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You Get the Government You Deserve

Posted by auroracitizen on May 27, 2009

The recent activities of Council have clearly demonstrated their values and ethics.

If you agree with their behaviour — tell a friend and write to the newspaper.

If you disagree with their behaviour — tell a friend and write to the newspaper.

Regardless of your point of view, take action. Writing on this site alone is not enough.

We have the opportunity to vote at specific opportunities — but we have the right and duty to hold them accountable for their actions everyday. The best way to hold them accountable is to speak out, because getting re-elected is often the only accountability they understand.

We will let you know when the meeting is available online for those who didn’t see it live or miss it on local TV.

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29 Responses to “You Get the Government You Deserve”

  1. Anonymous said

    When is this mayor going to apologize for the attack on Councillor Buck. As mayor and chair at council meetings she is in charge of controlling the meeting and NOT allowing such an attack on ANY councillor whether she likes that person or not. The mayor also should know that unless the person is from Aurora then that person should not be allowed to speak.The mayor had given St Kitts, Honorary citizen, which means absolutely nothing even though Steve Granger thought it did.
    This mayor should publically say sorry to Councillor Buck for allowing this to happen.

  2. Anonymous said

    "The elected Council members and the Mayor are the ones held responsible here. One of them asked the questions!"

    And the one that had enough knowledge and courage to ask the questions has been all but tarred and feathered. The only councillor that had any decency to attempt to assist Evelyn is the only one with any backbone at all.

    The whole political process has been undermined and tarnished. It is nothing short of disgusting behaviour by EVERYONE involved!

    November 2010 can't come soon enough.

  3. Anonymous said

    I agree with Robert the Bruce. Appropriate questions were asked and answer never given. What happened and why have these questions lead to such misinformation. Just answer the questions! If the July 1st Canada Day Parade Committee had just provided an account of the details of the event then we would not be here. No one should be allowed to have any kind of function under the osbuis of the Town without being accountable. It is accountablilty we need and since there is no elected representative on this committee it is that much more important that the committee be accountable. The elected Council members and the Mayor are the ones held responsible here. One of them asked the questions!

  4. Robert the Bruce said

    To Mr/Mrs/Ms Anonynous at June 5, 2009 12:38 AM….

    Where have you been? Do you not follow what is going on here? Are you new?

    "All this talk of misappropriation, yet, neither you nor your "mates" provide any evidents. Yes, b-shit does baffle brains and tarnishes reputations."

    I guess this blog is now rated PG for your use of language. Nice play on words with the name too – very mature.

    I am still waiting for the "evidents". (sic)

    There is talk of misappropriation however without any concrete information coming from the Town office, we have been left swinging in the wind not knowing the truth. This entire situation could have been avoided if the questions that were raised in the beginning were answered and everyone would know what had transpired.

    You really should keep up with things before posting.


  5. Anonymous said

    Robert The Butcher – you said –

    "I have never met the St. Kitts nor have I seen his band. I am sure she means well. However, the problem we have here is the accountability of the town, it's elected officials and how tax-payers' money is distributed."

    Sir, what "taxpayers' money" do you speak of?

    All this talk of misappropriation, yet, neither you nor your "mates" provide any evidents. Yes, b-shit does baffle brains and tarnishes reputations.

    Is this about Neighbourhood Network?

  6. Robert the Bruce said

    Further to my comment from June 1st… The problem any "Aurorans for Good Governance" slate will have is the convicing of those that do not look at this blog (or Ms Buck's blog) and what has really gone on since this council has taken office. For those that simply read the papers, the real issues will have passed them by.

    A look in this week's Auroran paper Letters to the Editor is proof of how a concerted effort to show the truth is required. In every letter supporting Ms St Kitts, there is an inevitable sentence along these lines: "Who cares that she is not an Aurora resident, Snowball is close."

    I have never met the St. Kitts nor have I seen his band. I am sure she means well. However, the problem we have here is the accountability of the town, it's elected officials and how tax-payers' money is distributed.

    Her supporters that wrote in try to pull at the national pride heart-strings and how much of a good lady she is. They never addressed the fact that there appears to be no accountability between her group and the Town.

    Good on Ron for printing the letters from Bill Hogg and Nigel Kean.

