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Star Endorses Dawe

Posted by auroracitizen on October 22, 2010

The Toronto Star has released their candidate endorsements for GTA Mayors.

In Aurora, the town council has been dysfunctional under Mayor Phyllis Morris.

Topping off a rocky four years in office, she has launched a $6 million lawsuit against three citizens who criticized her on a popular local web forum. The suit was filed on behalf of Morris “in her capacity as mayor,” which means the taxpayers will likely be picking up her legal fees.

It’s time for her to go.

We prefer Geoff Dawe, who has a record of community service and business savvy.

No argument here 🙂

36 Responses to “Star Endorses Dawe”


    • Anonymous said

      Not to take anything away from Geoff Dawe (who ran the most professional campaign in Aurora history… if Tim Jones had done the same in 06 we would have never had to endure the last 4 years) do you think Phyllis finally understands the level of resentment against her? It seems from her comments tonight we will see her again.

      Nigel’s comments tonight indicate that he simply does not understand he is not mayoral material. The “$” comment is the same as the Quebec separatists in 95 referendum who stated they lost due to money and immigrants. The reason Geoff has $ Nigel is because he is a successful businessman and why we (and The Star) determined he should be mayor. Nigel, you helped Phyllis get elected in 06 and your ego and sense of entitlement to be mayor is almost as bad. Move on. I won’t even vote you for council in the future.

      By the way Lone Granger, Dawe’s win is what constitutes an “overwhelming majority” (in reference to the moron letter he sent to the Auroran in 2008).

      So we have 3 of the 5 other GOS going home. Wasn’t it classic with 2 polls left Granger leaped into 8th when Regency Acres reported (he lives close to this poll) but then quickly fell to 9th when Hartman reported (have to love new Aurora). So we have Gallo and Gaertner as “Survivers”. Okay, they were probably the least objectionable of the GOS. However, add Ballard (who I am sure is hugging Phyllis right now to console her) and Humfryes (who is Facebook pals with Sher) we could have block voting again. Humfryes from what I understand claims to be friends with Geoff. Friends with Sher and Geoff? If so you should be a diplomat and resolve the Middle East problem.

  2. Stephanie said

    Just posted:–dawe-takes-early-lead-in-aurora

    “The initial results are in and, with the first 10 polls reporting, mayoral candidate Geoff Dawe is off to an impressive start.

    The polls so far show Mr. Dawe with a commanding lead over incumbent Phyllis Morris — 3,459 votes to 1,452.

    As each new set of numbers is posted at the municipal offices showing Mr. Dawe out front, the crowd roared with approval. Mayoral hopefuls Nigel Kean, Roger Clowater and Miloslav Prikryl are far behind.
    So far, councillor candidate John Abel is in front, followed by Michael Thompson, Evelyn Buck, Sandra Humfryes, John Gallo, Stephen Granger, Wendy Gaertner and Al Wilson.”

  3. Paul Sesto said

    Just posted at 3:52pm Monday October 25th at the on-line Banner: “Aurora Voters Seeking Change”–aurora-voters-seeking-change

    Opening line:

    “It’s not looking promising for incumbent Aurora Mayor Phyllis Morris and councillors if an informal survey of voters exiting a polling station Monday is an election harbinger.”

    • Still worried said

      It may not bode well for incumbents, but by the sound of that article, there is definitely going to be some vote-splitting happening in the Mayor’s race… Let’s just hope it splits the right way!

    • Don't Worry said

      “Let’s just hope it splits the right way!”

      Something like The Auroran poll results: Dawe with twice as many votes as Kean, and Morris as an also-ran, perhaps?

    • Anonymous said

      I can only hope that the anti-incumbant vote includes all 9 of them. I fear that people sympathetic to Buck will give her another go. Half of the problems of the last 4 years are because of her. You have to look at the last 7 years to truly realize it.

    • Anonymous said

      If you drive by Yonge and Wellington you can still see the crew Phyllis, the Jam Lady and Sher holding up placards imploring those driving by to vote Phyllis.

