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Role of Developers in an Election

Posted by auroracitizen on August 12, 2010

Growth is often raised as a significant issue in any election campaign. Politician who cosy up to developers have sometimes been rejected by citizens because of this relationship and the concern that campaign contributions by the developers may influence projects that stand to net the developers significant profits.

To be clear, there is nothing illegal or inappropriate about a developer making a contribution to a campaign. It is within their rights to make a donation according the election guidelines — the same as any other citizen or business.

However, the public sometimes holds a different view. They are concerned about the potential appearance of a conflict of interest.

One of our readers asked the question about whether a candidate should answer a question whether his or her campaign is sponsored directly or indirectly by a developer or any entity seeking development approval from the town.

We are assuming they meant before the election — because all contributions must be declared after the election — but that would be too late to have the information as a voter which may influence your vote.

Sounded like a good question. So what are your thoughts.

4 Responses to “Role of Developers in an Election”

  1. evelyn.buck said

    The Town has not had an application from a developer for a considerable time..Public Planning Meetings have been cancelled becasue of no applications.

    It may be because of the downturn in the economy. Or is may be because there are other places more welcoming to investment.

    On the other hand, the word on the street is if you want to waste time and resources Aurora is the place to be.

    I would say with absolute confidence, one thing Aurora voters don’t have to worry about is candidates selling their souls to developers beating down our doors to allow them invest in our town.

  2. Richard Johnson said

    I think that developers should be allowed to contribute to candidates campaigns however all donations above $500 from one source should be declared.

    The trick is that some companies may try to hide bulk donations by splitting up donations via numerous sources (doing so intentionally should be illegal — with harsh penalties) therefore candidates should also openly state if one company / developer has donated above the target amount as far as they are aware.

    An election authority should also be able to examine donations and address, or expose areas of concern that may arise from an apparent conflict of interest.

    The greatest power that protects our democracy stems from the power of the vote and the power of an open and diligent media.

  3. Anonymous said

    ask the candidates to pledge to not receive donations from developers.

    • Anonymous said

      I love it when people start talking about developers as if they are what’s wrong with this Town!

      Make no mistake about it, we need assessment from development in this community. It’s what balances our taxes and allows us to afford to live in this Town.

      A good leader will clearly understand that, and have the ability to work “with” developers to make certain we get what we want in this community. It’s called negotiate, compromise, respect and understand the need for all to win. That’s the way leaders do it, that’s the way we develop the kind of Town we want. That’s why, with Ms and Ms Mayors and their agenda, developers have pledged to stay clear until this pair is gone. Their style is to say NO to ANY developers that would cut down a tree…force us to the OMB with a matter they KNOW they cannot win, that costs us huge dollars because that’s what they think win garner them votes. Plan all you want with your “promenade”…no one is coming near this Town until there is New leadership…no, that should be Real leadership.

      I’ve lived in this Town for 35 years and trust me…I wanted the gate closed when I arrived and the population was under 10,000. If I have my way, only Evelyn Buck and Bob McRoberts would have been here, the rest of you would have nothing to do with my Town….hmmm!!!

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