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Freedom of Information Update

Posted by auroracitizen on March 12, 2010

We have received a number of enquiries about the status of the FOI request we mention back in December. The following update has been provided.

A written request was submitted to the town on December 10, 2009 seeking answers to a number of questions under the Freedom of Information Act.

There was no fee amount enclosed because fees can be variable depending on the amount of time that staff must spend in digging out answers. There were two questions on which the town sought clarification with respect to time-lines. These were dealt with.

Correspondence mid-February and the payment of an interim fee started the 30 day clock running. In addition one of the questions was dropped, as being somewhat vague.

It is now our understanding that the town, through its Acting Clerk, Shannon Boychuk, is obliged to start providing answers within 30 days of the latest email, dated February 22.

We will have to wait and see what these consist of, whether the remaining 10 questions are all addressed, and to what extent the responses are adequate.

Will keep you posted.

5 Responses to “Freedom of Information Update”

  1. Anonymous said

    As the end of April is now only 3 days away obviously the Freedom of Information system, like a lot of other things at town hall, isn’t functioning too well.

    Any word on the requests from February?

  2. Any news? said

    How are those FOIs coming along?

  3. anonymous said

    Maybe someone could ask how Sher St. Kitts got the July 1st parade back, after she resigned, then the town actually chose an Aurora citizen with great credentials to run the parade. Ms St Kitts actually managed to get her name as a delegate the day of the meeting.
    Sounds as if she knows someone on the inside.
    Wow this really stinks and sends the wrong signal to volunteers who actually do things because they want to and not just to get their husband another gig.

    • Anonymous said

      Please also someone look into a presentation by Mike Moran regarding a music festival .

      He apparantly had Town support including staff and it fell to the St.Kitts promoted Jazz Festival with Farmers Market money I may add .

      This stinks like Collis Leather used to .

  4. Thanks will be Given come October said

    Here I sit on the 21st, waiting will bated breath for the morrow. Will Ms. Boychuk choose the morning or wait till after lunch to do her duty?

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