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Guest Post: Fairy Tales By Phyllis Morris

Posted by auroracitizen on March 26, 2010

The following comments are taken verbatim from Phyllis Morris’s acceptance speech almost four years ago. She suggests contacting her about these issues. I’d suggest anywhere but at Shoppers Drug Mart but I digress. If you do see her out of her fortress sometime ask her about these promises, especially the ones about belief in a diversity of point of view, looking after our finances and transparency and accountability. 

Perhaps you’ve heard the joke about the little girl who asks: “Mother? Do all Fairy Tales begin with ‘Once Upon A Time’?” Her mother replies. “No darling, there’s another series of Fairy Tales that begin: ‘IF ELECTED I promise’.”


Well this promise is not a fairy tale – I will work with Council and Town Staff to make our municipal government more open, more transparent, more accountable and more inclusive.


I believe an effective team requires players with a diversity of strengths and points of view.


While I will not micro-manage The Town’s administration, council members, including myself, must be kept fully informed, so that little problems don’t become big ones.


Together We can foster an open and accountable government, where leadership is impartial and allows ideas to be discussed, where teamwork is valued


To that end, together we must insist on greater representation on York Region Council,


Have we looked after our finances, balancing taxes against public expectations of services?


My door is open. You have my phone number – please feel free to stop me in the street, call me, or e-mail me.

Not sure if the fairy tale should be called Phyllis in Wonderland or Six Bad Wolves.


Thanks Will Be Given Come October 

79 Responses to “Guest Post: Fairy Tales By Phyllis Morris”

  1. Anonymous said

    Time for a fresh post. More Phyllis Morris fairy tales would be good.

  2. Anonymous said

    Roger Clowater will have a booth at the weekend’s Home Show at the ACC. Get your questions ready!
    Maybe there will be another YouTube video in the making.

    • anonymous said

      Only 8 years in Aurora and never on council and from what I hear very arrogant.

    • Walt said

      I’ve only been here for 9 years, Anon, does that make me also unqualified to even comment on political topics in Aurora?

      Clowater may be a cipher with nothing to say, but his length of residency here is largely irrelevant to his fitness to serve on council.

    • Nigel Kean said

      I also agree that length of time has nothing to do with the fact that he is running for mayor.Anyone should be able to run if he/she has the desire.

    • Auroran said

      Hear, hear, Walt! What an ass “Anonymous” is! I have lived in Aurora less time than Walt and Clowater and see no relevance in length of time residency to political ability. If you ask me this weird town needs so fresh blood, perhaps from people who have had experience in many other places and have a much broader perspective than the long time or “born and bred” residents.

    • David Heard said

      I must add that new residents may have less knowledge of services etc. due to the time frame they have been here.

      We already had one Clr. this term who did not know where the “Food Pantry” was.

      This is not an isolated example as one said they had little knowledge of outreach services.

      Being well informed and having go to people in the community would be a great asset.

    • A "Real" Auroran said

      So being a recent resident of Aurora shouldn’t be a hindrance, but being a longtime or – shock horror! – a “born and bred” Auroran is?!

      I’ve heard that you can’t suck and blow at the same time, but that opinion certainly manages to.

    • David Heard said

      Not said at all.

      A fact was pointed out and the discussion begins.

      If communication is open then we all win.

      Silence on the issues is acceptance,one reason we have concern.

      Look at the numbers at the polls last year.

  3. evelyn buck said

    There will be other candidates in the race for the Mayoralty. There will be a serious competition. The vote may be split several ways but that will make the competition even fiercer.

    Six weeks is a long enough campaign in anybody’s book.

    I’m not sure of the logic of allowing candidate registration ten months prior to the election.The merit is not obvious.

    The town’s business carries on until registration closes,Normally Council becomes a dead duck and the caampaign begins in earnest.

    Politics is not to everyone’s taste. Most people can only handle so much. Six weeks is max.

    There will be a full complement of candidates offering to serve. Ample choice. Candidates who ran before should be looking to capitalize on their investment in time and energy and what they learned.

    Knocking on doors. Standing at the corner. Don’t bother with commuters coming home. Meet them when they are bright eyed and bush-tailed at the station in the morning.It’s all usefu. Every bit helps.

    People appreciate a personal contact more than anything.

    Votes are cast one by one. Elections are won the same way.

    Ideas are good. Commitment is better.Courage is risky but worth every ounce you can muster.

