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The Aurora Lawn Bowling Club Invites you ….

Posted by auroracitizen on April 23, 2012

The Aurora Lawn Bowling Season is about to begin!

We are hosting two Open House evenings for people throughout York Region to come out and try the sport, or just to come out and watch!

Monday May 14th and Thursday May 17th at 7PM with a rain date of Sunday May 20th at 2PM.

As well this year we are trying something different. If anyone is interested in hosting a private event at the club we are now accepting inquiries. We will provide the equipment and coaching, as well as make our clubhouse available to you and your party. Pricing will vary depending on what you are looking for.

If anyone is interested please contact Kelli Collins, VP ALBC at 416-706-4552.

30 Responses to “The Aurora Lawn Bowling Club Invites you ….”

  1. evelynb said

    Reference to the lawn bowling club at a public meeting of Council were less a statement than they were a query resulting from a post on the Aurora Citizen.

    Staff have committed to responding to the query. Terms of the agreement between the club and the town will be a matter of public information.

    I hope all can agree the information rightfully belongs in the public domain.

    • Anonymous said

      Hmmm, I didn’t see an apology in there, did you?

    • Kelli said

      I have indeed provided the information to Councillor Buck with regards to the fact that the ALBC does in fact pay fees to the town in order to utilize the facility and all other equipment is paid for out of our own pockets and I have still not seen an apology, whether the financials need to be published publicly or not , I don’t really care but an apology for her query that came off like an accusatory statement would have been nice ….. and believe me I have been watching and waiting with nothing said ……

    • Anonymous said

      Waiting for an apology from Evelyn Buck? Please don’t hold your breath, Ms Collins.

  2. anonymous said

    Is this the same Kelli who found the second of Alan Secord’s Pet Burial Ground, the one here in Aurora? If so, what happened with that?

    • Anonymous said

      yes it is …. and thanks to Councillor Abel the pet cemetary is being preserved!

    • anonymous said

      Kelli, Super stuff. The first one was in Uxbridge on Secord Road in the Forest & Wildlife area. If you goggle it, you can read about how the Region took it over, I think it was in 2007.

      It is always good to have something positive in town. Perhaps Brock Weir could do an article on the place when he is not so busy with sorting out old business? Maybe in November. Thank you for that information. You did very well.

      Kudos to Abel who hasn’t wasted pages in the Auroran on his thoughts but has acted.

    • Anonymous said

      “Perhaps Brock Weir could do an article on the place…”

      Just tell him it was included on a Royal Visit and he will for sure.

    • anonymous said

      I think David Heard was involved with that from the beginning too. Nice when the pieces all fall into place.

    • Ad Guy said

      I think the Aurora Burial Grounds might be the larger of the two but it was difficult to access. Can we find out what Uxbridge did with theirs and consider making ours a tourist attraction? You can see people bringing their kids to study the inscriptions and help them understand when they lose a pet. We could even get a sign out on the highways to advertise. Those visitors might attend the Town Market and use the various restaurants. Shouldn’t be too hard to get a group of volunteers.

    • Kelli said

      Ad Guy – I think you have a fabulous idea and I had inquired about doing that very thing! It’s actually a magical place that makes you feel at peace ….. to enable it as a teaching tool I think brings even more to the table so great idea!!!! The issue I was told was that a developer actually “owns” the land so the developer would need to facilitate options and from what I understand there is not much of an interest other than “not developing” that part of the land…….

  3. Kelli Collins, VP ALBC said

    Amendment. The club is looking to facilitate anyone who wants to hold a private session with their friends and family – we are not looking to “rent the space for parties” as Councillor Buck assumed. She also assumed we do not pay to utilize the space – again a wrong assumption we do pay yearly rental fees to the Town of Aurora.

    The idea is to hold private “sessions” I should have utilized that phrase to begin with, and any potential fees would be for the equipment rental for said sessions. The equipment is bought and owned by the club and its members with their personal money, nothing to do with town funding. The club is quite grateful for the wonderful site we rent and are able to play on.

    Any clarification on this point can be directed to myself Kelli Collins, VP ALBC 416-706-4552.

    • Anonymous said

      What, Evelyn Buck making incorrect assumptions?!

      Unfortunately, it happens all too often…

    • Same old, Same old said

      To Anonymous 7:47 A.M.
      Try to get a grip on it. Your every little ache & pain is not the fault of Councillor Buck. Another grumpy morning for you?

    • Anonymous said

      Well, Same Old, Same Old, when she’s wrong, she’s wrong. That she rarely acknowledges any fallibility is a failing in itself. A little humility goes a long way.

