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Thank You For Your Support

Posted by auroracitizen on April 11, 2009

We just hosted our 10,000 visitor. Our first post was 8/19/08 and after 75 posts and only 8 months we have surpassed our expectations.

It hasn’t always been easy and sometimes the comments haven’t been as productive as hoped, but we are seeing a steady increase in visitors and more productive commentary.

This is your blog, so please let us know what concerns you, what delights you and what you’d like to see done differently.

Plus, if you would like to be a post contributor, drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you.

As we near the next election, let’s make this a voice that represents Aurora.

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7 Responses to “Thank You For Your Support”

  1. Anonymous said

    “Down and Dirty”? I must be reading a different blog.
    I see concern and frustration with our elected politicians.
    The beauty about this media is that you don’t have to participate if you don’t want to.
    And come election time everyone can make up their own mind and vote for whomever they choose.

  2. Anonymous said

    Let’s hope this doesn’t represent Aurora during the next election. It’s established itself as a place to be down, dirty and mean. Who needs that?

  3. Anonymous said

    Wow, just had a friend call to tell me to check out this site.
    I agree with him it does show the underbelly of this town.
    Shame. I’m disgusted.
    What’s the point of all the bashing going on?
    It seems that the people with names like it.
    It makes me wonder about their problems.

  4. Anonymous said

    “Dick was our only source for the unbiased truth.”

    Gotta disagree with you there. Dick will be missed, he was good at what he did, but he was a man of conviction – not a source of the unbiased truth

  5. Anonymous said

    It would be great if bloggers could stick to the facts so that members of the public (all 35% that vote) could at least be informed and not subject to the inuendo spewed forward by this mayor and her writers. Dick was our only source for the unbiased truth.

  6. Anonymous said

    Does anyone have a favourite restaurant in Aurora? Great food? Great ambiance? Superb service?

    Also, does anyone know of an indian grocery store in the immediate area??

  7. Anonymous said

    I have enjoyed this site immensely.

    of course the back and forth between the two “factions” that seem to exist can grow a bit tiresome, at least it is lively

    can’t say the same for the council meetings

    it seems, often, like the 5 (or6?) of them have discussed how they will vote before they get there, so there’s no real “Council” discussion going on at all

    so much for the democratic process

    thanks for providing a venue for those of us outsiders to have a comment or two

    Keep up the good work

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