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Banner Provides Interesting Perspective on Aurora Coverage

Posted by auroracitizen on May 29, 2010

Was anyone else struck by the reporting in the Thursday issue of the Banner on the information picket at Aurora  Town Hall?

For the first time in this writers memory, the main front page picture didn’t lead to a story in the paper. Readers were instructed to go online at to read the story. Once there — there is nothing on the home page or on Aurora’s home page. However, a number of other articles from the paper are easily found. So what’s the deal?

In fact, there was no story at all. Best we could find was the original story  from May 25.

Another interesting twist was Sean Pierce’s article on page 10 about the role of the internet in the upcoming election. He mentioned serving members websites, candidate websites and even specifically mentioned Counselor Buck’s website — but no mention of citizens websites. Hmm.

Isn’t the fact that citizens across the GTA are increasingly using the online channel a relevant part of the story.

Ah well, possibly Sean hasn’t found out about our wee blog yet. Someone will have to whisper in his ear. Or maybe he does — but is discouraged from giving it any media coverage.

We’d be willing to wager on the later based on the historical coverage of the activities at town hall.

16 Responses to “Banner Provides Interesting Perspective on Aurora Coverage”

  1. evelyn.buck said

    There’s another aspect of local news we are forgetting. There was a time when we paid for it. We either had it delivered or picked it up from a newsbobox. Either way, we paid for it..

    Time was, if we got mad about the handling or non-handling a story , we could phone the office and “cancel” the paper. . Not any more.

    So what are we complaining about?. Something we get for nothing? Why should our discontent concern the publishers? Why should they not pander to their advertisers/ It may not be a real newspaper. But it’s certainly good business?

    I think it’s really the loss we are railing against. We had it for so long, our children never even noticed the local newspaper as we knew it no longer exists..The publication that comes to our homes several times a week is just a humungous bundle of advertising intended to reach an area hundreds of miles in radius, with a few tid-bits of news here and there to continue the illusion.

    It’s nobooody else’s fault we didn’t notioe how things had changed. If we feel a sense of loss maybe that’s the reason Lashing out at somebody else won’t bring it back or make it better.

  2. evelyn.buck said

    I think readers have too,huigh an expectation of the Era and the Banner.Their business is advertising.Such news as we receive is a fillip included to convince the advertisers people are reading the publication.

    Years ago I attended an Illingworth birthday party at the old Aurora Highland Club House. Jean Baker Pearce was there with her late husband Tim. At the time they had just sold the Alliston Herald to the Star Group.

    They had come from a weekly newspaper conference.The main speaker was a bigwig from the Star Holding company.

    The word at the conference was; don’t print news of municipal government. It’s boring. People don’t read it. It’s a waste of resources.

    Even before there was a monopoly, owner-published newspapers had to concern themselves with opinions of their clients.It’s easy to withdraw advertising.No paper can exist without it.

    I do not argue that Phyllalily appears to be well served by tha Banner.

    Last week’s story about Chris Ballard’s perplexity over Council’s decision to approve an Official Plan Amendment to allow the corner of Yonge and Centre Street to finally be developed is a caase in point.

    The Mayor obviously did what she does habitually. She found someone to make the statement she wished to be made.

    The Banner carried it.

    Now the question is, how much benefit did the Mayoralty derive from that story.

    How much logic did we discover in that position or its spokesperson.

    Are we more confident now than we were before.

    It was Chris Ballard who volunteered the material on the slab for all to examine.

    It was a full and detailed view of the febrile foolish Phyllimilitary crew which is the Mayoralty Army stripped down to all its nakedness.

    It was presented without editorial comment.

  3. evelyn.buck said

    I have to say again.

    A reporter is often a lowly part of a media operation.

    He makes no decisions about what appears in the paper.

    His work can be edited without his having anything at all to say about it.

    The sense of a news story can be altered completely for no better reason than no space for the last line

    I have found Sean Pierce,a young reporter with his way to make in his chosen career,a young wife and two small children, to be honest, earnest and conscientious in his professional endeavour.

    Don’t, please, turn him into another victim of the horrible saga that has been the Mormac Regime.

    • Thanks Will Be Given Come October said

      Unless some of his articles are complete re-writes by Deborah Kelly I still stand by my opinion of his opinion of the Mayor.

    • Richard Johnson said

      I agree with Councillor Buck on this point. Sean is a good reporter but I do highly suspect that he is given clear boundaries as to what he can and can not report.

      If the Banner really wanted to do some investigative reporting in an effort to hold our elected officials accountable on any number of levels, they would have done so long before Sean started reporting. The paper clearly does not see its role as being responsible for holding those in government accountable and that is not Sean’s fault. It’s a good paper as far as it goes but just don’t expect the full story if the story is even remotely complicated or controversial.

