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Introducing your new Mayor and Council

Posted by auroracitizen on October 26, 2010

The results are in (based on Town website) and your new Mayor and Council (listed in finishing order) are below.


  • Geoff Dawe 7254 (55% of popular Vote)


  • John Abel: 5803
  • Michael Thompson: 5335
  • Evelyn Buck: 5317
  • Sandra Humfryes: 5308
  • John Gallo: 4601
  • Wendy Gaertner: 4343
  • Chris Ballard: 4276
  • Paul Pirri: 4144

Collectively they have a lot of work to do. One of the first things on their agenda needs to be repairing the relationship between Council and staff and Council and residents.

Many town staff were in attendance at the town hall and there was an appreciable sense of joy and collective sign of relief when the results were announced.

Well it turns out that staff and citizens are concerned about what was going on at town hall. It turns out that people do want change.

And change is what they voted for — in no uncertain terms. You will need to search a very long time to find a more decisive and convincing defeat in an election. This is the first time a one-term Mayor has been defeated in Aurora in many years. Clearly a reflection of what voters think about the performance of the past Council.

So to the new Council, we wish you well. The citizens of Aurora have great expectations. They will be watching — and continuing to hold politicians accountable for their decisions and their behaviours.

Residents of Aurora have been very clear about what they do not want — and what they expect.

It’s time to put the past in the past and look to the future.

It’s time to Put The Aura Back in Aurora.

78 Responses to “Introducing your new Mayor and Council”

  1. Get Over It... said

    According to Evelyn’s blog, Stephen Granger is requesting a recount.

    • Anonymous for a Reason said

      Will he foot the bill for it?

    • Anonymous said

      She is also saying it will cost over $25K. WOW. Can she substantiate that.
      She also says the counting machines are more accurate than how much he lost by. Can she substantiate that.

      I have no problem in either case if she can demonstrate what she says is true, but otherwise I question her statements.

    • Anonymous said

      I am absolutely not paying one red cent to pay for a recount for Granger. I have forked out enough for this outgoing council’s nonsense over the last 4 years and I have had ENOUGH. MOVE ON, GRANGER. After a glorious week, this makes all the anger boil up again.

    • Anonymous said

      Check out this article on (saw this on Temporary Sanity, thanks Chris)–no-recount-in-newmarket

      According to this, a recount is only necessary if there is a tie.

    • Anonymous said

      It is 25k ask the town clerk…and they are accurate, ask the clerk again…. oh and is this the new strategy of the fired councilors and fired mayor, to go after Buck??? what sour grapes

      THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN!!!!! LOUD AND CLEAR (a true majority)

    • Anon Anon said

      I see a theme with “Anonymous” asking Councillor Buck to substantiate her blog posts. Interesting…
      Let’s play a game and look for the next one.

    • Luckywife said

      It doesnt’ much matter what Cllr. Buck says. If any of them want a re-count that is their right to request it. According to the agenda all of the votes for councillor will be re-counted.

      Guess some people need to see it twice for it to sink in.


  2. Anonymous said

    Why was the Inaugural Meeting of the new Council postponed from 30 November to 7 December?

    • Kron Prinz Ferdinand said

      In memory of Pearl Harbour?

    • Anonymous said

      I am sure there is some hidden agenda reason for this. Cripes they have not even been sworn in yet and they are being questioned.

    • Something Fishy in Aurora..... said

      As was confirmed in the Sept 28 meeting, the last meeting of current council is Nov 23rd and the inaugural meeting of new council is Dec 7th.

      It is in the minutes of the Sept 28th meeting.

      So we get one last meeting with the current council…should be interesting.

    • Anonymous said

      No, no, no question of a “hidden agenda”! Actually, I believe the calendar was changed well before the election. I was just curious as to the reason for the postponement – and maybe a little anxious to get the new council sworn in ASAP.

