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The Tale of the Tape

Posted by auroracitizen on August 27, 2010

There was an insightful occurrence during the Council meeting on Tuesday, August 17th. This is the meeting where the Integrity Commissioner presented his report. The IC was reporting on the two complaints initiated by Councillor MacEachern against Councillor Buck. His findings were to issue a reprimand on the first and to dismiss the second. After he presented his reports, and answered (sort of) the questions, the Mayor, rather than simply calling a vote, chose to read the entire contents of each report, a rather unusual thing to do, to say the least.

At some point, during the reading of the report on the second complaint Councillor Buck left the Council Chambers. Councillor Buck fell in the hallway, but was not hurt.

The insightful occurrence was the totally inappropriate (but very telling as to her character) remark made by the Mayor, and the fact that the official Town recording of this meeting has been edited. We are sure that it is just a coincidence that this particular part is NOT on the official tape — however, it is on the Rogers recording, which can be accessed here:

We know watching these replays can be painful, so you can check the Rogers version at the times noted below with a reasonable description of the discussion:

3:40:35     the “accident” occurs (you can clearly hear the noise of something / someone falling)

3:40:45    The Mayor states that “we are going to call a recess, there has been an accident in the hallway. We’re in recess at 10:30. Stop taping at this time. It would be appropriate not to be taping at this time.”

3:41:10    The Mayor stands up as Mr. Elliot comes across the floor explain what has happened. You can hear a voice in the background asking if all the cameras are off.

3:41:15    The Mayor responds to Mr Elliot by saying  “typical”. At the urging of one of the other Councillors, she then reaches down and turns off her microphone. Note: that because the Mayor is standing up, you must turn up the volume to hear her make that statement.

Mr. Leach (Town Clerk) might argue that they didn’t edit the DVD since the Town does not keep the tape rolling during a recess. However, the Council was not in a legal recess.

Without getting too technical, for Council to go into a Recess, a Motion is required, and must state how long the recess will be for. This was NOT done. Once again demonstrating how the “experience” of Mayor Morris comes into question. Calling a recess is a fairly basic rule of procedure.

Could you argue that in this case (that being the accident) that a violation of the rules is acceptable? Probably — assuming the goal was to offer assistance, or at least to see what was going on.

Of course the tape also shows that none of the Mayor or Councillors seem particularly concerned about the events surrounding the accident. We can’t comment if that is due to general lack of interest, because they already knew the accident was minor or because they knew it was Councillor Buck.

So draw your own conclusions. It’s all there for you to see. It’s a question of Character.

21 Responses to “The Tale of the Tape”

  1. noseeum said

    More neo republican neo CRAP party claptrap nonsense. Get over it. If you never did anything to help the town prior to trying to be elected shut up. Asa for signs who cares – show me the civic experience and show me the community work.

  2. fed up said

    talk about shooting yourself in the foot–she just shot herself right between the eyes–writing your speech congratulating Geoff Dawe yet Phyllis?

  3. noseeum said

    Oh yes, a bad slip for Councillor Buck, and yes Geoff Dawe must have money up the ying yang because there are enough of his signs up all over the place. I hope they are bio degradable. I don’t think 8 guage wire is.

    In any case, the “typical” comment was not said in a negative or pejorative tone, it was more like darn, we are rolling with an emergency happening in the corridor…. In any case make what you want of it. It’s one of the least substantiative issues on the table. Glad Councillor Buck is OK. Must have been a complete shock. Lets get back to the issues at hand, and no blatant lieing please.

    • fed up said

      Noseeum says “there are enough of his signs up all over the place”

      that’s called running for election–I’m sure the mare’s signs are 100% biodegradable–i’ll check when she finally gets around to putting some up

      Noseeum says “In any case, the “typical” comment was not said in a negative or pejorative tone,”

      but it was said–funny how the subconscious comes through when you least want it to–better to be quiet and thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt

    • Anonymous said

      “In any case, the “typical” comment was not said in a negative or pejorative tone”…”and no blatant lieing (sic) please.”

      Whoops! There goes any credibility you might have had.

      Next, please!