      It’s not my “grip” that can prove troublesome, but her grasp of things often does.

    • Top spin said

      Does Evelyn still bowl? She used to be deadly in the past.

      Why do politics and politicians have to interrupt an otherwise great subject?

      Get your heads out of your derrieres and let the sun into your lives. Aussi rules for sure, but watch out for them crocs. They can be killers. Also the brew!

    • anonymous said

      8:26 PM
      Losing your grip along with your sense of humour?

    • Anonymous said

      Both in fine fettle, 9:14, but thanks for asking.

    • anonymous said

      Kelli , Would a former tennis player with a hip replaced a few years ago be OK? Been told to avoid ‘ impact ‘.

    • Anonymous said

      Anonymous at 7:32 pm:

      “Kelli , Would a former tennis player with a hip replaced a few years ago be OK? Been told to avoid ‘ impact ‘.”

      Absolutley! Actually a couple of our members are both current and former members of the Aurora Tennis Club. It would be worth your while to come out a couple of time and try it to see if you both like it, and that it does not irritate your hip (my guess is that you will be just fine!)

      If you want any additional details please feel free to call me – 416-706-4552. – Kelli

  4. Anonymous said

    What do lawn bowlers do in winter? Are the skills transferable to curling? Or do they head south like the golfers? These seasonable sports are confusing. At least with tennis they now have in-door courts but that must be expensive.

    • Anonymous said

      Most of our lawn bowl members either curl during the winter (yes the skills are very much transferrable) or join one of the indoor lawn bowling clubs in the region. – Kelli Collins

  5. Anonymous said

    Would this be “Australian rules” lawnbowling, or the Canadian version? I prefer full-contact lawn bowling, as I do full-contact crocheting.

    • Anonymous said

      We would be happy to accomodate any new styles of either lawn bowling or crocheting should you be willing to come show us!!! All are welcome! – Thank you for the very valuable feedback. Kelli Collins, VP ALBC

    • Thanks be Given said

      Full contact crocheting? Boggles the mind. Of course the wool that was pulled over the eyes of voters in Aurora the last couple of elections by a few candidates did the same.

    • Bowling for fun said

      Canadian lawn bowlers usually head for Australia in the winter, where they can indulge in full contact “Australian rules” at the very heart of where the game was invented. After two or three brews, with the sun half over the yard-arm and the crocs heading back to the swamp, it’s time to gather round the barbi and cook up a batch of surf and turf (shrimp and steak to you novices). Muscles start to appear and bruises fade fast as the Canucks catch on to the Aussi rules of lawn bowling. “Damn! We have to be getting home in another three months.”

  6. Wow! said

    Wonder if it would be feasible to enclose the entire lawn bowling property, plus as much additional land as possible, complete with retractable roof for the bowlers – a 24/7 facility.

    It might then allow the town to create an entertainment/education facility for all of us, young, middle and older, where people could mix and mingle, exchange information, read, write, paint, sculpt, knit or crochet. A game or two of chess, internet warrior games, you name it: they would all be available. A small screening room seating 100 that converts to a theatre complete with stage and dressing rooms – nothing elaborate, mind you.The only limitation is the human imagination. Money’s no object – we have $33million doing very little.

    A quasi-quaint atmospheric pub serves beer and wine and tasty warm treats, all sorts of things on wooden spits. For the younger habitue’s, healthy low salt, low fat snacks are available. They can even help prepare their own – part of the learning process in basic survival. Juices and dairy products would complement the snacks.

    There would be holding racks for 500 bicycles. Leave your cars/SUV’s at home.

    So what do any of you think???

    • Anonymous said

      Now, now, now! You can’t go pinching Cllr Buck’s “vision”! McMahon Park wouldn’t fly because it’s not in Library Square. Part of the appeal to her of Buck’s Boondoggle is the site. Morris had grand plans for that spot, and that’s why Buck is keen to propose something for it. We just have to demolish buildings and use up the Hydro fund so she can give another ‘middle finger salute’ to her adversary!

    • Resident said

      So what you’re saying is that you’re not into brainstorming the possibilities?

    • Anonymous said

      “A game or two of chess….”

      I assume this will be “full-contact” chess, or perhaps the version that was played on the Patrick McGoohan TV classic “The Prisoner”, where live people played the pieces and were dispatched with the swords and lances carried by the other “pieces”. That sounds somewhat Aurora-like given the ongoing toxicity of the local political scene.

      But that is merely my opinion.

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