    Promises of what one person can deliver are silly.

    Above all, people need to feel they can trust.

    • A for Anonymous said

      In my neighbourhood there are several lawn signs now for Roger Clowater, seven months before the election, and we still have no idea on his position on any issues.

    • evelyn buck said

      Some residents hate signs. Some tell you it’s the only way they know who is in the race.

      I have never been elected without using signs.It’s the toughest job of all to maintain them.It’s a daily round to replace broken signs.

      There’s no rule about when they can be erected. That’s probably because candidates don’t generally do it until after registration closes.

      It’s even more practical to wait until after Halloween.

    • Auroran said

      “Above all,people need to feel they can trust.”
      That will be rather a tall order after having THIS administration for 4 years!

    • Richard Johnson said

      I agree with Auroran’s comment on April 12, 2010 at 6:21 pm

      This election is about trust as much as anything else. Effectively delivering a list of promises and a picture of an ideal Aurora is just good electioneering, but delivering the goods is real test. We need to check for delivery.

      The double standard and the hypocrisy of this Mayor and her group of followers is nothing short of astounding and most people on this blog know full well how the spin machine will get ramped up in the coming months.

      I highly suspect that over 60% of eligible voters will just shrug their shoulders and find something more interesting to discuss than what they feel is just petty local politics, so the final decision of who will comprise our next council will come down to just over 10% of the total population. Here’s hoping that we get it right this time around and that those people we elect actually deliver on what they promise.

    • Fred said

      Richard, we have yet to see a viable alternative to Mayor Morris so we can all keep talking, but none of us can do any walking until a real candidate comes out of the shadows. Meanwhile, I hope the much hoped for candidate is stockpiling all this information and girding their loins for October’s showdown.

    • Richard Johnson said

      Response to Fred April 22, 2010 at 9:33 am.

      I totally respect that we all have to make our own judgment calls and I plan to stay neutral this time around for obvious reasons given the result of my last well meaning efforts, but some people would argue that we already have two better alternatives to our current leadership. All we can really do at this stage is share our respective thoughts and hold the current Council responsible for their actions and or lack thereof, as the case may be.

      You can bet that the Mayor’s election fog machine will be working full blast with both paid and unpaid speech writers now lined up, so prepare yourself !

  4. Nigel Kean said

    To one who knows-April 7th 9:41 PM

    I thank you for your comments regarding my time on council.
    I want to reply to your thoughts on what you think that I did not do during my term on council whether dysfunctional or not.

    I did the bike rides, bowling or whatever else that I felt I needed to to show support for charities to raise both money and awareness. That might not be important to certain people but to me it was important that I participated in those functions. I did not just attend council and committee meetings.

    As far as not trying to improve the downtown. Well, that was why I started the Farmers Market in the Temperance Street parking lot. I hoped that the extra peolple at the market would spill over to the retailers on Yonge Street. I thought that it was better to try something rather than sit back and complain how bad the downtown was. I think that certain retailers downtown appreciated the effort.

    As far as the empty buildings in Library Square ( Victoria Street), council actually defeated a motion to rent out the buildings to one group, as Damir Vrancic had arranged and a motion that I seconded. The vote was 5-4. I was one of the four who was voted down.There were 5 councillors who felt there was a better way. The buildings still sit almost empty. Again, better to try than sit back and do nothing.

    As far as the Hydro Building, I proposed that we either investigate the option of putting a youth centre there or to sell the property. Again at least I tried.

    As far as Aurora Hydro, your comments, once profitable, are correct.Council was given a staff report that if there was a major problem as the infrastructure got older, a free standing Aurora Hydro might not survive. We received, I think, about $35,000.000.00 and still use the interest from the funds to help with other projects.

    There were many other projects that were completed by councils that I was proud to serve with.The new Seniors Centre,the new Leisure Complex, new playing fields for the increase in kids moving into Aurora, approval of the movie theatres now in Aurora, the new Wellington Street Fire Hall plus many other projects.

    So yes, I feel that I did more than you gave me credit for working with council but I do not think that whatever I say will change your thoughts so I won’t even try.

    I will campaign on what I know that I did and what I will do if I get elected.

    Nigel Kean

    • Anonymous indeed said

      And what will you do, Nigel, if you get elected?