    • Confident said

      Maybe it’s not Geoff Dawe’s money? Maybe it’s his supporters!
      Maybe we don’t have to worry about vote splitting. People who worry about this are counting on Phyllis getting many votes…..I don’t worry about that at all. There is too much discontent in this town. Just keep talking to your friends and neighbours! I haven’t stopped! Every opportunity you get….keep talking….keep pushing…for a better Aurora.

    • Anonymous said

      “In any case, the “typical” comment was not said in a negative or pejorative tone, it was more like darn, we are rolling with an emergency happening in the corridor….”
      Noseeum, what were you smoking when you viewed the tape? The sneering tone accompanied b the withering look was blatant for everyone to hear and see!

  4. fed up said

    The mayor and her sidekick POPPE have been very quiet since the “typical” comment heard all around the town. Very difficult to speak with one’s foot in one’s mouth. They must be on major damage control this weekend. Sorry guys, the damage has been done and you will never recover from this blunder. I can see it now–election signs with nothing but the word “TYPICAL” printed on them.

  5. evelyn.buck said

    I don’t believe there is any truth to the rumours that six Councillors, including the Mayor, were furiously sticking pins into a wax image under the table at the time of my Fall at the Hall.

    There is absolutely no proof to the rumour my fall was a stunt deliberately designed to deflect attention from the business at hand.

    Though I must admit, if it had been, it would have been brilliant strategy on my part.

    It’s a good thing I didn’t hurt myself.

    • Something Fishy in Aurora...... said

      “There is absolutely no proof to the rumour my fall was a stunt deliberately designed to deflect attention from the business at hand.

      That must be the spin being used to deflect attention from the totally inappropriate comment from the mayor. I’m sure at your age the risk of a fractured hip or worse (just look at what happened to Zsa Zsa after trying to answer a phone) far outweighs trying to deflect attention.

      Or maybe…..

      Did you hire a stunt double to take the fall for you and you just assumed the position on the ground….I hear Betty White is taking odd jobs here and there when not filming her new TV series….



    • Anonymous said

      What you say, Councillor Buck, may very well be true. However, that neither excuses the comment made by the mayor for us all to hear, nor the behaviour of all 6 of them. There is not an ounce of class or common decency among them and I for one will remember that in October.

    • One who Knows said

      The best part of the whole charade was watching that two bit Lawyer Politician Tabuchi stammer and stutter at every question Allison asked him ,to bad she was cut off at the knees every time she probed deeper into the “Process”
      What a complete Joke
      very glad though that Evelyn was Ok to fight another day

    • Richard Johnson said

      FYI…It wasn’t me that started that voodoo doll rumour Clr Buck… all said was that our twin town should be changed to Salem Mass.

  6. Faux Pas said

    Directed to Guy Poppe –

    A law professor said:

    “In the absence of evidence, all you can do is process your ignorance.”

  7. Anonymous said

    this is a question of character indeed. no matter how strained the relationship, not one councillor went to her aide. while i’m sure many in the audience helped, this is their colleague. shame on all of them.

    what i also noticed too, was councillor gallo making some sort of humourous comment seconds later once al returned to his seat. i am sorry, but this just looks horrible. these ‘men’ should be ashamed of themselves.

    and my response to the mayors comment…typical, but no surprise

    for shame. all of them.

    • Anonymous said

      Typical, is exactly the way The Mayor and her bullies act.

      Wilson,Grainger and the Mayor seem to be the worse of the lot.

      The Mayors hatred for Tim Jones is loud and clear also.

      Mr.Granger did say that the reason “Magna for Community” and their Network of volunteers is NOT partnered with Aurora is

      “Phylis hates Tim Jones”

      Sad but factually true.

      So we do have bullies running and leading this town.

    • Thanks Will Be Given Come October said

      “Phylis hates Tim Jones”

      Maybe they’ll be able to drive to the ‘Ex-Mayors of Aurora Reunion’ together this fall!

    • Fred said

      I just saw my first election sign for Geoff Dawe. Strategically placed by Town Park for tomorrow’s Farmers’ Market. Phyllis isn’t going to like that…

    • Matt Maddocks said

      Phyllis isn’t going to like Oct 26th…

    • fed up said

      Geoff’s election signs are everywhere–check out Henderson drive–wya to go Geoff–

      to Matt Maddocks–she won’t like Oct 27th either
      bye bye–so long–

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