  3. Kathy Banks said

    It’s a wonderful day in the neighbourhood!!!!!
    Finally I can once again be proud to say ” I live in Aurora”. Over the past 4 years I was actually embarassed to tell people where I live.
    Congratulations Geoff- you deserve every one of those 7000+ votes you got!
    Congratulations to the new council- the citizens of Aurora have very high expectations of your performance over the next 4 years. Please don’t let us down.
    My request to the voters of Aurora- be patient and supportive. There’s always a learning curve for ANY new administration and I’m sure Geoff et al will appreciate your on-going support.
    Aurora, you did a great job voting on October 25th, and I KNOW our new administration will do a great job for us in return!

  4. Anonymous for a Reason said

    Did anyone pick up on Phyllis’ potential new career move?–dawe-humbled-by-victory

    Private investigation firm?

    The mind boggles.

  5. Fred said

    Where the heck has Evelyn been all day?

    • A for Anonymous said

      I was wondering that too Fred.

    • We understand Evelyn was a bit under the weather for the last couple days. But she assures everyone that she is on the mend and we expect you will hear from her again soon.

    • Buck Shot rocks said

      I thought she’d be on her scooter doing victory laps around town hall. She’ll have her own conga line…

    • Three Cheers for Evelyn Buck said

      Let me offer my congratulations on her re-election, and also a hearty ‘Get Well Soon’!

    • KA-NON said

      I am starting to worry now. 3 days without a post, either on here or on her own blog. I don’t think that Evelyn would gloat – “this is politics” she would say – but I would have expected her to be present and posting. Her hip and leg problems have not stopped her in the past, so I hope that whatever is ailing her gets better soon.

    • Something Fishy in Aurora..... said

      Two new posts on her Blog today. Welcome back Evelyn and congrats on your re-election (but we didn’t have any doubt about it). 🙂

  6. Anonymous said

    The gold standard for democracy goes not to Phyllis and her councillors but to the residents of Aurora who showed what true democracy is. It started with just a few whispers here and there and grew one resident at a time until those whispers became a strong wind that swept through council.

    Thank you to those that had the courage to stand up and speak long before the majority did. The residents of Aurora have proven that in a democratic society change can start with a single voice.

  7. Elated said

    Congratulations to Geoff Dawe and all those who worked tirelessly on his behalf. This is clearly the change that Aurora needs and I know the town will be well attended to under his leadership. Shame on the unsuccessful candidates who could not be gracious in defeat!

  8. Anonymous said

    Congratulations to Geoff Dawe. I wish you all the best for a very successful term. You are the breath of fresh air that this town desperately needs. Shame on all those who could not bring themselves to be gracious in defeat…says a lot about you!

  9. Grace Marsh said

    Something else just crossed my mind.

    In the next few months, the new Council will be forming sub-committees and you will see ads in the paper asking for caring, interested citizens to apply.

    To all the caring and interested citizens that have blogged so openly here, let’s apply to those committees and support our new Council with the work they have ahead of them. I know I will and hopefully I will be welcomed back to Town Hall by a group who’s first priority is this great Town.

    • A for Anonymous said

      I wondered about that Grace. I intend to apply for one of the sub-committees this term and I hope the selection process is fair and based on qualifications this time around, and not based on whether the mayor and her friends knows your name.

    • Maggie said

      I truly enjoyed being on a subcommittee last term (2003 – 2006). It really is a worthwhile experience to give back to your community. Unfortunately, although I was honoured to have been appointed, my experience under this most recent regime was a huge disappointment. I resigned after about a year (just didn’t need the grief).

      I strongly suspect that things will be much different (and far more rewarding) this term.

  10. Brian Duff said

    Congrats to the new mayor and council. My sincerest best wishes. Onward we go!

  11. Matt Maddocks said


    Evelina MacEachern:
    Ms MacEachern had little to say on the results. The people have spoken, she said, but cautioned residents should be wary of their new mayor’s promises to work with the development industry.
    “The voters spoke and the voters will get what they voted for,” she said. “If we see development at record speeds and start having water shortages again, well, that’s what the voters chose.”