      Let’s talk about the future, and what this town needs. Let’s hear your platform. Give us your vision. What are the top five issues you see facing Aurora, and what would you do about them.

    • White Knight said

      Mr. Kean, what WILL you DO if you get elected? What you report you have done may be interesting but I am more interested in the future. So, please tell.

    • Robert the Bruce said

      Anonymous Indeed and White Knight…. good questions to Nigel but he has already stated that he won’t answer those tough questions here. He would rather discuss it with you over coffee at Tims.

      There was an interesting piece in The Star about political candidates and their use of internet tools. I don’t think that Nigel is embracing the technology’s possibilities.


    • One who Knows said

      “new playing fields for the increase in kids moving into Aurora,”

      Oh really ,this is a very interesting claim, Nigel I believe the record will clearly show that you voted down the very suucessful and efficient Artificial Turf at the 2005 budget meeting effectively delaying the project for two years while the children of Aurora struggeled with less than sufficient soccer fields, I know you will have some explantaion for this but please do not suggest it was due to funding issues or there will be some additional facts posted to set the record straight, Please enlighten your readers on exactly what “New playing fields” you brought in during your watch.

    • Nigel Kean said

      First to “One Who Knows” April 9-5:53

      You seem to know some of the information but not all of it.
      I voted against the artificial turf based on conversations with the Rec and Parks Department in New York City where they had 41 artificial turf fields. There concerns included the overall cost plus the cost of disposing of the turf after the 7-10 year life span. There really weren’t any dumps in the area that would take the old turf due to problems of them not breaking down with time and the cost to get rid of them was high, to say the least.
      Our original cost was going to be app. $650,000.00 and as far as I know balloned to almost $1,000.000.00 when all was said and done.
      There was also a safety factor according to the New York Dept as the turf heated up app. 25 degrees above regular grass on hot days thus creating a problem for the players of added exhaustion and feet and leg problems.
      Again, I was one vote so the field was not held up for 2 years as you have stated.
      The Town owns land where I would like to suggest the making of regular grass fields if that fits into the Town’s master rec plan.

      Secondly to Robert the Bruce, April 9th at 3:49 PM.
      I happen to do very well with the internet and computers and my web site will be up and running very shortly. I have a professional doing my site and I did have to raise campaign funds to pay for my expenditures.
      So please do not think that I am left behind with technology as I use it in business every day.

      My platform will be released when I am ready and that will be done publically and not on the blog. I appreciate your concerns but I will release it soon.

      Thanks for the comments as your ideas do actually help even at Tim Hortons where I do meet friends from time to time.

    • fed up said

      I don’t care if the new mayor can ride a bike or bowl. I want someone with the smarts to run a multi-million dollar corporation.

    • One who Knows said

      “You seem to know some of the information but not all of it”

      ,Thats your problem Nigel I do know all of it, As was very typical of you , you had no use for the expertise of the staff and the excellent research that went into the project, instead you went off on some misguided information quest on a non comparable system to rail road the project and the useres , rather than embrace good technology and apply your “One Vote” on the basis of good business and value for the tax payers dollar.

      “far as I know it balloned to almost $1,000.000.00 when all was said and done”

      Wrong again Nigel , do your home work before making these false statements, once again very typical of your style of dismissing the facts in favor of your slanted view point ,
      Please tell the good people of Aurora what the true price was on this facility. I think this is the least a voter could expect, a little hint, you are “Hundreds of Thousands out”

      Oh and by the way , were you not the one who voted to re zone those Town owned lands you refer to for an industrial Park ,a very honorable and novel idea but it might be a bit of challenge playing soccer in the middle of a parkimg lot,

      I dont think we recieved an answer to the question Nigel , exactly what new playing fields did you bring in for the new families moving into Aurora.

    • Older than Dirt said

      To one who knows.
      I now know that you, still know only part of the information, and your sole mission seems to be to discredit Kean so that you or one of your friends can run if Kean backs down, which I hope he doesn’t.
      I actually know through FOI that the TOTAL cost of the turf field was $975,263.15, this includes other projects that were attached to the building of the field but not under the original FOI, far from the off by hundreds of thousands of dollars that you suggest. You check your numbers and do not forget to add in the Town Staff time in moving the lights from the other field,the Town Staff time to prepare the field, the added drainage needed, the extra stone needed for the foundation and the actual cost of preparing and fencing of the field.
      Kean also made some good points in his blog about the safety factor and the cost to remove the field and it sounds like he did his homework, what about you.
      I did not see anywhere that Kean mentioned rezoning anything so what are you talking about.
      I know that Jones and West had the property behind the Town Hall rezoned to residential from Industrial. Perhaps that is what you are talking about. I don’t think that Kean was on that council.

