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5 cent Plastic Bags

Posted by auroracitizen on November 27, 2008

Big news today was that Toronto is trying to implement a 5 cent fee for all plastic bags used by stores as part of their strategy to divert materials away from landfill sites.

In Aurora, Councillor Al Wilson initially took a stand about garbage and recycling as a private citizen and included it as part of his election campaign.

Mayor Morris generated considerable personal press on her Right to Dry campaign.

It will be interesting to see whether either champions this program, or whether some other Councillor will take it on. If Toronto can initiate a significant change like this, why can’t Aurora. Maybe we can lead the fight for York Region.

This is as big an issue as the packaging issue that was raised in an earlier post. Regardless it will be interesting to see how our Council manages this issue.

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2 Responses to “5 cent Plastic Bags”

  1. Anonymous said

    just one last comment on the right to dry 🙂

    Everyone has the right to dry. Some restrictions are on clotheslines, however, when those restriction are in place you are still allowed to use the “tree version” So really, all the developer is doing is regulating the type of clothesline you have.

    as for the bags, it’s a great idea, however all the producers will do is increase their prices to asorb the extra again, all we do is pay, pay, pay…

  2. Anonymous said

    for the love of god would you PLEASE stop perpetuating the “right to dry” nonesense? the current mayor has embarrassed us enough!

    I know it’s not as catchy a tag line as right to dry but right to a clothesline is far more accurate – facts are facts – Aurora has ALWAYS had the right to dry – some have not had the right to a clothesline….


    As for the charge for plastic bags – for those residents that want a paper bag – will that option be provided at no added cost? Paper bags are recyclable so if that’s the issue – recycling – then the problem would be solved, right? or is this just yet another stunt by the Miller gang?

    I saw the article by the councillor (sorry can’t remember the name – I think it was Marakase?) who wrote about reducing packaging and “full cycle” or something – making producers pay for recycling the packaging they create – that sounds like a good idea – why doesn’t the councillor put something forward to our council

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