    Nigel Kean:
    When reached last night, Mr. Kean offered his congratulations to fellow mayoral candidates and suggested a well-funded campaign won the race for Mr. Dawe.
    “I’m not disappointed I lost, I ran a great race, but I didn’t have the money Geoff Dawe did.”
    A former town councillor who stressed experience in his campaign, Mr. Kean said the council-elect will be challenged by a “total lack of experience”.

    I am so glad these 2 have made their feelings clear, and so glad neither of them will be spreading their poison in council chambers for at least the next 4 years.

    • Anonymous said

      To Ms MacEachren…. According to Evelyn Buck, Aurora always had water shortages and it had nothing to do with development. I think the water shortages is because of “shrinkage”! Evelina won’t have to worry about water though, she lives in the shadow of one of the water towers.

      “I’m not disappointed I lost….” ? What a pant load. He said in January that he was in the race to win. He was told to pull out of the Mayor race and he was assured a council seat. The only experience he has is how to lose. I hope he does not try again in 4 years, his MO is tiresome. Maybe him and Granger can go to the Farmers Market together and talk about the old days.

    • Anonymous said

      Sour to the bitter end. I was thinking last night about Mr. Kean’s platform about being the one with council experience and here where he is quoted as saying “total lack of experience.” I think my response to him would be, “Look where 12 years plus of council experience got us with the last mayor and some of the group of 5 councillors. There’s much more to leadership, competence and teamwork than “experience.” Besides our new mayor and most of the new councillors strike me as being pretty intelligent so a learning curve shouldn’t be a problem. I guess the main thing is that all of them check their egos and former allegiances at the door and put history where it belongs – in the past.

    • Stephanie said

      “When reached last night, Mr. Kean offered his congratulations to fellow mayoral candidates and suggested a well-funded campaign won the race for Mr. Dawe. ‘I’m not disappointed I lost, I ran a great race, but I didn’t have the money Geoff Dawe did.’”

      Wow. I find that to be an insult to the voters. Is Mr. Kean saying that what it takes is MONEY to get Aurorans to vote for you?

      People don’t forget statements like this. VOTERS don’t forget statements like this. I recall a good number of Mr. Kean’s “letters to the editor” following the last election. Surely I’m not the only one.

      It takes more than “a well-funded campaign” to get my vote; it takes some semblance of integrity, a respect for the constituency and, gee, maybe a bit of graciousness when things don’t go your way.

      “The voters spoke and the voters will get what they voted for,” she said. “If we see development at record speeds and start having water shortages again, well, that’s what the voters chose.”

      Again, an insult to Aurora residents. Apparently, all our problems will be our own fault because we voted for the wrong people.

      Personally, I didn’t notice any slowing of the development in Aurora over the past few years — besides, I’d rather have my tax dollars go towards augmenting the water supply than to legal fees, private parties on town land and slalom-track roads.

      If one expects to have another run at municipal politics, insulting the voters is not the way to set it up.

    • Elated to say the least said

      Figures Evilena would take the low road and toss out a water grenade , knowing full well the Town has no say in the water distribution .allocation or any other supply issue , She simply can’t seem to get her facts straight, She knows full well that the Region completely governs water and sewer allocation but she chooses to ,once again, try to mislead our residents, She badly underestimated the citizens of this Town and thanks to the Aurora Citizen we were given the opportunity to call her to task on her repeated bungles and blunders. Perhaps now that she’s side lined the Town can get back to the business of running our business without the smoke and mirrors she and her cohorts so heavily relied on the past 4 years

    • Broderick Epps said

      To Evilina.
      If we have drought like conditions this summer will you blame Geoff Dawe and his so-called pro-development bias? You have in the past blamed Tim Jones and the Region for water shortages caused by ongoing extremely hot weather.If I were you I would quietly move on.

      To Nigel.
      I believe the phrase I was taught playing minor sports in Aurora best describes your ramblings.
      Excuses are for losers!

    • Jack said

      Oh Mr. Kean you are so wrong. I hope that this quote was either taken out of context or you were just confronted at a bad moment.

      Let me tell you not “why you lost” but why Mr. Dawe won.

      I need to declare that I did help his campaign in a very minor way. I was a sign guy and volunteered long after he declared his intent to run.