    Sadly, with the goings-on of the last two council meetings, we seem to have lost the focus of how we got there (ie. the Dream Team).

    I am disappointed (but not surprised) that none of the other members of council have weighed in on these issues. Other than Evelyn and Allison, it's been quiet. Where is the "Caped Crusader of Aurora Tax Dollars" (Mr. Wilson)? I am sure that they have been given instructions to stay quiet from Her Majesty.

    I agree with A Concerned Resident. If a slate is to be put forward. They have to have a positive platform. They cannot be a "Let's get those guys out". We also have to be careful. I remember voting for a Mayoral candidate that promised open and transparent and offering change from the disfunctional council of the past. I don't think we got any of those things.


  7. Anonymous said

    I would like to nominate Evelyn and Alison for the job. How about Robert the Bruce and New Man in Town? Are you up for the challenge?

  8. A concerned resident said

    In response to the Robert the Bruce comment – any slate of candidates put forward should be done in a thoughtful manner – a slate just purely built on an anti-council basis will surely fail.

    WANTED: Well respected, community minded residents who are individual thinkers with a sincere desire to make Aurora great.

    Given our political history this may sound like a tall order. With determination, they can be found and urged to put their names forward.

  9. Robert the Bruce said

    Anonymous at May 29, 2009 9:42 AM said “This blog has been established to fight the next election.”

    I don’t think that is an entirely accurate statement however, as we draw closer to the election year, I can see this being the case.

    What will the candidates look like in November of 2010? Municipal politics heavily favour those running for re-election. So, how do you get Morris, MacEachren et al out of office? If you are going to present a slate of candidates, you clearly will need solidarity of the entire slate and show exactly what they are going to do once elected.

    The problem any “Aurorans for Good Governance” slate will have is the convicing of those that do not look at this blog (or Ms Buck’s blog) and what has really gone on since this council has taken office. For those that simply read the papers, the real issues will have passed them by.

    Who should be in this slate of candidates? Perhaps there should be a new thread here where nominations can be made and discussed.


  10. Anonymous said

    To anonymous’ of May 29 @ 2:09 and May 30th @ 1:14, 3:08, 4:18 and 6:55 if you are not already a sitting councillor and you think you have the cander, knowledge and expertise why don’t you come out from behinud anonymous and put your name forward as a potential candidate in the next elections?

  11. Anonymous said

    Well AnonymousMay 30, 2009 4:18 PM, I see your point totally.
    Do you think in Aurora we could find someone who is not a blood-thirsty politician to run for office?
    I see Morris and Buck as two sides of the same coin.
    Together they offer an overdose of poison.
    I’d start with eliminating the negativity they inspire.

  12. Anonymous said

    To Anonymous May30 3:08.
    I believe history shows the seeds for dysfunctional in Aurora Council
    began in the early nineties with the election of one Phyllis Morris and her Buck like actions. The only respite occurred the term Ms. Morris sat out after losing the Mayoral Election to Tim Jones.If anything history has a way of repeating itself with actions of Ms. Buck. Just ask Tim Jones or John West.

  13. Anonymous said

    I thought the term dysfunctional came with Buck.
    She’s someone who never learned to step outside herself to “serve” anyone.
    She is proud of that, always has been.
    Even her buddy Tim Jones couldn’t control her.
    I believe Kroon makes some good points.

  14. Anonymous said

    Let’s not forget the driving force who always brings a new angle to the use of the term dysfunctional: the ever present, ever aggressive warrior Evelyn Buck.

  15. Long Time Resident said

    To Anonymous of May 29 @9:42 am;

    “Imagine it: Grace Marsh, Nigel Keen, Bill Hogg etc.
    Let’s look forward by reaching back to the oldies but goodies.”

    If I recall correctly Phyllis Morris was elected 4 terms ago. 3 years before Hogg, 6 years before Kean and 9 years before Marsh. So old is more actually applied to Morris than the rest.

    Until Morris entered the scene “dysfunctional” was never used to describe Council — yet it now seems to be a common description.

    In fact she seems to be the only common thread when dysfunction is mentioned.

    In the past 3 terms, Kean and Hogg only served 1 term together and Marsh never served with either.

    Those are just facts. I’ll leave the opinions and conclusions to others.

