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RETA Video: Welcome To Your Future

Posted by auroracitizen on April 26, 2010

The following was provided by a reader for distribution and information to readers.

RETA has put together an informative and entertaining video to help raise awareness of the issues surrounding high voltage power lines.  Please pass this on to everyone you know. And, if you get mad enough, please drop our premier a line too (he can be reached at

You can see the video at or you can see it on YouTube at

2 Responses to “RETA Video: Welcome To Your Future”

  1. We're in Ontario said

    Not Alberta. The email address is for the Alberta Premier, not McGuinty.

    • Richard Johnson said

      I trust that you missed the 100 plus local new stories related to our local power supply issues over the past six years, or the Bruce transmission line controversy, or the controversy in Toronto for the transmission line proposed down Pape, or the recent multi-billion dollar announcement for the 184 new green generation projects and the transmission and gas power plant upgrades that will have to go with them ? How about the King peaker, the Oakville CHP plant, the Portands or the Goreway projects… all of which required transmission upgrades ?

      75% of Ontario’s power grid is going to be replaced within the next 25 years, so this issue has as much to do with Ontario as it does Alberta. Tens of billions of dollars is being spent in order to improve and refurbish our power grid and the corresponding planning issues will not be going away any time soon, I can assure you.

      For an idea of what we have experienced locally feel free to read the hansard of my S.T.O.P. presentation to the Queen’s Park Standing Committee on August 3rd 2006 concerning what was then the DRAFT Bill 51 and note that section 23 was never changed, despite my concerns, and those shared by Toronto, Mississauga and Oakville (among others). In a nut shell… privately built and owned power supply infrastructure can now (along with publicly built infrastructure) be imposed on an unwilling host community via a provincial Ministerial order when ever our provincial government sees fit, so you can only hope that our community and thousands of home owners will not be adversely impacted. Of course Aurora Council was silent when this bill was being crafted and debated but now they face the consequences of their pure apathy.

      The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) tried to ensure that our local government was well informed in an effort to positively influence the development of the OPA’s new procurement rules, but Mayor Phyllis Morris and others (including Sue Walmer of EAC and Clr. Evelina MacEachern) thoroughly confused and messed up the dialog in my view. The facts just did not appear to matter and subsequently the OPA has lost all patience with Aurora, York Region and any number of other communities, as a direct result of our botching of the consultation process that was undertaken to address our power supply needs.

      LINK: LINK:

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