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Aurora Seeks New Councillors

Posted by auroracitizen on September 3, 2010

Everyone has probably seen the new HELP WANTED ads in The Auroran this week looking for new Councillors.

The qualifications requested looked pretty good.

It would be an interesting exercise to compare the existing Mayor and Councillors against these same criteria. How do you think they measure up?

When we have the chance to make a decision in October, let’s make sure we evaluate all the candidates against our own criteria.

Choose wisely — you will have your choices around for 4 years.

14 Responses to “Aurora Seeks New Councillors”

  1. Brian Duff said

    In response to A for Anonymus;

    I am as Truly Hopeful says ” a fish”. I am not a politian nor affiliated with any regime. I am a man who wants to give back to the community and work hard to keep Aurora the best it can be. I have never run for an elected postion but have served on a volunteer council. If anyone would like to know my postion on something please email me and ask anything you like.

    And most importantly be sure to vote, it is your town!

    • Anonymous said

      “If anyone would like to know my postion on something please email me and ask anything you like.”

      We shouldn’t have to ask, you should be anxious to tell – all of us.

    • Tim the Enchanter said

      That’s right Mr. Duff – I ain’t chasin’ nobody.
      I’m not sending emails or going to coffee shops, back alleys or organizing neighbourhood BBQ’s.

      But I will listen to what you have to say.

      The Citizen makes a great soapbox.

      Instead of sitting back trying to figure out which way the wind is blowing why don’t you (and any other candidates that may read this blog) pick 3 issues you feel are important to Aurora and tell us where you stand?

      Please be specific, I’m sure we’re all agreed that we love Aurora and we want a kinder, gentler council etc etc etc.

      Be short and sweet and we’ll get a sense of what you’re about.

      I’m already giving you a head start because the incumbents are all off my list.

  2. And They're Off... said

    Apparently we now have a FIFTH candidate for Mayor: Miloslav Prikryl. I believe that he ran for council last time, coming in last.

    Let the vote-splitting begin…

  3. Anonymous said

    Well according to Nigel Kean’s website it seems that having 2 “university daughters” is important as far as credentials for being mayor. Go figure! What does that have to do with anything??

    • Anonymously said

      Nigel’s ad in this week’s Auroran is pitiful. He really doesn’t know, what he doesn’t know.

    • Anonymous said

      And what about Clowater’s ad? He just regurgitates what he has outlined in his YouTube video – the Coles notes version of The Role of a Mayor. He said nothing of any relevance nor does he take any stand on the major issues facing Aurora. Look at Geoff Dawe’s ad, and website and blog by comparison. He has something to say.

  4. Elizabeth Bishenden said

    Well, maybe you can… and maybe you can’t.

    I, for one, have been elected to some positions in the community… Chair of a Committee, or Chair of a School Supporter’s Association. Sure, sometimes there wasn’t a lot of competition, but there was enough interest in the room to ensure that I was the person that would do a good job.

    So… if you’re looking for “proven political experience” look no further than local committees and organizations.

    I’d ask a potential candidate about her volunteer committee work. You’d be amazed at what they’ve done! Or not…

    And, no, I’m not running for Council.

    • Truly hopeful said

      Congratulations on your various elections.

      But how does one find out what and where local committees and organizations exist?

      And I’m not sure if that experience is adequate, let’s say as opposed to 25 years in business or teaching. We’re talking about people who will have a direct hand in the annual expenditure of more than $40 million.

    • Robert the Bruce said

      I am still not convinced that serving on a volunteer committee is a good indication that a candidate is able to serve as a councillor or Mayor.

      I know of people that have served on School Councils and they have unfortunitly climbed into municipal politics and they are some of the worst people to have in that room.

      I personally have served on a volunteer Board of Directors for 5 years now. I would never hang my hat on that experience as a reason to vote for me.


    • Fred said

      I must agree with RTB. I’ve worked with many people that are sufficiently qualified for a volunteer committee or board, but they don’t have the requisite skills to steer a business, never mind that Aurora is a multi-million dollar corporation.
      We’ve had sufficient evidence of that for the past four years.
      Two more days for residents to declare their candidacy for council. Slim pickings so far.

    • Tim the Enchanter said

      Not sure I entirely agree.
      Certainly an understanding of basic financial or business principles is handy but I think more problems have been caused in the last four years by those who don’t know – councillors – ignoring advice from those that do – staff.
      The ability and willingness to listen and ask questions (hopefully PRIOR to council meetings) and lack of desire to appear “in charge” would stand many a candidate in good stead.
      Surely someone on staff can explain the basic concept of Future Accrued Depreciated Value of Disproportionately Inflated Pro-rated Reserve Funds taken as a Post-Inflationary Percentage when applied against Bi-Annually Compounded Development Charges in Lieu of Tomatoes.

    • A for Anonymous said

      I see there are 3 more candidates for council – Brian Duff, Evalina, and Darryl Moore. Does anyone know anything about these two men? Does anyone know anything about any of the new candidates, and what ties any of them may have to this regime?

  5. truly hopeful said

    It is virtually impossible to measure the qualifications of the new would-be combatants as compared with the ‘proven political experience’ of incumbent councillors. These latter are lacking in pretty well every category. And we simply don’t know very much, if anything, about most of the former.

    It’s somewhat like comparing fish and fowl.

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