    • Nigel Kean said

      To One who knows??
      I am really disappointed that you continue to hide behind your “One Who Knows” name while taking cheap shots at me.I have a really good idea now who you are and I must say that expected something greater from you than hiding like you do.
      Use your real name and then stand up for what you believe rather than the hiding that you do.
      There are many names I could use for you, but why would anyone listen to you with a make up name that you have chosen to hide behind.
      I do respect you for the real person that you are but you really should “come out”.

    • William Cobbett said

      That’s a lame response, Nigel. Lame and juvenile.

    • Thanks will be Given come October said

      Every time Nigel responds in this manner it confirms my belief that not voting for him for Mayor is a good idea.

    • Anonymous said

      William Cobbett
      Great response. NOT

    • Anonymous said

      William Cobbett
      Not bad for a guy born in 1794. You look good for your age

    • Anonymous Indeed said

      I agree with William Cobbett.
      Nigel, do you realize how whiney and petty you sound? The more you participate in this blog, the more you dig yourself a hole. You’ll need a thicker skin if you’re really going to have another crack at being elected mayor. Cut your losses, and go for a council seat.

    • Anonymous (For Good Reason, It Would Seem) said

      “Anonymous said

      April 16, 2010 at 6:58 pm
      William Cobbett
      Not bad for a guy born in 1794. You look good for your age”

      So, you ‘googled’ a poster’s name?!

      And people wonder why others choose to contribute comments anonymously (ironically, even the ‘googler’).

    • One who Knows said

      really disappointed Nigel ? how unfortunate it is that you choose to take the low road instead of providing intellegent and factual responces as one might expect from a Mayoral Candidate as polished and professional as you Nigel. what does it matter who it is that askes a question, are you perhaps feeling a little squeezed by a few simple questions, I look forward to your Platform comming forward, it should be interesting if not more entertainment for the bloggers

    • TJ said

      I really wonder how comments from One who knows, thanks will be given and the others that you seem hellbent on discrediting someone who at least puts his name forward (Kean).
      His comments were actually right on as far as you all using fake names and people who are dead rather than your own. Then you criticize everything he says without answering who you are.
      I don’t know him but I have admired the fact that he has done something ( whether you like it or not)for this community.
      He could promise everything that would make the town bettter but that would not keep you happy.
      I guess you like morris and her great 4 years. Or perhaps you might want someone that you chose so you can control that person.
      If I was Kean I would throw up my hands in disgust over you all but I think that he is a better person than that and I hope that the real Aurorans will know that and ignore the no-names or fake names.
      Also One who knows-where did you get your numbers for the fake field? Thin air maybe?

    • Thanks will be Given come October said

      TJ said
      April 18, 2010 at 9:29 am
      I really wonder how comments from One who knows, thanks will be given and the others that you seem hellbent on discrediting someone who at least puts his name forward (Kean).
      His comments were actually right on as far as you all using fake names and people who are dead rather than your own. Then you criticize everything he says without answering who you are.
      I don’t know him but I have admired the fact that he has done something ( whether you like it or not)for this community.
      He could promise everything that would make the town bettter but that would not keep you happy.
      I guess you like morris and her great 4 years. Or perhaps you might want someone that you chose so you can control that person.
      If I was Kean I would throw up my hands in disgust over you all but I think that he is a better person than that and I hope that the real Aurorans will know that and ignore the no-names or fake names.
      Also One who knows-where did you get your numbers for the fake field? Thin air maybe?


      Pot calling the kettle black?

