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Hacking: A Disturbing Strategy

Posted by auroracitizen on May 2, 2009

Someone who disagrees with the issues raised on this site is now hacking the site and deleting comments.

It is a disturbing strategy. Initially they attacked the commentators. Now they are deleting the comments.

We fully recognize that this is probably 1 individual who thinks they are doing the Mayor and Council a favour. We are confident the Mayor and Council would be equally concerned by this behaviour.

What is happening to our community when dissenting voices are targeted to try and silence them?

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14 Responses to “Hacking: A Disturbing Strategy”

  1. Anonymous said

    you’d have to pry the aluminum foil hat off Phyllis’ head

    it’s pretty much welded on there

  2. Anonymous said

    “So why did someone do this? Draw your own conclusion. Conspiracy theories abound.”

    No need for conspiracy theories, it was a blogger glitch. Where’s Heather with her aluminium foil hat when you need her?

  3. Anonymous said

    Could be as simple as curiosity. Someone comes upon an icon, tests it out.
    Certainly the items deleted were all on the same thread. Didn’t seem to be any big deal.
    Only person who might benefit was Ev. Maybe she did a couple on her blog for cover.
    But I doubt it.
    Really what was unfortunate was Aurora Citizen jumped on it, to do what they love to do: blame the mayor or her band of merry men/women.
    After all, Aurora Citizen, right from the start made it clear that it wanted to operate from the shadows.
    What evil lurks in the hearts of blog consumers?
    Aurora Citizen knows!

  4. Anonymous said

    If you read the 2nd comment you will see the technical issue was that someone could delete comments — not that they disappeared by themselves. So someone other than the Moderator chose to delete comments.

    So why did someone do this? Draw your own conclusion. Conspiracy theories abound.

  5. Anonymous said

    No one with a Blogger identity had a trash can on their comments so if you used your Evelyn Buck identity none of your comments could have been deleted.

  6. Anonymous said

    Ev seemingly the blogger system had a problem on May 1.
    If what you wrote or someone else wrote was deleted,
    a message appeared saying the comment had been deleted by the author.
    If you don’t see that you may well have pressed the wrong button.

  7. Evelyn Buck said

    www is sufficiently a mystery to me
    that any new complication simply escapes me.
    The comment has been made that my blog has been hacked. Yesterday I commented it had not.

    My comment did not appear. As have several other comments I’ve made.They have been information in response to a question.

    I simply assumed I had clicked the wrong box or the editor decided I had too much to say and was taking up too much space

    It never entered my head that someone else might have intervened.

  8. Anonymous said

    Wow talk about jumping to conclusions and putting it in print.
    This one’s over the top for even me.
    Wouldn’t believe it ’til I read it for myself.
    Aurora Citizen you got some ‘splainin’ to do.
    My oh my.

  9. Anonymous said

    As anyone can see, now that they have returned, the deleted comments did not attack or support anyone. They simply seem to be looking for information and clarification. Far more extreme comments on this blog could have been deleted but were not.

    So why did The Aurora Citizen immediately accuse someone of hacking into the site for political purposes? As it turns out, we now see that whoever did the hacking was focusing on the entire Blogger network, not the Aurora Citizen.

    Yet The Aurora Citizen’s assertion of political subterfuge was presented as a fact, as if certain evidence was in hand. While it is convenient for the Aurora Citizen and others of like mind to take this position, no evidence has been presented to support the claim.

    Someone earlier asked how The Aurora Citizen came to its conclusion. Please, could you grace your readers with a response?

  10. Anonymous said

    Using your logic, Anonymous May 2, 2009 4:20 PM it would be Ev who deleted the comments because three of the four were about her… and I don’t believe that for a second.

  11. Anonymous said

    Comments were deleted.

    It was no accident — someone deleted the comments intentionally.

    Unlikely a supporter of the blog/comments.

    Conclude as you see fit.

  12. Anonymous said

    Aurora Citizen,
    I am now very concerned to see that Aurora Citizen, so readily determined the villain of the trash can fiasco:

    “What is happening to our community when dissenting voices are targeted to try and silence them?”

    As I recall the comments deleted were very innocent compared to others on this blog.

    In view of the information that other blogs experienced the same phenomenon I am alarmed that “Aurora Citizen” would publish such
    an incendiary response.

  13. Anonymous said

    Seems to be a problem others are having.

    The comment “trash can” icon is appearing for all our readers. They
    can trash anyone’s comments at will. We had to take the blog private
    this evening because when we logged out, we were still able to delete
    comments no matter who had written them. A reader brought it to our
    attention and we tested it for more than 30 minutes before taking

    Reply Forward

    View profile
    (1 user) More options May 1, 1:44 am
    We are having the same problem. I had to take my blog down.
    On May 1, 1:32 am, SCC wrote:
    – Show quoted text –

    Reply Forward

    PRU Tech
    View profile
    (3 users) More options May 1, 2:32 am
    Same problem here
    On May 1, 12:44 am, Dekalb wrote:
    – Show quoted text –

    Reply Forward

    View profile
    (2 users) More options May 1, 6:48 am
    enable comments and tell what comment you want to delete?
    Blogger Template
    On May 1, 8:32 am, PRU Tech wrote:

  14. Anonymous said

    After several comments were mysteriously deleted, Aurora Citizen wrote on May 1 at 3:19: “To be honest, we have no idea how that was done.”

    On May 2 at 8:10 a.m. Aurora Citizen wrote: “Someone who disagrees with the issues raised on this site is now hacking the site and deleting comments.”

    In the interests of transparency, how did you come to the conclusion that a supporter of the mayor and council is the guilty party?

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