  16. Anonymous said

    Gee I thought Kean was affectionately known as Keen because he is so keen (and spellcheck likes it more).

    AnonymousMay 29, 2009 10:50 AM posted specifically to make the spelling correction.
    An editor in full press mode, perhaps.

    But I was surprised that Anonymous ended with a command:”Pick a user name!”
    ” Nice try” ?

    Lesson: People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.
    Perhaps that is an important lesson for Aurora Council.
    In that case your comment, Anonymous, was of greater value than the superficial correction of spelling would imply.

    And your use of Anonymous was probably a wise decision, under the circumstances.
    Or in your haste did you just hit the wrong button?

  17. fred's not here said

    I think everyone can agree that ANYONE would be better than Phyllis Morris.

    her ever shrinking circle (ken “patronage” whitehurst, sue “escalade” envirolady , ummm I can’t think of anyone else) can continue to try to delude themselves

    but the public knows otherwise.

    16 months and counting!

  18. A concerned resident said

    Apologies for the grammatical error but no matter, the point was made. Without a ward system and where alot of people vote by name recognition it can be difficult to unseat current members. Difficult yes, but not impossible. From what I hear around Town the silent majority is tired of this Council -the challenge is to get that silent majority out to vote.

    Aurorans for Good Governance is a start. In no way, should block voting be encouraged – this should be a group of people who vote individually based on their belief of what is right for that issue. Taking staff’s advice once and awhile would be nice and a little common decency around the Council table would go a long way.

    I find it difficult to endorse some of the “oldies” as they too had their moments; there are many well known respected people in Aurora – the trick will be to try to get them to run!

    A concerned resident

  19. Hugo T. Kroon said

    Hey, Anonymous May 29, 9.42 and all the rest of you delusionals who think Evelyn Buck is the answer to your problems…
    Are You Nuts?
    Mayor Morris is quite possibly the worst thing ever happened to your town, but electing that old has-been Buck would be the next.
    The problem with Morris is the same problem with Buck.
    Neither of them knows what public service is about.
    Morris apparently has yet to learn, and if Buck ever knew, she forgot it along, long time ago.
    Both of these two seem to think politics is about them. it isn’t. It’s about the people they represent. the people they serve. The people who are their bosses.
    These two refuse to believe that. The problem with that is, it now becomes your problem.
    The way these two are constantly at each others throats is disgusting. Not because i care about either of them (and neither should any of you because they really don’t care about any of you), but because I cringe everytime I see people government who have absolutely no business being there.

  20. Anonymous said

    The May 26th meeting video is now available on the Rogers website.

  21. Anonymous said

    Perhaps this is a good place for me to ask a question.
    When someone criticized Evelyn Buck, with regard to her tactics during a council meeting she called it hate mail.
    She revealed it all in her blog. She said she even spoke to the police about it.

    According to your own point of view, Ev how do you determine that when you were criticized it was an act of hate, yet when you do the same to others you are doing what you were elected to do?
    I would appreciate an explanation.
    Is what is good for the goose not good for the gander?

  22. Anonymous said

    Anonymous said: “”An Auroran’s (sic) for Good Governance slate of candidates” you say?”

    How good of you to correct someone else’s punctuation. You misspelled Kean though. Nice try.

    Pick a user name!

  23. Anonymous said

    Well Concerned Citizen, you have indeed “found” the right blog for you!
    This blog has been established to fight the next election.

    “An Auroran’s (sic) for Good Governance slate of candidates” you say?
    Yes you have found the blog of your dreams.
    Now mind you this blog does not approve of the mayor reputedly having a “slate of candidates”.
    However, as in all warriors’ minds, the wrongdoers are on the other side.
    That’s all that matters.

    Now I do believe that your new “slate” should be led by the fearless Evelyn Buck.
    Perhaps Evelyn Buck with her exemplary ethics, and complete expertise in all areas would make for an excellent mayor, welcoming all ideas and treating all with utmost respect.
    Sure she was mayor before and it didn’t work out for her, but that was before blog, and before she learned to listen to concerned residents, no doubt.
    I’m sure others who have put their names forward on this blog might just be convinced to throw their hats in the ring.
    Imagine it: Grace Marsh, Nigel Keen, Bill Hogg etc.
    Let’s look forward by reaching back to the oldies but goodies.
    Should be easy to come up with slogans that would appeal to all who live in Aurora.
    I’m sure such a “slate” would inspire many more to become involved in their town’s political process…
    kind of like our own Barack Obama.