    • fed up said

      THE RESULTS ARE IN–don’t let the door slam you in the butt on your way out of town Phyllis–and take the snowball queen and the jam lady with you

  4. Restoring Aurora said

    Today is D-Day.

    It is Decision Day.

    It is Dawe Day.

  5. I took this from Mr. Dawe’s campaigning website about his business: ‘Using lean manufacturing systems to reduce waste and increase efficiencies’. If anyone knows about lean manufacturing, it is very effective system. That is what exactly we need here in Aurora, effective system that reduces waste. Note that ‘waste’ is actually technical term used in the lean manufacturing. After all Aurora is one big business, and we need leaders that can run the company. Aurora is also a community, but then large corporation or businesses are too. Anna 🙂

  6. Anonymous said

    Who is behind this endorsement with the Toronto Star and why should we be listening to someone from Toronto telling us who to vote for?

    • Considered voter said

      To Anonymous @ 3:05 p.m.

      You are supposed to disseminate ALL the information from ALL the sources, consider it and then decide.

      Sometimes I wonder about the IQ of some AC bloggers.

      Have a good day tomorrow – if you decide to.

  7. Paul Sesto said

    Dissention in the Ranks

    Perhaps I may be reading too much into this as it is the subtly in the wording and it is hidden in the fine print. I saw it in Mayor Morris’ print ads this week and again in today’s Banner. It may ring of a certain attitude in the Morris camp being that “you are either with me or against me”.

    There is a bar graph that is trying to show that the current council was better at finding common ground. The graph has 3 sections comparing recorded votes for the current and the previous Town Council. The left section is labeled “2/3 or More Agreed”, the right section is labeled “Unanimous” but the centre section is labeled “Unanimous or 1 dissenter”. I thought that when a vote is taken at council it is recorded as a “Yea” or “Nay” which would be an “Agree” or “Disagree”, not an “Agree” or “Dissent”. So councillor voting against the “Yeas” is labelled as a dissenter. Now I recognize that dissent means “non-agreement” but I think “dissenter”, “dissention” and “dissident” has a rather strong connotation. I think our society generally places a much higher and nobler meaning on dissention in regards to our democratic values.

    I don’t think it was their intention to place “Aurora’s dissenters” in such company as the imprisoned Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo – this year’s winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. Perhaps they wanted one last jab at the councillors who did not tow the company line. So on that premise, by voting for Geoff Dawe, (as I intend to), do we too become dissenters?

    • Anonymous said

      I remember when this came up at council. I’m not 100% sure, but I think it was Cllr. MacEachern that made the motion to have staff gather the record of voting history and report back to council. It seemed a pointless exercise at the time and a waste of staff time. Now we know it’s real purpose was to provide campaign literature for the Mayor. I suppose we will never be allowed a full accounting of how much staff time and public funds were expended for the benefit of Mayor Morris’ re-election campaign.


    • Anonymous said

      To Luckywife
      We have never had a full accounting for many things during this term so this isn’t any different. However, I think we can all be pretty sure that the time and public funds were HUGE.

    • Citizen of Titipu said

      I wish they paid as much attention to accounting the funds spent on the Christmas Dream, Jazz Fest and the Canada Day Parade as they did for voting records.

  8. Tery Kelly said

    Beware the oncoming tide; shock and Dawe

    • Disenchanted said

      Geoff Dawe is the only Mayoral candidate running in this campaign who will bring this town of Aurora back on their feet.

      Right now we have too many maniacs loose who think they are God’s gift of Man.

      Let’s get back to N O R M A L C Y !

  9. Anonymous said

    Apparently Rebeca Beaton is endorsing Phyllis. I heard she’s making her rounds around town passing notes to anyone who will listen to vote for Phyllis and her warriors, including Brian Duff. Poor Duff…
    They are all the same…(not sure about Duff)…send them all on their merry way and let’s move forward with our great Town.