      On this past Sunday afternoon I drove around town straightening and replacing signs. Funny thing is that I ran into Geoff on a new street in the NE of the town going door to door. On every neighbouring street, I saw another Yellow Shirt going door to door. I thought “holy smokes, this guy has got a lot of folks helping him out.

      On my way home I passed nearby Regency Acres School and saw you Mr. Kean hammering in a fancy new coloured sign…all by yourself. That’s why you didn’t win.

      Mr. Dawe drew in folks like me who had never ever been involved in local politics. I’ve lived here since 1988 and had never been in the Town Hall until the All Candidates Meeting. We volunteered to help him because we liked him and what he had to say. Nigel, don’t be a bad loser and come clean on these bitter comments about him having more money.
      They may come back to haunt you.

    • Anonymous said

      It seems that Nigel Kean only managed to lose ground with voters over the last 4 years if you look at the numbers for 2006 vs 2010. How childish of him to blame his loss on Mr. Dawe’s campaign having more money. He obviously did absolutely NOTHING to raise his own esteem in the eyes of voters.

    • Making Plans for Nigel said

      Will a loved one of Nigel’s please sit him down and tell him to STOP!
      How many more times do the voters of Aurora need to tell him?
      You lost. Again. Move on.

  12. Anonymous said

    Hallelujah! Finally!

  13. Kron Prinz Ferdinand said

    Now that Morris is gone, are all the stupid lawsuits gone too?

    • Anonymous said

      Are you asking about all of them? Morris’ and Buck’s?

    • Kron Prinz Ferdinand said

      Just the one’s emanating from Council. i assume Buck will drop her’s if the Morris lawsuits are gone.

      I would like to know exactly how much public money was spent on pursuing these suits.

    • Anonymous said

      They are both going to cost us money. I doubt Buck will drop hers.

    • Anonymous said

      Kron Prinz:

      Unfortunately, our new Mayor and Council will not be vested with magic wands they can wave to make all the bad stuff disappear. Evelyn has made it clear that her suit will continue. I guess we will have to see about Phyllis Morris and her suit. Perhaps if she has to pay out of her own pocket she will re-think the matter. Whatever she chooses, we can all be assured that she will do what is in her own best interest.


  14. I hope not said

    Just a note to the new councillors…..

    If one of you were to leave… the precident is for the 9th place person to be appointed. That would mean the Lone Grainger rides again!

    • Kron Prinz Ferdinand said

      That would be a hellish fate….for Aurora!

    • Another Anonymous said

      I don’t think that’s right that there should be an automatic appointment of the next in line. I think that should be changed. We should have a bi-election to choose the appropriate person. I’m sure that others will agree with me when I say that I didn’t agree with John Gallo being appointed when Grace Marsh quit. Geoff, you certainly have your work cut out for you. Please make some changes for the better!!

  15. Paul Sesto said

    Congratulations to Aurora’s new Mayor and Town Council.

    It was great to see that Geoff Dawe won 55% of the popular vote. More than half of those who voted gave Geoff their endorsement. Even if it would have been a 2 person run Geoff would have still clearly won. You can’t argue with that.

    Now it will be Geoff’s job to not only represent the 7254 people who voted for him but also the people who voted for the other mayoral candidates, the people of Aurora who did not vote and the children and youth who are not eligible to vote. He can’t be Mayor to just some of us, he’ll have to be Mayor for all of us. He has only one vote on council and will have to find common ground without developing an attitude of being “either with us or against us” or by putting a “new gang” together.

    We can’t expect that he will please all of us all of the time, but that he will do his best for the community as a whole. He put out his of trio of keywords – “Leadership, Community & Accountability” and that’s what he’ll be measured against. It will be a new dynamic in the council chambers. Let’s give them all a chance. Best wishes to all 9 of them at the table.

  16. Stephanie Allen said

    Well said, Grace. KA-NON, I agree with you about giving the benefit of the doubt. Some experience on council is a good thing, and I am going to give Wendy the benefit of the doubt that she can use her experience to positively contribute to this new council.

