurora Town Council.

    • Anon Anon said

      Hey Guy is as loyal as they come. Tis sad really.

    • Richard Johnson said

      To Guy: who asked for two people that have left the town….

      Guy, the following list was provided on April 18th on this blog. Once again I am confused by your refusal to see the facts before you. I know for a fact that communications person left because of her treatment at the hands of the town and others left unwillingly. Councillors will not run again and one quit. How much more evidence to you need ?

      The root of my question to the town (that has yet to be answered) is if the level of SENIOR and mid level staff turn over is typical. I think that is a reasonable question given that all but one member of the senior staff have left the town this term and I’ve heard more than a little bit of discontent from a variety of sources. I’m inclined to think this can’t all be written off as a coincidence (by the Mayor), as the integrity commissioner’s firing was.

      This is the list of staff turn over, which may have in fact grown since last April:

      1.Councillor Grace Marsh
      2.Chief Administrative Officer (fired)
      3.Director of Planning (early retirement)
      4.Integrity Commissioner (fired after delivering his first report)
      5.Treasurer (resigned day new Chief Administrative Officer commenced employment & replaced by appointment by new CAO without a formal recruitment process)
      6.Public Works Director
      7.Acting Public Works Director
      8.Manager of Works Operations
      10.Assistant Solicitor
      11.Clerk/Director of Corporate Services (took early retirement)
      12.Clerk/Director of Corporate Services (left after only 8 months into 5 year contract)
      13.Administrative Assistant Director of Corporate Services
      14.Deputy Clerk
      15.Human Resources Officer
      16.Manager of Bylaw Services
      17.Council Secretary
      18.Administrative Assistant to the Mayor and Council
      19.Economic Development Officer (chose not to renew contract)
      20.Museum Curator (replaced as a paid position by Mayor’s friend and campaign organiser Ken Whitehurst)
      21.Heritage Planner

    • Anonymous said

      “Some of you have further sought support for you dislike of the mayor in the fact two councilors are not running again. You suggest you know the reason. Really??”

      By some do you mean me? I don’t have any supporters, I’m not running for anything. I too am capable of lucid thoughts and forming my own opionions. I feel that I have been clear when I have shared them. I admit, I don’t attend meetings. I read the agendas and the minutes. I watch the meetings on video. When I am disgusted or cheesed off, I hit the pause button and go out for a smoke and pace around the deck until I calm down. That’s happened alot. I hold Phyllis Morris largely responsible for all the crap that has gone on because she is The Mayor. I don’t know her personally, I don’t know any of them, I judge them solely on their performance of their job. I think alot needs to change, I hope that begins on the morning of October 26.

      Guy, when I clean my house, I always start on the top floor.


  5. Richard Johnson said

    There is a news story in today’s star that strikes me as relevant to our discussion here. See “question period: Is answer coming?”



    “Chong, who’s put together a six-point plan to improve civility during the daily Question Period in the Commons, said on Thursday that his procedural motion could start making its way through Parliament within weeks.

    And in as little as six months, with support from other parties, Canadians could see a markedly different style of Question Period – one in which antics are discouraged and answers are demanded.”

    “Several of the speakers also said that Commons Speaker Peter Milliken must bear some of the blame for the current climate in the Commons, arguing he should be exercising more discipline on both sides. Milliken, who’s announced he’s not running again for office, was in the room when these remarks were made, but he didn’t respond.”

    The only difference in Aurora as far as I can see, is that much of the antics come from or are permitted with a smirk, by the Mayor herself.

    Can you imagine that; a politician actually answering a question that may challenge their world view ? We might even start to get simple answers to simple questions in Aurora without the need to file Freedom of Information Requests and send letters to the editor for six months. The mayor may try to pitch that we are more open and transparent but to paraphrase former Councillor Grace Marsh “that bares no resemblance to my experience”.