    • TJ said

      To one who knows

      WOW what a comeback. Again no answers, just a critic with no true facts that you know. Answer the questions that other no names have asked you. You really are a joke.At least try to be intelligent with at least one answer. You have no creditability.
      For one who knows you should add the word nothing to your so called name

    • fed up said

      and TJ would be a real or fake name???????–or just someone who doesn’t know how to type on a keyboard–looked upTJ in the phonebook–no success–perhaps you live in Snowball and I don’t have that phonebook

    • One who Knows said

      Well I guess it was up to our good councillor Buck to once again set the record straight by producing some actual figures on the TOTAL ! cost of the artificial turf , Well Done Councillor Buck! perhaps Tom Jones ?? and Old Dirt would like to weigh in on this, What’s that old saying ? be careful what you ask for ,Looks like Nigel was more than a little off , By Hundreds of Thousands!.Unlike councillor Buck ,we will not see anything from the peanut gallery that will dispute this,

  5. Tiffany Johnson said

    I laughed out loud when I read the comment following the blog entry at Christopher Watts’ blog from the link above. The mayor doesn’t even recognize people who helped her campaign. Wow, I guess she figures she’s a local celebrity.

    I wouldn’t recognize the mayor if I tripped over her — but I certainly know which name NOT to check off on the ballots!

    • fed up said

      You’d regonize her. She’s the only person in town with a glowing halo above her head.

    • Brickbat Returns said

      And cloven feet hidden by her custom made footwear.

      Cannot give away her secret to success.

      Crush everyone around you with devilish pride.

    • Robert the Bruce said

      This blog is getting a little silly now. Halos, Cloven feet, Mare! Come on, this is just becoming a place to hurl insults.

      There is no longer any substantial debate.

    • Anonymous said

      Man, RTB, you must really be irked! You forgot your “silly” Fuimus sign-off.

    • fed up said

      There is nothing to debate–the only two people running have been next to invisible and probably 90 % of the people in town couldn’t name them. A blog is for people to post whatever they desire, just because you don’t like it or think it is silly means nothing. The real problem here is that most of the people in this town can’t name the current mayor and could care less about the election. What percentage of eligible voters will actually show up?–her ladyship is hoping this happens. We need something to stir this town up and set its people back a step or two so that they take notice of the way things have been run for the past 4 (corrected typo from 43 by moderator at writers request) years.

    • anonymous said

      to Fed up April 6th 9:31pm

      I for one know Nigel Kean’s name very well. When he was on council he did a lot for the community including starting and running the Farmer’s Market for free unlike what is happening with St Kitts today.He was also very visable participating at many events such as Big Brothers Bowlathon, Heart and Stroke bike ride and golf tournament, Volunteering at the Senior’s Centre plus many other causes that he took up.
      I know that he worked hard on council and sat on numerous committees.He actually managed to produce a new code of conduct that is not being followed now by this council and worked hard to save the Oak Ridges Morraine.
      I have also read many of the articles that he wrote in the Auroran.
      So, whoever you are give your head a shake and open your eyes and your brain. Please go back on the past editions of the Auroran and read what happened during the years 2000 and 2006 as I just did.

    • A for Anonymous said

      To Fed Up,

      I think her ladyship should worry because my theory is that the small percentage of voters that actually vote are people like us who read the papers, watch the meetings and participate in these discussions. We have been paying attention the last four years, and hopefully, will vote the GOS out (if they dare run again – so far none of them are).

    • One who Knows said

      Anonymous said april 7th… you are right about Nigel starting a farmers market , playing golf ,riding bikes, bowling and calling the seniors bingos , theses were his strongest acomplishments on the previous disfunctional Council,for which he was very well rewarded at the last election , No question his heart was in the right place and in keeping with his level of experience and ability, Oh, but then these acomplishments meant so much more than cleaning up and rebuilding the ghost town we call yonge st, introducing a plan to deal with the Town’s vacant and multi million dollar investment in empty builings on Victoria Street, oh and dont forget our once profitable hydro utility and its still abandon building on Industrial Parkway, gone and forgotten, Yes Nigel really added value during his watch lets hope every one else remembers his name when they see it on the ballot this October.

    • fed up said

      To A for Anonymous: Oh yes, Wendy the Wizard is running

      To Anonymous: me give my head a shake? Get real and read what I said. I did not say that Nigel has done nothing for this town. He has and anyone who knows him knows that. I used to work with his wife. I just said that he has been invisible, meaning, “Where’s the campaign?”

    • Anonymous indeed said

      I agree with One Who Knows. Nigel is very good at all the feel-good community stuff. Where he has no credibility is the hard-core issues facing our town. I’ve yet to hear anything from him with any real substance. His campaign to date seems to be his willingness to discuss issues over a coffee. Geez, that’s the kind of leadership I’m looking for to be the next mayor of this multi-million dollar corporation.
      Nigel needs to talk as well as listen.