    Wonderful new day for Aurora. I wish for this council that this new wave of positive energy continues into the most functional, efficient council Aurora has seen in many years.

    Congratulations to all candidates.

  17. Matt Maddocks said

    Higher Ground!

    Aurora has now truly been lifted to higher ground, not by some 2nd-string integrity bureaucrat, but by the will of the people of Aurora. Congratulations to Geoff Dawe and all elected councilors. The landslide victory by Geoff sends a clear message; the good people of this town want good government. The former Mayor was incapable of delivering this, so the people gave a resounding mandate to Mayor-Elect Dawe. On council, 3 of the 6 incumbents seeking re-election were also turfed. Combine this with the election of 5 new councilors, and you again have this clear message sent. Four years of weak leadership and ineffectual government are now thankfully behind us. For the next while, I fully expect the old-girls gang of Phyllis, Sher, Susan, Guy, etc., to whine and bleat about “biased journalism”, “attacks from blog sites”, and the “general spreading of lies and innuendo”, as the root causes of their election loss. They’ll point the finger of blame everywhere but at themselves.

    But back to higher ground. From a personal standpoint, I truly thank Geoff Dawe. I thank him for taking on this incredibly difficult task. I also thank him for allowing me to be a part of his campaign team. Although my role with the “yellow shirts” was small in comparison to the months of hard work put in by some of the key folks in Geoff’s camp, it was a rejuvinating experience to be part of such a positive campaign. I’ve met so many great people. I’ve made many new friends. There is a true sense of community already beginning to build, and restoring a healthy community was one of the cornerstones of Geoff’s campaign. The “Aura” has returned. Let’s feed it, care for it, and watch it grow.

    Congratulations Geoff, John, Michael, Evelyn, Sandra, John, Wendy, Chris, and Paul. You’ve been handed something very special; the trust and faith of the people of Aurora. Stay true to yourselves, your values, and your committment to serve. Listen to each other, respect each other, and have some fun along the way too.

    • fed up said

      it may be cloudy outside but the SUN is shining on this town this morning

      Let’s see how long it takes for Sher to resign from the Canada Day Parade volunteer post and whether or not the famous Jazz Festival happens next summer

    • Kron Prinz Ferdinand said

      A great day indeed for Aurora! With perhaps the reelection of Ms. Gaertner being a solitary cloud over the blue sky, one could not ask for a better town council, as the public brooms swept out Morris and ilk. Hopefully this will be a lesson for morris and how she was done in in the very same manner that she did in Mr. Jones…our last real Mayor. Don’t cry about someone else’s perceived “ineffectiveness” when your own ineffectiveness was about the only thing that aurorans saw for the past four years. Please take that to heart, Ms. Morris.

  18. An Auroran said

    After reading the York Region news it seems like Nigel is full of sour grapes..

    “When reached last night, Mr. Kean offered his congratulations to fellow mayoral candidates and suggested a well-funded campaign won the race for Mr. Dawe.
    “I’m not disappointed I lost, I ran a great race, but I didn’t have the money Geoff Dawe did.”
    A former town councillor who stressed experience in his campaign, Mr. Kean said the council-elect will be challenged by a “total lack of experience”.

    • Robert the Bruce said

      This is not a surprise from Nigel. Four years ago he wrote a number of letters to the editor that reeked of sour grapes. I think everyone here on this site predicted Nigel’s fate. It should not be a surprise to him.


    • Anonymous said

      I don’t know Nigel, a 33% returning councillor ratio doesn’t sound like lack of experience to me.

      The experience of your experience on Council in the past seems to have had the desired effect at the polls yesterday though.

    • Chris G said

      Perhaps Nigel was speaking about councillors Marsh/McRoberts/Collins-Mrakas. As for the others, how much experience do you get by simply doing what someone else tells you to do?

  19. Wisely said

    Onward and upward

  20. Grace Marsh said

    I am not sure I could have ordered a better result. I am so happy this morning. Congratulations Geoff.

    To Abel, Thompson, Humfryes, Ballard and Pirri: You have a fresh clean start. Work it well on our behalf.

