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Does Phillis Morris Have Historical Issues Meeting Deadlines?

Posted by auroracitizen on September 1, 2010

After an election each candidate has a specific period of time to submit their campaign expenses for public review. Many will recall that in Vaughan this led to some issues being raised about whether campaign expenses were handled appropriately.

Candidate financial statements are public documents and available for viewing or to make copies by any person at the Town Hall during regular business hours. The deadline for submitting statements is clearly identified in the candidates handbook and is legislated as part the Municipal Elections Act.

Consequences for not submitting on time include forfeiting the office you have been elected to. Pretty serious stuff.

Historically the deadline is the last Friday in March the year after the election. This year it will be Friday March 25th, 2011 — 5 months after the election.

Last election (2006) Nigel Kean submitted his expenses March 1, 2007, Tim Jones submitted his expenses March 26, 2007. Both within the designated time limits before the end of March 2007.

Nigel spent $8,875.81 — $3,832 from donations — the balance self funded.

Tim spent $30,628.56 — $27,620 from donations.

So you are probably wondering where Phyllis Morris’ expenses are. Well, she finally submitted them Feb 14, 2008. Almost 1 year past the deadline. Apparently hitting deadlines is not a new issue with Phyllis.

Phyllis spent $24,783.55, of which $5,750 was from donations.

It’s also interesting to see who is financially supporting which candidates. Some names you might recognize from Phyllis’s contributors list;

  • Guy Poppe
  • Ken Whitehurst (in kind)
  • Suzanne Whitehurst
  • CSB Communications (Chris Ballard’s company)
  • Gary Fernandez (Susan Walmers Husband)

Just thought you would find this interesting.

15 Responses to “Does Phillis Morris Have Historical Issues Meeting Deadlines?”

  1. fed up said

    Phyllis was out about town yesterday having her picture taken at the hot spots of town–the rec centre out on wellington–the new GO parkinglot–look for these and other photos coming soon in a glossy version to your front door–MAKES ME SICK

    • Fred said

      Yeah, I saw her around town, too. Nearly ran right into her. She was around some contruction. Funny how there is so much municipally funded contruction leading up to the election!

  2. Knowledgeable in Aurora said

    The late filing issue would be a great question at the first all candidates meeting. However, since we know she has this blog read to her regularly, she will have some canned prepared ambiguous answer ready to go.

  3. Anonymous said

    Phyllis spent $19 grand of her own money to get elected? No wonder she is so busy spending our money to make up for it.

  4. Anonymous said

    Is this not worthy of punishment under the Elections Act?

    • Anonymous said

      she likely filed for extensions which are approved by the ministry and quite common. often campaigns fundraise after the election (smart ones campaign before!) because its a lot harder to fundraise after if you lose!

  5. Marie said

    I am disgusted to read this about Ms. Morris. Again and again, I keep hearing about and seeing examples of a complete lack of ethics and propriety during her term as mayor. Her behaviour indicates an attitude of “royalty”; a mind-set of believing the rules don’t apply to her; that she is somehow “above” the professional and ethical conduct that belongs with the office of mayor. Mere words cannot convey how offensive I find this and how disappointed I am. In my opinion, such conduct only cheapens the title of mayor and makes the Town of Aurora a laughingstock.

    • fed up said

      I just hope the rest of the electorate find her sense of entitlement as offensive as the rest of the posters on this blog. Nobody that I know on our street has any intention of voting for her lordship.

  6. Anonymous said

    Given that he is running again this year, I’d like to see Nigel’s too!

  7. Anon said

    Total Donations Self
    Kean $8,875.81 $3,832.00 $5,043.81
    Jones $30,628.56 $27,620.00 $3,008.56
    Morris $24,783.55 $5,750.00 $19,033.55

    Morris spent over $19k on her own campaign? I don’t believe that for a second. There must have been more than $5,750 in contributions. If she was a year late submitting her financials, maybe we should have had her thrown out at that point? Unless she, as Mayor would be the one to make that decision. Who enforces it?

  8. for a few dollars more said

    So what were the consequences for the mare’s late filing? Were there any?

    Does anyone have an answer and if so, what explanation was ever given?

    If the rules exist and they are egregiously flaunted, what’s the point in having them?

    And this from the same hypocrite that commissioned the Code of Conduct and foisted upon our town one Integrity Commissioner who understood the word, and now a second who has no concept of it.

    Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet, “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.” If he were alive and in Aurora today, I wonder what this master of the English language would have to say?

  9. anonymoose said

    Actually I’d be more interested in finding out who bank rolled Timmy. He has a lot of donations there. How much was from people associated with developers?

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