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Who is Aurora Citizen?

Posted by auroracitizen on September 14, 2008

A few readers have expressed concern about “the person” behind AURORA CITIZEN, and why they have not declared themselves. Interestingly, the folks who have expressed this concern are solely those who are offended by criticism of the current Council and always sign themselves as “anonymous”. Hmmm?

The fact is, there is no single person behind the AURORA CITIZEN, any more than there is ever a single person behind any open community discussion. There are simply a number of concerned citizens who are interested in their community that decided to open an online conversation to see if others shared their concerns or had other issues they would like to bring forward.

If you are interested in the well-being of our community you can become a contributor to this conversation as well. Simply send an email to and express your interest, or send an email comment as a guest post.

Any topic is welcome and as long as the discussion is respectful, the post will be posted unchanged. The direction that the conversation takes is dictated by those who participate.

Which brings us to a second point. The tone of some of the comments have become quite personal and vindictive. These comments have been rejected and will not be published.

This vehicle is intended to provide an opportunity for all sides of an issue discussed. It is not intended to slam individuals because you disagree with their point of view. A more productive option would be to share facts that demonstrate another side of the issue.

That said, we do acknowledge that elected officials are subject to comment because they have chosen to stand for office. This is unfortunately one of the downsides of public service, but obviously one that is well understood by those who choose to serve.

It is our sincere desire that this vehicle become a balanced and relevant conversation in our community. Together we can make that happen.

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3 Responses to “Who is Aurora Citizen?”

  1. Heather Sisman said

    Kudos to you, Aurora Citizen, for posting the positive and the negative comments! I think most everyone should be able to play nicely.

  2. Aurora Citizen said

    All comments are posted at the discretion of AURORA CITIZEN according to the posted EDITORIAL POLICY. Blog comments can only be published or rejected in their entirety.

    Opinions or points should be communicated in commonly understood family friendly and respectful language, without name calling and personal insults. Most people have not found this restriction either troubling or difficult to understand.

    If people are uncomfortable with these guidelines or cannot contribute in this spirit, they are welcome to discontinue participation.

    We believe there are bigger issues facing this community than who started this blog or defining appropriate language, so we will not be engaging in further debate on this issue.

    We trust this clarifies our position.

  3. Anonymous said

    Who decides what is respectful? If a blog ACCEPTS (some blogs don’t) anonymous posts, yet censors them and expects its readers to remain content to be censored behind closed doors without knowing the “deciders” I would wonder how it/they define the word or concept of transparency. Please advise me.

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