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Are You Disappointed?

Posted by auroracitizen on February 25, 2009

Well, we are too.

To date, we have posted virtually every comment (we have only declined 3 or 4 so far) because we had hoped that this blog could be a civil means of dialogue between citizens in our community. Clearly it is not.

Unfortunately, allowing all posts has led to people focusing on disparaging comments about other posters whose opinions they didn’t agree with versus adding opinions and facts to the discussion. There has been a consistent theme of attaching other people’s opinions as opposed to issues — particularly from people unwilling to post their own names.

The recent list of posts in the post Open Invitation to Mayor Morris illustrates the point with crystal clarity. Most of the comments no longer even address the initial post. But it does say volumes about the different approaches to political commentary in our community.

The experiment failed. Going forward the moderators will no longer publish comments that do not speak to the initial subject. We will no longer publish posts that simply ridicule a previous post without any facts to support their position.

For all those anonymous posters who will immediately cry censorship — do so looking in the mirror, because your insults and complaints will no longer be published.

If you have a comment about the subject, feel free to speak anonymously. Add facts or personal opinions about the issue to the discussion. Going forward this is the new criteria for posting.

Simply put, if you add facts the posts will be posted. Test us — you will see all differing and opposing opinions get posted. You might be pleasantly surprised.

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5 Responses to “Are You Disappointed?”

  1. Nigel kean said

    For all of you folks who want to stay anonymous it seems counter-productive to always sign that way. Why not come out from behind your shield and say what you want using your name?All the negative comments towards Councillor Buck using the anonymous tag really makes me wonder why you do not use your name. I have in the past commented on Councillor Buck’s actions but I least I did it to her face or using my name.I do admire her for standing up for what she believes even though I disagree some of the time.Perhaps some of the anonymous names are used because you are a councillor or even the mayor.
    Why not use your name?

  2. Evelyn Buck said

    I can’t resist drawing comparison to Rules of Order for council deliberation.
    A speaker is required to stick to the “question” on the table.
    The speaker is permitted to speak a second time only if they have something new to say.
    The same point cannot be continually be repeated.
    One speaker is not permitted to criticise another’s view or “impugn” another’s motives.
    councillors are required to enjoin the debate prepared.
    One question is permitted.
    What passes for debate in Aurora
    council is an endless,vacuous monopolisation of the time,mostly by one individual, of the time set by Bylaw to attend to the business of the corporation.
    Time and the agenda are consistently and deliberately bastardised.

  3. Aurora Citizen said

    A citizens concern — or delight — about a politician’s handling or stance on an issue is very much part of the dialogue for this blog. Their decisions affect us all. Agree or disagree with their position — opinions are always welcome.

  4. Goodie Two Shoes said

    No I am not disappointed. I am glad to see this post. As you say lets keep to the topic being discussed. I look forward to meaningful and factual comments. Moving on!

  5. I'm not the Aurora Citizen said

    I think it was only a matter of time before this was the result.
    While I’ve enjoyed many of the hotter entries, I have a distinct feeling there is a campaign to discredit this blog.
    Instead of discrediting it, I look more for civil and factual entries and skim the tit-for-tat stuff as those with an agenda.
    Unlike some participants, I don’t care who runs the blog.
    I just hope that entries will still be allowed when a citizen wishes to express concern over a politician’s stance or handling of an issue. Sometimes commenting on the politician’s previous conduct might be warranted.

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