    Here is MP Chong’s six point plan:
    – Elevate decorum and strengthen the discipline by the Speaker (i.e. the chair)
    – Lengthen the amount of time given for each question and answer
    – Require that ministers respond to questions directed at them (I like that one the most !)
    – Allocate half of the questions each day for backbench members (too bad that Alison and Bob could not benefit from that idea – combined with getting answers of course).
    – Dedicate Wednesday exclusively for questions to the prime minister (/ mayor – can you imagine that one in Aurora ?)
    – Dedicate rest of the week to questions for ministers other than the PM

    Now there is some food for thought. The Conservatives may not be green and they may be seeing red, but if they can get these ideas through then all parties concerned may not be so blue.

  6. Guy Poppe said

    to Richard Johnson.

    I appreciate your non ad hominen argument and one to which I’ve paid particular attention.

    You stated, on numerous occasions, that a number of senior staff have left because of the mayor and current council.

    You have also stated that you can’t get the information to confirm or deny that allegation.

    Help me out on the truth

    • Richard Johnson said

      Hi Guy:

      I’m not sure what needs to be clarified. You and I know that the two most educated (including the Deputy Mayor) are not running because of the atmosphere that Phyllis and her crew have created.

      You know what Grace Marsh thinks.

      You know what Evelyn thinks.

      You know I am appalled by Phyllis’ handling of issues. She does not answer questions put to her simply and she twists the truth in my opinion. I realise that it is very difficult to see what one does not want to see but there are so many examples that have been pointed out one can only hope that the message breaks through.

      I was at a reception last night and three town staff were in 100% agreement. One of them left the town and has subsequently joined the staff of another town. This individual pointed out that while every municipality has issues, Aurora takes the cake.

      I have heard of more than one staff person taking stress leave and I’m not sure I heard of one such case in the previous term.

      I’ve heard that there is one or more wrongful dismissal cases that the town has had to face.

      We all know about the cease and desist order that an “esteemed” integrity commissioner (to borrow a phrase) felt compelled to issue.

      Someone VERY close to Phyllis told me during the last election, with Phyllis standing right there shaking her head in agreement to steer clear of Evelina because she was Evil (his words, not mine). As fate would have it, Evelina then became the Mayor’s closest confidant next to the Lone Granger. While I would not go as far as to say that Evelina is evil, I would say that from my perspective she has added a lot of ill-will and she and Phyllis have manipulated staff and council to a degree that many people may not fully appreciate.

      Guy, are you aware what other elected officials are saying about our town. I’ve spoken with people that just laugh and shake their head when they hear about the antics going on at our town.

      I know of the spouse of a staff member at the town who says he has seen nothing like it and his spouse has worked for other cities for many, many years.

      I realise that you actually but the message that Phyllis is selling and I have to admit that it took me a while to accept what I probably knew some time before I had to admit how bad the situation actually was.

      I felt used and abused and the amount of evidence that suggests a poisoned atmosphere is astoundingly obvious. How many senior staff members are left in place since the start of this term ? Answer—- one. My question was simply, is that typical ? (to borrow a word). I’m still waiting for an answer.

      Guy, you have to be commended for your loyalty but sometimes you just have to face the facts. I know that lawyers defend both sides of any given fight but when you are talking about politics you can’t turn a blind year or twist logic and fact without paying a serious price.

      I appreciate that this blog will not win you over to see another perspective which I have to admit is a bit of a mystery to me. Phyllis may well get up to 35% of the vote in the coming election but from my perspective the people that vote for her either do not know the full story or they chose to ignore it. That said, we are all entitled to our views.


    • Richard Johnson said

      sorry about the type-o in my earlier message (there always has to be at least one):

      ” you can’t turn a blind year ” should have read, “you can’t turn a blind eye / deaf ear” (year after year).

  7. Guy Poppe said

    To Anonymous

    Here’s a direct quote from Clr Buc

    “Question from a citizen known as Augustinian

    3. How do you see the role of senior staff (department heads) in operating the town vs. that of council? Do we get sound management in place of political posturing?

    We pay a high price for expertise at management level. In my judgement, we are not getting full value for our money.”

    • Anonymous said

      Could that statement not also mean that Council is not fully availing itself of the expertise represented by management-level staff? Could it not be interpreted to suggest that certain members of council are far too reliant on consultants and outside legal counsel rather than senior staff? More taxpayers dollars spent when there are in-house professionals already on the payroll.

      Or, are those same members of council far more confident in their own abilities and, ahem, “expertise”.