    • Anonymous said

      Nigel needs to run for Council. He’d be out of his depth as mayor. There’s no shame in realizing one’s limitations, but there is when you don’t.

  6. Tim the Enchanter said

    Just in case you might get the impression that Aurora is the only funny little town.

    Very good article here from the Daily Mail – it’s a little long but quite entertaining. Many points made will sound very familiar.

  7. someone who loves this town more than Anonymous said

    I don’t agree with the prelude that suggests against approaching the mayor at Shoppers Drug Mart. In fact I would argue the opposite.

    There is a time and a place for everything. If there is any caveat about approaching someone it should be with the timing, not location.

    The mayor approached me at Shoppers Drug Mart not the other way around, and to this day I’m unsure why.

    I was with my family, which she refused to acknowledge, and had no business to discuss with the her.

    Even if I did I did not have the time for anything more than pleasantries as I was busy doing last minute shopping. After interrogating me she quickly vanished.

    Today I had a second encounter while trying to recycle some electronics. I posted my experience to my blog here:

    In Phyllis’ acceptance speech which as been quoted here, her closing statement is:

    ” My door is open. You have my phone number – please feel free to stop me in the street, call me, or e-mail me. ”

    I encourage everyone to test this.

    If you want to talk to the mayor, or any councilor, do it when it is convenient for yourself, not when it is most convenient for them.

    If they shrug you off, can’t make the time for you, skirt the issues, then they fail the test. Simple as that.

    The mayor should be approachable when in public to converse on any issue, there should not be any hesitation as to approaching her or any councilor when they are out in public. They are public servants, they are paid to be there to do this. You pay them.

    • Thanks will be Given come October said

      I was being facetious when I mentioned Shopper’s Drug Mart, it was your experience there that I was referring to.

      A perfecr opportunity to meet and greet ‘the people’ existed at a recent Community Living awards dinner. But her sole purpose in attending appeared to be an attempt to gain the spotlight by presenting a plaque. When the agenda wasn’t altered to do so, she and her lap dog AW were quickly out the door.

      Had she stayed I’m sure people would have lined up to join in conversation, and she even could have been a part of the plaque presentation that did eventually take place.

    • White Knight said

      I have never, ever received an acknowledgement of emails that I have sent to HRH, let alone a response to the substance in my messages. Goodness knows I have sent plenty over the last 3 years!

    • Brickbat Returns said

      I have also sent emails to certain members of our municipal posse and have had zero,nadda,zilch replies.

      It was not I must add ;Bob ,Allison,or Ev.

      They reply.

      Smartly .

      Clr.Granger cannot send emails because he is still mastering crayons.

    • Anonymous said

      Chris Watts certainly told Phyllis a thing or two when in line at the ARC. Yeah, you really gave her a piece of your mind. You gave her the What’s Watt, and unleashed a verbal version of your blog.
      Oh, sorry, I must have imagined that’s what you were raring to do when the opportunity was presented to you.
      Better luck next time, Chris. Go get her!

    • White Knight said

      Anonymous who wrote March 30th @ 10:47 am smacks of AKA Evilina or Mr Phyllis or…. (fill in the blank with your choice).

    • someone who loves this town more than Anonymous said

      I’m not sure who “Anonymous March 30th” is, nor do I care.

      This person obviously doesn’t know me. Anyone who does knows that unlike the Wicked Witch of The John West Way I am not confrontational and I was not, as suggested “raring to unleash” anything.

      When I’m around town conducting my business, whether it be shopping or recycling I expect to be left well enough alone, not harassed and not interrogated. I extend that to others, unfortunately the Mayor does not.

      Everything has a time and a place, politics more so.
      Our mayor doesn’t recognize any boundaries when it comes to self. Everything is about her.

      I thought that the intimidation and bullying may stop at other councilors, ex-councilors but it seems to extend all the way down to citizens such as myself.

      I’m worried but less about myself. I’m classically trained in the art of Shaolin Kung Fu. The wonderful thing about Kung Fu is the confidence you have about controlling any situation and neutralizing threats. Deflection and using your opponent’s energy against themselves is not reserved for just physical combat. It ripples to all areas of how you handle yourself in life.

      Nonsense such as these schoolyard-type exchanges are so beneath me I simply ignore them, or laugh at them while its happening, and especially after.

      Rest assured I’m not going to “go get her!” or anyone else for that matter.