    To Evelyn Buck: Warm Welcome back.

    To: Gallo, Gaertner: Leave your old loyalties behind. Show us you can be independent. Support your new Mayor but don’t follow blindly. You have been given a chance to shine. Show us that you can.

    Best of Luck to you all – 4 years is a long time, but together you can make it productive.

    • George Gonsalves said

      Well-said, Grace. This is good advice to the councillors and if they heed it, Council will function. Congratulations to all. Do not derail the trust the citizens of the town have given to you.

      This is a happy day!

    • Another Anonymous said

      Yes, well said Grace, especially your advice to Councillors Gallo & Gaertner.

      When I watch Council on TV in the coming months I don’t want to see any eye-rolling, face making or huffing or sighing from anyone on Council when someone else speaks and you don’t happen to agree. You were all voted in because we were tired of seeing that kind of behaviour from people we had elected four years ago to act in OUR best interests, not their own! Lesson learned? What goes around, comes around!

    • Stephanie said

      Compliments on a well-thought-out post, Grace. Lets hope the newly-elected and re-elected take your advice to heart.

    • Leopard. Spots. said

      “To: Gallo, Gaertner: Leave your old loyalties behind. Show us you can be independent.”

      I would extend Grace Marsh’s advice to Chris Ballard and Sandra Humfryes, as well.

    • What Could Have Been... said

      While I’m very pleased with the overall results, I do have reservations about at least half of the new council. Time will tell, of course, and a lot will come down to Mr Dawe’s leadership.

      One lingering thought is, how great would this council look with Bob McRoberts and Allison Collins-Mrakas on it?! Their loss is magnified in this landslide of change.

  21. Sharon said

    Let’s get on with life. Lots of work to be done. As citizens, we also have to pull our weight, volunteering and supporting our town to keep it vibrant and active. Let’s keep this momentum going!

  22. David Heard said

    Charles Doan;our first postmaster named our little gem very well.

    Aurora; Goddess of the dawn.

    There is a new dawn and this morning we all take the first step to healing.

    Please do something nice this morning. Call a relative you have not spoken to in some time. Say hello to a stranger. Ask a co-worker if you can get them a coffee. Make sure these are co-workers you do not speak to regularly.

    Just do something nice and the ripple will spead across the region and beyond.

    I am so proud of our efforts. As a community we championed for change. Lets keep it going as a team.

    That is our Town and what we should be…..once again.

    I am going to be so pumped for the “Spirit Walk”

    Aurora does have great spirit and it shined through yesterday.

  23. Daniel said

    Congratulations to all candidates, both successful and not.

    These results match those at the website, but that site also says “23 of 25” locations reporting. Are there some ballots still left to be counted (e.g. advanced polls)? Of course the mayor’s race is finished, but the council race was very tight.

  24. Anonymous said

    Perhaps now we can get on with the business of running the town instead of running into the ground

  25. Anonymous said

    Good to see Buck back and Phyllis not. Let the people judge and not an Integrity Comm. In any good democracy you need a pain in the a$$ leader of the opposition. She is a former mayor (hmm think this may be you Phyllis in 20 years?) who asks tough questions but keeps everyone honest.

    Too bad that we still have Gallo and Gaertner… however, they seem weak willed and may understand tonight’s message and follow Geoff’s lead.

    • KA-NON said

      I am not as down about Gallo as you “A @ 1:14 AM”. Let’s see what he can do on a new council. I don’t understand WG getting back in though, however, she has experience, and with a strong ethical leader she can certainly be a contributor, and can represent the causes that are important to her well I suspect. Let’s give her and all of the new council the benefit of the doubt as we embark on a new council term.

    • Robert the Bruce said

      I don’t get the Gaertner thing either. She had very few signs out there and very few ads. I guess the clerk should make sure that the council calendar shows the date and time of the Remebrance Day services.


  26. Richard Johnson said

    I am one happy guy !

    • George Gonsalves said

      I am too!