      That’s how I read that statement. Perhaps Cllr Buck will clarify it for us. Otherwise, your possibly defamatory assertion is still hanging out there…

      p.s. the Reply function continues to elude you, it seems.

    • Guy Poppe said


      I am not conversant with blogs and responding.

      I don’t see a “reply” to your comment.

      Pardon my ignorance.

    • Anonymous said

      Well, as we have experienced, you seem to have no problem responding – it’s just using the Reply function that you’ve yet to master.

      Regardless, what about the other suggested interpretation of Cllr Buck’s statement? You seem to have neglected to address that in your reply.

      Whenever you’re ready, Guy…

  8. walt said

    …and why should the Phyllistine stop at putting self-aggrandizing bull**** on her own website? What do I see here:

    For some reason my “Resign, you fool, dammit” letter isn’t excerpted there.

    • Another Anonymous said

      Walt – have you noticed that there are absolutely no negative comments or letters ever posted?? I’m sure she’s had quite a few over the past four years.

      There are so many, many things in this town that are more important than raking someone else’s reputation over the coals and wasting taxpayers money. How about a law that prohibits people from allowing their cats to wander the neighborhood? Sure they save a ton on kitty litter, but everyone knows the cat never defecates on their own property but goes in the garden next door!! Or how about a law that prohibits people from using gaspowered weedwackers to cut their grass?

      Yeah, I live in the Town of Aurora but I don’t really enjoy living here anymore with neighbours like that and a Mayor and council that wastes my money!!

    • Broderick epps said

      Further evidence that Ms. Morris is a hypocrite can be found on the pages of todays era banner. In the Small Business Survey article Ms Morris dismisses the results of the small business survey by saying “it only represents a small fraction of the total number of businesses in town” and ” as Mayor I serve more than just Small Business; I serve the entire community,large employers and taxpayers, as well as the residents of Aurora”
      Now lets go back to The North East Aurora Mark street chicane issue where a small group of residents convinced Ms. Morris to overspend against the advice of staff and implement the chicanes/bumpoout monstrosities.Where was Ms. Morris and her standing up for the taxpayers and residents of Aurora against a small vocal group of residents and coming up with a cost reasonable solution. Sorry Phyllis you can’t suck and blow at the same time.

    • Anonymous said

      She serves whoever can round up the most people for a meeting where she can soothe their worried brows over any concern she thinks she can “solve”. She did just that yesterday at a meeting about the Promenade Study. My brow is worried, and it still ain’t voting for her no matter how much she promises.
      She is so transparent, but it was great to see she was dancing as fast as she could.

  9. Guy Poppe said

    To Someone who loves food….

    “the town staff that was replaced was clearly not happy with their work environment.”

    Please do enlighten us. Specifics would be appreciated.

    Is this the same staff that Clr. Buck says is not worth the money we pay them?

  10. Guy Poppe said

    To Robert the Bruce

    “We need to look at staff turnover at the line level….”

    Why? Richard Johnson seems to know the answer.

    In fact, he does, but won’t tell you the real answer.

    • someone who loves this town's food more than politics said

      Mr Puppet

      what part of “line level” did you not understand?

      What was returned in the F.O.I. request does not address the issue, along with the recent puff piece my the mayor does not address turnover in any specifics.

      A yard worker is not equal to a town clerk, unless you are to believe the Mayor.

      The concern being echoed in this blog and all over town is why so many “Senior” staff have quit under this regime in comparison with past councils.

      Showing overall figures is comparing apples to brains, and I don’t need to point out that you have more of the former if you believe that the mass exodus of senior staff is in keeping with prior terms. Or if you believe that the Mayor is not the reason for the loss of significant brain trust.

      3 councilors have called it quits, the town staff that was replaced was clearly not happy with their work environment.

      And where do you get off insinuating that Mr. Johnson is withholding information? In fact he had to pay out of pocket for information, that if you are to believe your argument, the town should have been all to happy to provide.

      Stop trying to fingerpaint a picture of something that isn’t.

    • Anonymous said

      Mr. Poppe;
      There is no need for you to be obtuse. If you know the “facts” that you feel Mr. Johnson is witholding, then why not define them for us.