      If someone else who may not be able to control themselves in such a situation then I’m very sure an exchange would take place. Someone wanting to give someone else a “piece of their mind” guarantees that something would be “unleashed”.

      One wonders what good would come of this.

      I may meet the mayor before the next election, I may not.

      Right now I have much better things to do with my time, and that is enjoy life, family and this great weather to the fullest.

      I suggest we all do the same, even if the mayor G.O.S. seems hell bent on interfering.

    • Knowledgeable in Aurora said

      Thank you for your April 1st post. I could not agree more.

      As you know, I was also subjected to her rude and inappropriate behaviour when at the the Town Hall to do business that had nothing to do with her. I held my tongue and cool as well and simply left. She comes out looking like the ignorant person she is.

      Rise above it – and make the disgust known in October. That is the right response.

      Enjoy both family and the great weather.


    • Older that dirt said

      It is funny to read the blog as some of the anonymous act as if they have had council experience and know, according to themselves, how to get elected. Some say you are wasting your time door knocking, others say thet voted for someone as he/she called at their door.
      White Knight is even better saying referring to Nigel Kean ” that his door knocking strategy is an illustration of his approach to council matters”, whatever that means. Bill, ya get my vote?
      Wow. Sounds as if you are an expert.
      The last time Kean ran for council he finished 2nd vs. Hogg 6th. Me wonders whose strategy is best.
      I look forward to candidates calling at my door so I can meet them.

    • White Knight said

      To Older than Dirt:
      Pay attention more closely. Do not credit me with making comments that an Anonymous contributor made. I made no reference to Nigel Kean’s “approach to council” in any of my comments.

  8. Anonymous said

    The time to make Phyllis eat her words will be at the election debates.
    It won’t just be Roger and Nigel in the mix – if they hang in that long.

    • Anonymous said

      Yes, and it will be great to ask why for two years they would not get involved with another organization but inactive e-aurora was the be all to end all.

      This was sent to staff twice and kept the other group out of the mix for this entire term.

      The question is (for bag of carrots from the Farmers Market) name the other volunteer group.

      I will give you a hint ….MAGNA .

      I will take things that piss off the Mayor for $200 Alex .

    • Anonymous said

      Yes, the mayor feigned ignorance about Neighbourhood Network during a council meeting. She certainly illustrated transparency for the camera that night! She was so obviously trying not to give NN any credence.

      I missed the Steve Hinder awards dinner. It must have been a painful night for Phyllis.

      It would be great if Steve was to come back to council. And a few of his friends would do nicely too!

    • Nigel Kean said

      I will be in the mix until election day, and I look forward to meeting as many Aurorans as possible as I go door to door.
      Hopefully I will get the opportunity to knock on your door and you can then give me your ideas on what you want to see in Aurora over the next four years.

    • Anonymous said

      “…you can then give me your ideas on what you want to see in Aurora over the next four years.”

      A new mayor, Nigel, and you as a councillor.

    • Robert the Bruce said


      If you knock on my door you will be the FIRST candidate to ever run for office in Aurora to do so in the 16 years that I have been living here. I live not far from you, or the Lone Granger or Evelina, but I have never spoken to anyone at my door.


    • Anne said

      To Fuimus,

      The only candidate to knock on our door in the last election was Allison Collins-Mrakas. We were impressed and voted for her. ’nuff said.

    • someone who loves this town more than Anonymous said

      I’m all for meeting and interviewing the candidates, but when it is convenient for me.

      Unsolicited door-to-door campaigning results is highly inconvenient, it’s like receiving telemarketing calls.

      In my books ANY unsolcited door-to-door sales (or in this case campaigning) results in an immediate no, or a check mark for not voting for the candidate.

      Especially if the candidates knock on the door and there is a sign clearing outlining the desire not to.

      Please don’t feed the animals!

    • Nigel Kean said

      There are app. 14,000 doors to knock on before an election in Aurora.
      Last term I managed to get to app. 81% of them and that was working every night and the weekends. I will continue to get to as many as I can. In some cases, if residents are away I always leave a brochure.
      I can only hope that one of the doors that I get to will be yours.
      Even better, if you want to volunteer to knock on doors with me please call me.