  24. A concerned resident said

    I too for the first time find myself posting a blog. And yet another first for me, a recent letter to the editor on the May 12 Council meeting on the treatment of Councillor Buck. I have sat and watched this council
    over the past couple of years quietly seething and I have to say that the last straw was watching the Mayor and her group allow such antics to take place during an open meeting – what happened to common decency? I am thrilled to find this blog and know that there are like minded individuals in Aurora who are fed up with this Council. It never ceases to amaze me that the “hang on” Members of Council can’t see how they are protrayed in the larger community. I urge all of you to vote in 2010 because without your vote, this Mayor and Council may get in again. Is there interest in putting an Auroran’s for Good Governance slate of candidates forward? I’m not sure how it could be organized but it could be a first step toward positive change.

  25. Nigel Kean said

    What happened to having a backbone and standing up for what is right? Regardless of what others might think of Councillor Buck she is asking valid questions when it comes to Town money.It is a disgrace that at the meeting last week a non citizen of Aurora is allowed to verbally attack a councillor and no one came to her defence. The mayor and her followers sat back and seemed to enjoy the attack.When I was on council at least one or two councillors would have called for a Point of Order and asked that the attack be stopped.I remember when, then councillor Morris would have even asked for the point of order as she did so many times. Times have changed and because Buck has the guts to stand up and ask the needed questions she is attacked.
    What happened to the transparent government that Morris promised? What happened to the promises of a working council? What happened to other councillors standing up and defending their fellow councillors?Where were Granger,Wilson,Gallo,Gaertner, McEachren and even McRoberts? This was clearly a case that no one wanted to defend Councillor Buck, when they should have.
    This, to me, was a black eye for Aurora politics.
    I guess we are the city above Vaughan, or are we?

  26. Anonymous said

    Impeachment is the word of the day.

  27. Anonymous said

    Seems to me that allegations of harassment have been leveled against Evelyn Buck.
    I think I’ll wait to see how that evolves before I rush in with pitchfork raised.

    Usually, especially in politics, there are at least two sides.
    I do appreciate those who use the unpleasant situation to further their own cause, using their own names. I understand more.
    It fascinates me that some applaud Evelyn Buck for her tactics.
    When the dust settles I’ll revisit this site, and I do believe it will better inform my vote.
    I’m in no hurry.
    I’ll wait to collect all my information.

  28. Grace Marsh said

    I know that many of you do not agree with my actions just over a year ago, however, this recent behaviour of the Mayor and her loyal followers perhaps gives you some additional insight into why I had such difficulty continuing to be associated with them. This is not the first action of this type, but thank goodness this one was done in the public eye instead of behind closed doors, for all to see. To Alison and Evelyn, I truly admire you for sticking it out.

  29. Anonymous said

    I would like to preface this post with the comment that this is the first time that I have ever been moved to post on an internet blog. After having observed the debacle that was the May 12 council meeting, including what appeared to be a blatant, orchestrated attack on one Councillor, and having read the minutes of that meeting as posted on the town website, I was very curious to see how the approval of these minutes was to be handled at the May 26 meeting. As such I made a point of taping the Rogers broadcast of the May 26 meeting, and have just viewed it. All I can say is that I am completely and utterly appalled. As we all know, there is a video available of the May 12 meeting, and any layman, even one not familiar with Robert’s Rules of Order, can plainly see that the events of that meeting do not jive with the interpretation in the minutes. That council would not see fit to revisit the accuracy of these minutes as moved by Councillor Collins-Mrakas is a complete travesty, and while up until now, I have not wanted to believe in the notion of the “Gang of Five”, it is very clear to me now. I never thought that I would say this, but, at this moment, I am embarrassed to be a citizen of Aurora. Clearly, the only councillors in this town with any integrity at all are Councillors Buck and Collins-Mrakas. I hope everyone remembers this when the next election rolls around. I certainly will, that is if I choose to vote at all; future candidates for this council will need to convince me first that antics of this sort will not continue.

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