    • Richard Johnson said

      Sorry Guy… I’m missing your point here:

      “To Robert the Bruce

      “We need to look at staff turnover at the line level….”

      Why? Richard Johnson seems to know the answer.

      In fact, he does, but won’t tell you the real answer.”

      With any luck my latest letter to the Auroran (which was submitted last Tuesday) will clarify how it is the Mayor that seems to be dodging the question.

      I’ve been nothing but open and honest in my dealings with town issues, even if you disagree with my reasons for concern (which are many). I have always shared the responses to the FOIs I have submitted.

      Mayor Phyllis Morris informed Sean Pearce of the Banner that all I had to do was ask and I would get an answer to my simple question about SENIOR staff turn over without having to resort to a Freedom of Information Request (which I was already asked by the town to submit and which I had already paid for).

      I have been asking the same simple question since last April and I am still waiting for an answer. In fact I’m told that two councillors also asked the same question and they too did not get a response as far as I am aware.

      Phyllis twisted the facts once again in her latest quote in the Auroran. The response I have received from the town (twice now) involved total staff turn over numbers and did NOT specifically address senior staff turnover which was the question. The other questions that I asked the Mayor in my open letter also remain unaddressed.

      I’m not certain what you think I’m hiding Guy but clearly you don’t agree that it is in fact the Mayor that is dodging the question and not me.

      I have to admit that I have heard some less than flattering things about the new work environment at the town but out of respect for those employees that are fearful of the Mayor’s wrath, I have no plans to name names.

      In my experience you can’t gloss over the truth. It gets out eventually.

  11. Anna said

    Thumbs up for Luckywife!

    Well it is good to stay informed, otherwise things can be very deceiving.



  12. Broderick epps said

    The only thing missing is her lauding her own ability to chair a council meeting. The last three council meetings are most telling. July 13 ended at 12:45 AM. August 17 @ 1:01 AM Sept 14 > 1:00 AM. This stat alone highlites the the lack of ability to lead. Also goes a long way in explaining why staff turnover is high in Aurora.Can’t blame Evelyn, as she is usually gone by 10:30

    • Robert the Bruce said

      But did I not read that she has just said staff turnover is actually less than in previous terms????

      I think we need to look at staff turnover at the line level (ie. labourer, secretarial, etc.) vs. senior staff (ie. Clerk, CAO, etc.). That would be a more telling figure if she is going to spin fiction.


  13. Broderick epps said

    Only campaign contributor Guy Poppe would not be able to see Ms. Morris is so full of it her eyes just turned brown.There are so many holes/distortion of the facts here I really don’t know where to begin.The part about “The public record shows it to be the most capable in a decade at both finding common ground and achieving results.” is Morris at her best twisting the facts to suit her purpose,sort of like her resume and her vaunted HR Experience.I hope she comes to my door. She will get an earful.

    • Richard Johnson said

      I would also like to clarify how long Phyllis was on the UK’s equivalent to the Joint Chiefs and how old she was….

      “Prior to moving to York Region, Phyllis Morris worked in the United Kingdom for the Ministry of Defence.”

      The reference to her membership on the Aurora – Markham Hydro Task force also neglects to mention that she attended probably about 5% of the meetings and when a special meeting was called largely for her benefit because she did not appear to understand what the heck was going on after three years of people trying top explain it to her, she showed up one hour late to an hour and a half meeting and demonstrated a lack of awareness and concern that left me (and others on the Task Force) amazed.

      I can’t refute the role she playing in 2004 however in the end she chose to ignore facts and input because I can only surmise her small group of friends had made up their minds as to the desired outcome, regardless of the fact that they were not apparently well informed of the identified need or the viable alternatives, let alone the history of the issue. It was appalling to witness up close and personal however now Phyllis holds it up as an accomplishment on her record of service. I beg to differ.

      The sad thing is that Joe Public may not have the background information to sort the fact from spin.