    • Anonymous said

      Nigel’s door knocking strategy is an illustration of his approach to council matters. Keep hammering away at it even if the results are questionable. Nigel, if you’re serious about campaigning and getting your message (?) out, then use your energy more effectively.
      Bill, on the other hand, realized that his time was best spent getting maximum visibility and going where the people are. Sure, they might be rushed to get to or from their business, but they’ll remember him because they actually saw him.
      I’ve never had a door knocker, but if any of the current slate knock on my door it is unlikely I’ll answer. I wouldn’t want to ruin their day.
      Bill – ya got my vote! And could again…

    • walt said

      Mr McRoberts was the one and only one that dared stop by my place last time. I live in one of the newer subdivisions where, frankly, we’re mostly ignored save for our tax dollars. Anyway, he was the first person on the ballot I selected, mostly because he answered forthrightly my rather blunt questions about why he was running, and he seemed honest, heart-felt about his concern for this Town. I’m just sorry he’s had such a rough ride over the term, having to put up with the nonsense thrown his way. Wouldn’t blame him if he chucked it all in, but for the sake of the place, I hope he stays.

    • Tim the Enchanter said

      I wouldn’t get too hung up on the door-knocking issue.
      The important point is that potential candidates get their message out by whatever means works.
      Blogs and websites work well because they offer instant access 24/7.
      Mr. Hogg’s plan of targeting high people traffic areas also works.
      All-candidates meetings/debates are fine as long as they’re televised or webcasted – most of us are too busy to attend in person.
      Just tell us who you are, and what you’re plan is.
      Personally, I’ve already decided that I will not vote for anyone who doesn’t have a plan I like.
      I don’t care about experience.
      I don’t care about connections.
      Promising a “kindler, gentler” council ain’t going to cut it.
      In my opinion, serious and sweeping changes are needed and a lot of Aurora’s so-called “movers and shakers” ain’t going to like it one bit.
      The council soap-opera used to be amusing but the production costs of this amateur Punch and Judy show have gotten out of hand.
      If I don’t hear a plan for ACTUAL changes in this funny little town I’ll be staying home next October.

      Oh, and before some smart-ass says “If you don’t vote, don’t bitch” let me tell ya’ something.
      For the obscene taxes I pay I get to bitch all I want.

    • Nigel Kean said

      You can tell by the anonymous relpies and Bill’s that there are different styles. I still believe that door knocking is effective and I never had anyone turn me nor any other candidate away.
      I also worked the hockey rinks early Saturday mornings and the Go station many times. On top of that I worked at various grocery stores.
      We all work differently and I appreciate the answers of the anonymous who does not want anyone knocking at their doors. Certain residents have signs on the doors or windows that they do not want to be disturbed and I honour their wishes.

    • Robert the Bruce said

      How many candidates will be glad-handing at the Farmers Market?


    • White Knight said

      To Walt
      I know the feeling! I also live in one of the new subdivisions and Bob McRoberts was the only candidate who knocked on my door too! You are damn right that we newcomers are only valued for our tax dollars.
      However, there is a new candidate, Milton Hart, who lives somewhere around here. The only drawback is that he is very much a Phyllis-lover so I absolutely will not be voting for him. Methinks she is after putting together a slate again.

    • White Knight said

      I agree that door-knocking is a bit outdated and probably doesn’t garner a whole lot in terms of votes but at least it shows effort. If I remember correctly, didn’t Obama demonstrate that the new way to campaign and get votes HAS to include internet technology??
      I hope we don’t have a group of e-duds in the ring.

  9. Broderick Epps said

    “While I will not micro-manage The Town’s administration, council members, including myself, must be kept fully informed, so that little problems don’t become big ones.Together We can foster an open and accountable government, where leadership is impartial and allows ideas to be discussed, where teamwork is valued”

    Anyone who has followed Aurora politics prior to this term and knew about the goings on at the Town Hall were able to quickly call bu@@sh@@ to the premise that Ms. Morris would not micro-manage nor that she knew anything about teamwork. Her so called 10 Years HR experience notwithstanding, Ms. Morris was an HR disaster waiting to happen and the voters of Aurora bought
    her spin. The actions, if true of a person finding their office packed and moved to an empty office much to their surprise only re-inforces the embellishment to her resume and begs the question what other bu@@sh@@ has she fed us.

  10. annoyomous said

    Didn`t she mean less representation at the Regional level, since she is the only one there representing us and she does not show at the meetings on a regular bases to represent us. So where does that leave us? No Representation!!!

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