      If you want the full story you just have to find multiple alternative sources of information and put what is reported in the Banner into perspective.

    • someone who loves this town more than politics said

      I do not agree with Councilor Buck on this.

      The Era Banner is circulated, as news, it is consumed as such.
      I agree that in comparison with the Auroran it’s journalistic efforts are laughable and obviously take a back seat to the advertising.

      That said, whoever makes the articles and gets them approved by an editor (if there is such a person at the Banner) as “lowly” as they are does decide what appears in the paper.

      His latest piece regarding Social media is so thin it offers nothing new to the reader, and almost showcases Roger Clowater’s efforts in this area as something to be modeled by other candidates. God forbid.

      Over the last year I have found several errors in Mr. Pearce’s reporting both in form (sloppy sentence structure, grammar and spelling) and substance, which there is little of.

      It is interesting that Aurora is quick to question integrity of some, while others get excused.

      If his pieces are being heavily censored he could always use another outlet to back up this argument to show his original and edited piece for comparisons sake. If he is fearful that he would lose his job for exposing such oppressive boundaries one wonders which he values more : his job or his integrity.

      A grown man, Mr Pearce signs his name to every piece therefore he should be held accountable for sloppy, one sided and what can be considered “purchased” journalism.

    • Mr Pot, Meet Mr Kettle. said

      “Over the last year I have found several errors in Mr. Pearce’s reporting both in form (sloppy sentence structure, grammar and spelling)”

      Mr Watts, I read your blog and always look forward to new posts (even the OTT ones). However, I’ve become used to seeing all the mistakes that you’re accusing Sean Pearce of committing. Seriously, you do require a proofreader.

      People in glass houses and all that…

    • someone who loves this town more than politics said

      Hey Mr. Pot.

      I expect a higher level of output than what I am seeing from the Mayora Banner, my post was more regarding substance than format.

      I admit that I make grammar and spelling mistakes on my blog postings but I fail to see the comparison you are drawing here.

      Mr. Pearce is a “journalist” who is paid to do a job.

      I write a blog that is pure opinion, I do it for my own enjoyment on my time (which often does not allow for proofreading) I do not have an editor, I’m not paid, nor do I claim to be a journalist.

      As for over the top posts on my blog please let me know which ones you feel fall into that category. I don’t believe there is a single one.

    • Anonymous Indeed said

      Hey, Chris Watts, I agree with Mr. Pot and Kettle. While I enjoy your blog, it does sometimes go a titch OTT. The ring of pooh was an especially nice touch…

    • Anne Scott said

      OTT? Who are these fuddy-duddies?

    • Anonymous said

      OTT? OMG! LOL! Alright, enough with the acronyms sparky.

      I don’t know Christopher Watts personally, but if I ever meet him, I’ll shake his hand, and buy him a drink. IMHO (oops, there I go again), I think his blog entries are bang on. He takes no prisoners, and calls bullshit where it lives – which is usually deep in the Town Hall underground lair of the Evil Queen Phyllis, or the quaint hamlet of Snowball, home to Lucy St. Lucia, the woman who single-handedly saved Aurora.

      As for me, a middle-aged, white, Christian male (so therefore everything bad that happens in the world is my fault), I really appreciate folks like Christopher who tell it like it is.


    • Anonymous said

      Christopher Watts, you always rise to the bait that is set for you on this blog. Haven’t you figured that out yet? THAT is what has become part of the great entertainment value of your blog. A comment here sparks a rant there. Great stuff. Looking forward to more.

    • Matt Maddocks said

      Didn’t realize that each time you post, you have to include your name again. Just wanted to clarify that the “anonymous” post just above on June 2 at 3:53pm was me. I’m not a fan of posting anything “anonymous”.

  4. Junius said

    In defense (partly) of Sean Pearce, his first priority is keeping his job. Writing negative stories about Morris will pretty much mean he doesn’t keep his job.

    The Banner has no interest in balanced or objective reporting. Ask yourself when was the last time you saw an indepth article on the ridiculous happenings at Town Hall?

    It will be interesting to see the reporting when the election really kicks into gear. Any candidate for Mayor will not only be fighting Morris, but her 5 sychopants and the Banner as well. Two full colour pages every week is a nice piece of business.

  5. Thanks Will Be Given Come October said

    Sean some times has trouble seeing things based on where his head is when in the presence our Mayor.

  6. Anna said

    Ouch that is misleading. As a matter fact the yorkregion website has very poor content.
    Thanks for the info. If your blog is wee, then mine is real wee blog, lol.

    Living in Aurora Blogger

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