    • Anonymous said

      I have just visited the website and have never read such drivel. While I find just about all of it offensive the following quote particularly disgusted me: Mayor Phyllis Morris is known for her integrity, energy, positive attitude, sense of fair play, genuine concern for people — and her passion for Aurora.
      With respect to her resume, it is so broad and ambiguous, it could mean anything. Perhaps she was a cleaner at the Ministry of Defence in the UK. The HR refers to recruiting for plant start-ups but there is nothing about other HR duties and responsibilities. She could merely have been one of those who put out feelers by email or phone to find potential recruits for companies and organizations. I get those all the time in my field. They are the pre- “getting to speak to the headhunter” stage.
      There is nothing at all that impresses me about her and what I disdain the most about her is her lack of common human decency, which she demonstrated at the meeting when councillor Buck had a fall.
      I just knew there would be a pic of her with Evil and the Lone Granger. What a trio they make – his “Billy Bunter” figure, her smile which would just about equal anyone else’s scowl and Phyllis posing in her usual photo-op fashion.
      Can’t wait for October 25th.

  14. Richard Johnson said

    Quote from the “About Phyllis” section:

    “In areas such as the environment, town planning and heritage preservation, she is often at the leading edge of what is happening in politics in Canada and the world.”

    One more point of note… if you actually think that Aurora is a “world leader” in environmental issues because we buy Bullfrog Power and Phyllis fought the cloths line battle then I’ve got some bad news for you… we’re all doomed.

    I’m not even going to deal with the following quote right now… I have to go for a walk.

    “The public record shows it to be the most capable in a decade at both finding common ground and achieving results.”


    • Anonymously said

      And she’ll trot out statistics compiled by town staff on town dollars to spin this ridiculous comment.

    • Richard Johnson said

      Here is a classic quote that was just made by the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court on Larry King Live:

      “Be open to change your ideas when faced with argument and fact”

      Now the only question that remains is how many people in Aurora will be open to the message.

  15. Richard Johnson said

    I know that I am a broken record, but I have felt compelled to speak out because of what I have witnessed up close and personally.

    As many people know, I canvassed through the rain and went door to door for weeks on Phyllis’ behalf during the 2006 election and I have never felt more betrayed or let down in my life after she became elected.

    As far as representing our town on critical issues, I can assure you that on the power supply issue, after becoming elected she made a royal mess of the facts and the town of King and other municipalities are now paying the price for Phyllis’s handling of the issue. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… as far as I am concerned Phyllis botched the power supply issue that played such a large role in getting her elected (I have the 2006 election results that prove my last point).

    This website is proof positive as far as I am concerned, that Phyllis lives in some kind of fantasy world.

    One councillor quit, two of the most respected and educated councillors will not run again largely because of the Mayor (from what I understand), one councillor is suing the Mayor and her crew, an integrity commissioner has been fired and he had to resort to filing a cease and desist order against the mayor because of what she was saying, twenty senior and mid level staff have left the town’s employment (both willingly and unwillingly), closed door meetings are up, the media and residents have had to file freedom of information requests in order to get basic answers to simple questions (and sometimes the questions are never answered to the extent justified – such as my FOI filed last April) and to top it all off the Mayor says ideas are respected and our government is now more open and transparent. Who is kidding who ? What a total joke ! The Mayor needs to be held accountable.

    The Mayor’s implkication that the town is now more charitable is highly suspect as well from what I can see. Ask the food bank, Belinda Stronach’s women’s shelter or the people behind the region’s affordable housing program how supportive Phyllis has been beyond asking others to donate generously.

    On that note, someone needs to ask the Mayor why two people at a recent 2C planning meeting have said that Phyllis stated “those kind of people don’t live in Aurora” when the issue of affordable housing was raised. What do you think the chances of a denial are ? If true, that statement does not seem to fit too nicely with the Mayor’s claims on her website, now does it ?

    This website is a pure farce as far as I am concerned and anyone that buys what the Mayor is selling has either not done their homework or they choose to ignore the “little details” in the Mayor’s world view that clearly don’t jibe with reality as I see it.

    • Thanks Will Be Given Come October said

      Regarding the staff changes, specifically Mayor Morris’s spin letter in the Auroran this week.

      She claims that ONLY 7.2% of the staff changed over three and a half years compared to 9% and 7.5% in prior terms. Well I’m sorry Mrs. Lipstick on a Pig, but losing 45 people on your watch, 20 or almost half of them at a very Senior level, isn’t something to brag about. And how many of that 45 let themselves out?