    • Anonymous said

      I guess you are! I’m happy for you Richard, and delighted for Aurora. You worked hard for this change and it came at great personal cost to you, Mr. Hogg and Ms. Bishenden.

      There is much we have to celebrate and look forward to. Voters also gave a tremendous gift to staff, not just by giving Phyllis her walking papers but also Evelina MacEachern. I have to admit, I fully expected that Evelina would again be sitting at the table, not that she would have had my vote, but, to be honest, I have never had a problem with her message, only her methods. It is a shame that such an intelligent and attractive woman, with so much passion for her town, can waste it all with personal vendettas and by being so damn rude and nasty.

      John Gallo has been given the chance to prove that he is more than just a political opportunist; he is very smart and capable, I’ll grant him that. He had my vote right up until he went along with Phyllis Morris using public funds to sue citizens to finance her retirement. He more than anyone else at the table that night should have known better considering that his political IQ is higher than several of them put together. I sincerely hope that he will prove voters faith has not been misplaced. I have my doubts.

      Wendy Gaertner being re-elected was a shock. I don’t like all the nasty things that have been said about her, I have always viewed her as an intelligent and well intentioned woman. She put years of time and effort volunteering for the benefit of this town before she came to council. What she has not proven to me is that she is in any way an independant thinker. I expect that she will hitch her wagon to whomever dislikes Evelyn Buck the most. I don’t believe that she has ever understood that Evelyn has only one vote and one voice, just like everyone else on council. How they use it is between them and the electorate. If she can pull herself away from the shadow of MorMac, focus on the issues instead of the personalities then I think she may grow into a very capable councillor. She will certainly have my respect if she does. I would love to see a smile from her occasionally, it is so much more attractive than an angry scowl.

      I am delighted for Evelyn Buck, I have complete faith in her. If Mayor Dawe applies the rules evenly and fairly to all, expects and accepts only the best behavior from all, then I have no doubt whatsoever that Evelyn will rise to the occasion. She is a grand old dame and more than capable of giving as good as she gets, one way or the other. I hope she keeps blogging, I love reading what she writes, even when I disagree I appreciate that she tells it the way she sees it. The next four years at the table are most likely to be her last, I hope she will shine, and I would love to see her bring some honey and leave the vinegar at home once in a while.

      I am ecstatic that Crusader Al, with his temper tantrums and emotional immaturity will no longer have a place at the table. I can’t think of anything he stood out for other than hating Evelyn Buck with a passion and voting against the Petch house “labour of love”. I don’t know why he hates so much, that was evident before he even got elected. I wish I had a count of how many times I heard him say “I’m tired of it” and using that as his excuse to throw his support behind all the wasted effort and money to try and silence her. Regardless, he still owes David Heard a huge heartfelt apology. I hope that David is not holding his breath.

      Stephen Granger, thanks for all the time and effort you put into the Farmer’s Market. I believe your intentions were good, but you lost your way and alot of respect when you hid behind Phyllis Morris and allowed Sher St. Kitts to upstage you. I got tired of you chanting “Point of Order, Madam Mayor.” I never got the impression that you really understood what a point of order is supposed to be used for.

      As to Phyllis Morris, she earned her shot at being Mayor, just like she earned her defeat by a 3-1 margin! Perhaps she and Ms. St. Kitts will pitch a tent together and partner in a business venture teaching the art of self promotion to the uneducated. They are certainly the experts in the field. That more than anything is Phyllis Morris’s legacy and the most outstanding achievement of her politcal career. I wish her well.

      To all the new members on council, I wish them only the best. If each of them can focus on the issues, leave the personal chit at the door then that will be more than I hoped for and all that I ask.

      To the auroracitizen, my heartfelt thanks for providing a forum for citizens to share and educate each other on the issues. You do a great service for Aurora. Any forum that can engage voter interest, spur them to action and get them out to the polls to vote, is invaluable to its community. It is a sad commentary that our outgoing council never understood that it was their actions that provided the subject matter. They always had the power to drive the discussion. If only they had expended as much effort listening as they did witch hunting, we might have been in a very different place today.

      Best Regards to all,

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