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Guest Post: Council needs to lead by example

Posted by auroracitizen on October 5, 2008

Thanks to former Councillor Bill Hogg for the following Guest Post.

The views expressed are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect or represent the views of the AURORA CITIZEN.

Have you received your Code of Conduct from town hall telling you how to behave yet? That may be the next step from this Council. Maybe they will start telling us what movie we can watch or books we can read as well.

One must wonder what has been going on in our advisory committees that makes this Council determined to force everyone to sign a Code of Conduct. In the many years I worked with advisory committees in the town, never once did I see or hear of inappropriate behaviour that required a Code of Conduct. But then, under Tim Jones leadership, we also never appointed a prominent member of his campaign team to a paid position either.

At the last Council meeting, Council took the step of publishing the names of every member of every advisory committee and whether they have signed the code or not, plus they have threatened that something (they didn’t indicate what) will happen if they don’t comply before Oct 14.

Of particular interest is the link to the Strategic Plan. Goal 1, Objective D states, “Create a respectful environment that fosters teamwork and open dialogue consistent with a Character Community.”

I couldn’t make this stuff up. Check out the report for yourself on the Town website — Sept 23 Agenda, Item 8, Report CS08-036.

Surely this Council has more important things to do than threaten volunteers who give freely of their time. What is Council going to do if people don’t sign, refuse to allow them to volunteer in the community? The bullies are running amuck.

This Council needs to start leading by example and stop trying to intimidate people through fear of reprisals!

Bill Hogg

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6 Responses to “Guest Post: Council needs to lead by example”

  1. Anonymous said

    I think the Code of Conduct is a good thing and is becoming a normal business practice for many institutions…I have no Physic tendencies, however I predict that the Mayor sees this as her tool to go after Clr Buck and her blog. It surprises me that the other council members haven’t used this as a tool use against the Mayor for her conduct…

  2. Grace Marsh said

    I think this is outrageous, and intended to target certain people only. Good for Councillor Buck and any Advisory Committee members that refuse to sign it. I read it thoroughly and can tell you I would not have signed it either if I was still on Council.

    One of the major issues I take with it, is my interpretation is, at the end of the complaint process it’s Council who can accept or not the Commissioner’s recommendation of any sanctions to be taken. Without the words being said specifically, it appears they could also change the recommendation. If they think the recommendation is not harsh enough, they can change it and vote on it. This is ripe for abuse.

    There are members of Advisory Committees in this Town who have served “with integrity” for years. There are also members of Council who have previously served with integrity. These are people who have professional standing in our community and make their living on that professional standing. Why any of them would put themselves in a position of potentially being “punished” by this or any Council, is beyond me.

    The Town will lose valuable, educated and dedicated volunteers.

    Certain members of this Council and the Mayor need to give their “collective” heads a shake and take a look at what they are doing. It’s not enough that they are decimating the staff, now they are after the volunteers as well.

    This speaks volumes to the attitude I regularly witnessed that this “band” thinks they can do everything better than those currently doing it, staff and volunteers alike.

  3. Anonymous said

    “integrity needs no rules…”
    Albert Camus

  4. Anonymous said

    The meeting agenda listed everyone who had not yet signed the Code of Conduct. Is that so the Mayor can make examples of them? I don’t understand the point of saying “You NEED to sign this – but I have no idea what will happen if you choose not to.”.

    Councillor Buck did not sign the code of conduct – is it really any wonder? If there’s no rhyme or reason to it – and VOLUNTEERS are expected to sign it, it smacks of “Submit to the gang”, doesn’t it? I don’t blame Councillor Buck for not signing it. Every time she opens her mouth one of the gang will be ready to send her to the gallows for disagreeing. I don’t think that’s what a code of conduct is for.

  5. Anonymous said

    Under the dictatorship of Mayor paranoid Morris it is no wonder that such a document is needed. This is the mayor who promised openess ( I guess this only means if you do what she says),a respectfull council (again if you do what she says)and a council that will get along ( well this only happens if you appoint someone to council who will do what he is told rather than holding a democratic election.
    So this is just another step towards controlling everyone who sits on council or who just wants to volunteer for a committee.
    I really hope that no one will follow her example as it is a poor example of the democratic way to do things.

  6. Anonymous said

    Come on!!! You have got to be kidding. As a citizen who has been on 10 Advisory Committees over my 21 years in this Town, I am appalled. Who does this Council think they are? They have it mixed up…who reports to whom here? Who do they think they work for? It’s the citizens of this community, and we need to start to take our Town back!

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