    • Richard Johnson said

      Brian Duff is a great guy. I talked at length with him last night. He would be a great asset on Council.

    • fed up said

      Who the heck is Rebeca Beaton?–someone of importance whom we should know?

    • Brian Duff said

      I met Rebecca Beaton after the Last Council meeting on the 28th I think it was. She was on the Library Board. I don’t think her list is anything other than her personal picks for council.

      Brian Duff

    • Knowledgeable in Aurora said

      Believe me, she is no one you should waste time on. Just another puppet that will do whatever MorMac asks her to. Ask Evelyn about the library motion she tried to put through.

    • Disenchanted said

      Brian Duff doesn’t blog in enough to really “know the guy”….possibly not too assertive.

      However, Darryl Moore appears to outshine Brian as he answers ALL blogs and does his utmost to answer questions precisely and ethically to the best of his ability.

      He’s got my vote!

  10. Wisely said

    It looks like it was an exciting morning at the GO station today. Geoff’s latest post makes me wish I commuted!

    Phyllis you’ve been outclassed – just accept it.

  11. True dat! said

    “It’s time for her to go.”

    In Aurora, in 2010, truer words have not been written!

  12. Paul Sesto said

    What I also finding enlightening from the Toronto Star is their reasoning for backing the incumbents in King, Markham and Richmond Hill:”steady, balanced leadership”, “attracting new residents and economic opportunities” and “stickhandled development and intensification issues”. I think these are some of the qualities that Aurora will be looking with Geoff Dawe and the next council and why Geoff is the front runner.

    Excerpt from the Toronto Star:

    In King, Mayor Margaret Black is facing another challenge from former councillor Steve Pellegrini. Black won our endorsement in 2006 and gets it again for steady, balanced leadership.

    In Richmond Hill, Mayor Dave Barrow runs one of Canada’s best-rated cities for attracting new residents and economic opportunities. He has cleaned up the planning department, has a good grasp of development issues, and deserves re-election.

    So does Mayor Frank Scarpitti in Markham. He has stickhandled development and intensification issues in one of the most densely populated cities in the 905 belt. (end of reference)

  13. Anonymous said

    Hardly an edndorsement. Stating a preference. I would prefer anybody but Morris.

    • Tim the Enchanter said

      Obviously you are free to caste your vote as you choose but I believe we are past the Anyone But Phyllis stage.
      Morris has to go – we all agree – although why folks still support her is beyond me. I suspect many who say they do are hedging their bets and will actually make the right choice when behind the screen.
      Nigel is respected in some quarters and I’ll agree he’s run a tidy campaign but he drank Phyllis’s Kool-Aid last time and helped to deliver us into four years of hell.
      Sadly for Nigel, the “good old days” of rigorous council debate followed by a friendly pint at the Legion are all but over – Phyllis has seen to that.
      Whomever dons the chain of office will be entering a bit of a minefield as council will likely include (even more sadly) part of the Gang of Five. That leaves Geoff – in my opinion at least – as the only viable alternative capable of fixing the shambles that is the current council.
      Let’s get him in there so he can get to work!

    • Horrified said

      Anonymous, your thesaurus must be pretty thin. This “preference” was an endorsement.

      You might prefer “anybody but Morris”, but you can’t actually vote for “anybody but Morris”.

      The Star specified Dawe out of all the candidates running. The also specifically refer to their picks as “our choice”.

      That makes it an endorsement, and any interpretation to the contrary is disingenuous or requires remedial English lessons.

    • fed up said

      The gang of 5 doesn’t stand a chance and they know it–why else would they have back PM

    • fed up said

      I voted 2 weeks ago at the advance poll and if the mood in that room holds true till Oct 25 then Morris and none of the existing council except Buck will be returned to office–the farce this week will surely hammer home the nails in their collective coffins

  14. Tim the Enchanter said

    another nail.

  15. Anonymous for a Reason said


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