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Globe & Mail Weights In

Posted by auroracitizen on August 5, 2011

Why faceless sniping deserves protection

Globe & Mail: Ivor Tossell, Aug 3, 2011


4 Responses to “Globe & Mail Weights In”

  1. Anonymous said

    well perhaps it dosen’t need protecting..,1518,779032,00.html


    “But this tells us that the Internet creates completely new challenges. The principles of our legal system must also apply on the web. In democratic conflict, we argue openly on the basis of our constitutional rules of behavior. Why should this be different on the Internet? I know that I will be severely berated in the online community for this, but why don’t Fjordman and other anonymous bloggers need to disclose their true identity? Normally people use their names when they take a position. Why shouldn’t this be something that is also self-evident on the Internet?”

    Seems to me we’ve heard something like this somewhere before, and I’m sure we will hear more like it again.


  2. Matt Maddocks said

    This is an excellent article. Ivor Tossell captures much of what is at the heart and the true nature of this issue. Reading the comments section was also very interesting. Assuming that at least some of the commenters are not from Aurora, these “outside opinions” add further perspective.

  3. Anonymous said

    This article is worth following for the comments alone.
    Posters opinions remind me of the crud that erupts here on AC.
    Rather than well thought out arguments, many leave petty and shallow comments.
    One poster keeps reffering to Stalin and oppressed regimes.

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