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Guest Post: Haitian Relief

Posted by auroracitizen on January 30, 2010

I wanted to bring attention to Auroran, Shane Eickmann, and his deployment about 1 week ago to Haiti to assist in relief efforts.
Some of you may know Shane as he worked in the Aquatics  section at the Leisure Complex for many years. Shane recently graduated from Niagara College as a Paramedic and in now working in that capacity in the Niagara Region. He is also a Rapid Response Team member for a Canadian based organization called Global Medic.  Global Medic provides emergency relief to those affected by natural disasters and complex emergencies. In Shane’s words, “we empower the emergency response capacity of organizations and communities in the developing world by providing technological equipment and training.”
Global Medic strives to deliver the maximum amount of aid with the minimum operating cost. They seek to increase the independence of communities in the developing world, while ultimately improving the efficiency of international disaster relief.
Shane went on to say, “currently we have a team of 6 in Haiti that have been there since January 12th.  The team has focused on restoring access to clean drinking water through the provision of water purification units, as well as restoring medical infrastructure through the use of a 22ft X 42ft inflatable field hospital. RRT members will train local aid groups on the installation, operation and maintenance of all gear so that it may be operational as long as needed.   The team that has been there for the past 2 weeks is now coming out and another 6 team members will be going in to the disaster area.”
For updates on what the team has done in Haiti please visit the website and click on the Haiti mission: 
As we reflect on the crisis in Haiti, let us be thankful for our safe environment and let us be especially thankful that the Shane Eickmann’s of the world step up to help out.
Geoffrey Dawe

6 Responses to “Guest Post: Haitian Relief”

  1. Elizabeth Bishenden said

    I’d like to give kudos to the kids at Lester B. Pearson PS.

    Last week they made a donation of more than $2000 to the Aurora Rotary Club, and the money will be used to provide Shelter Boxes!

  2. Richard Johnson said

    Thanks for posting this. I am sure that many people feel compelled to do what they can but physically going to help out in such a way is both an incredible opportunity as well as an incredible example. Putting a human face to tragedy and relief is critical.

    On a related front, a mother from my son’s hockey team notified the team of a container being shipped to Haiti by a Rotary Club and she asked for donations of sleeping bags, tents, flash lights, ground sheets etc. which I know a number of us were excited to contribute to. I thought that was yet another great way to compliment cash donations.

    There are many ways and many reasons to give so hats off to Shane for going above and beyond.

    • Grace Marsh said

      Richard – the box you are refering to is called a “Shelter Box”. The contents will outfit a family of 10 with shelter, blankets, sleeping bags, water purification tablets, dishes, a multi fuel stove, a tool kit with a trenching tool to build a latrine and miscellaneous other items. The Rotary Club of Aurora has committed to sending 5 at a cost of $1000 each and we are gladly taking donations in the hopes of making it 20. Ron ran an article in the Auroran last week which can be accessed on line for all the details. Check out the organization at This initiative gives very real support by providing the necessities in a very efficient manner.

  3. Grace Marsh said

    Thank you Geoff for posting this. And, if you get the chance, let Shane know how proud we are of another Auroran that gives in this manner. Bless him.

  4. Anna said

    Geoffrey you wrote: ‘As we reflect on the crisis in Haiti, let us be thankful for our safe environment and let us be especially thankful that the Shane Eickmann’s of the world step up to help out.’ – and I am thankful for all that, sometimes we forget how good we have living here. And it is nice to see that the non-monetary help still exists like Shane’s help. Thanks for the reminder.

    Anna [Living in Aurora Blogger]

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