      As for dodging the question of severance pay, if you can’t tell us specifics by year how about the total dollars during your term in office compared to the totals in the prior two terms? Anything to brag about there? Throw in the legal fees incurred while you’re at it please.

    • Stephanie said

      “. . . the most respected and educated councillors will not run again . . .”

      I was reading through this thread when this phrase reminded me that Bob McRoberts will not be running again and I realized I need not read any further, because whatever opinions or allegations are set out here, they are irrelevant.

      The fact that a respected man of such high integrity and common sense as Mr. McRoberts will not run again says it all.

      The trivial blatherings of any further discussion of the issue are of no consequence.

  16. fed up said

    She cannot chair a meeting to save her life. This week’s council meeting–she just allowed a vote to go through without even asking for a show of hands–something about amending the minutes to show that Evilina declared a conflict of interest and the minutes did not show this–hope this week’s minutes show that the vote was called but her lordship never even asked for a show of hands for or against the amendment–people in the gallery looked at each other in disbelief–not only were the minutes not approved but the amendment was never voted on either–what a joke she is–her treatment of Mr. Hayes in open forum was deplorable–“we have to move on, Mr. Hayes” In other words, we are not the least bit interested in anything else you have to say–SHAME SHAME PHYLLIS

  17. for a few dollars more said

    It is obvious that when Morris sits down she is placing a great deal of pressure on her brain, what little of it there is.

    The poor woman is really struggling.

    She can best be described by a bunch of “d” words: desperate, delusional, dysfunctional, demented, deficient, defective, decadent, deceptive, desolate, degenerate, delirious, delinquent, depraved.

    There are a few more, but by now you should be getting the true picture.

    Wrap these all up with a length of clothesline and that is Morris. Shame!

  18. Robert the Bruce said

    Utter F I C T I O N

    no other word can describe it.

    Who does she think is going to read this?


  19. winterscumin said

    In my opinion, Bullies only see one perspective. Inside they can be cowards and shield themselves with others of the same qualities. I have experienced both with Phyllis. While I don’t agree with everything the reader has said, I do agree with her/him that Phyllis is not the leader that the Town of Aurora needs and deserves. As a councillor (leading a charge), Phyllis was tops. As a Mayor, leader of the council, staff and the people, her inner self shows through. I didn’t vote for her last time. She demonstrates NO reason to change my vote this time!!

    • Winterscumin said

      Enough of the diatrab about our Mayor and her enterage of boobs. What is it we’re about to do about it? My concern, with the no.s running for Mayor, and the passive tradition of this town on voting day, PM will be voted in. She needs less than 50% of the vote (feathered friends of Kean, Clowater and Prikl are to destroy Geoff’s momentum). So, chin-waggers, get off the pot and start pumpin the residents of our town to vote – and vote responsibly. Richard Honey, and Eppie baby, take your message of Mayoralty incompetence to the street – time’s a wasting. We don’t have Alison, Bob or Grace to bail us out this time around. Bless you Evelyn Buck for running again. So far, it isn’t gonna take me too long to cast my ballot this year – Geoff and Evelyn. Has a better ring to it than Phyl and Evelina, don’t you think? The rest will be a crap shoot. What’s the risk if the remaining positions go to default? Happened last time. Too bad Mike Allen, you might have won this time!! Oh hum, time for a nap. Wake me when Wendy is about to give her next speech.

  20. Anonymous said

    About The Right to Dry……

    I have resisted commenting on this topic in the past because I find it so ridiculous. Let’s get real here, for any politician to brag about spearheading a grass roots movement over a closeline is a comedy skit I would expect to see on The Royal Canadian Air Farce!

    I have lived in my little house for over 20 years and in all that time it never once occurred to me that by hanging my clothes out I was on the wrong side of the law in assuming a right that I didn’t know that I didn’t have!!! My neighbours must dim bulbs too because they never once ratted me out to the By-Law police and I didn’t rat on them!

    Lest anyone think that I am ungrateful, Thank you Mayor Morris, for procuring that right for me, I am so relieved that I and my panties no longer have to fear fines or prosecution.


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