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Guest Post: Dick Illingworth’s Challenge

Posted by auroracitizen on September 8, 2008

Thanks to Councillor Buck for the following Guest Post.

The views expressed are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect or represent the views of the AURORA CITIZEN.

Dick Illingworth’s offer of a Bouquet to any councillor who will request information about the costs of replacing recruiting and re-training staff was relevant to the times when he was involved in the Town’s business. Those times they are no more.

I have asked for the legal costs of the various lawyers personally retained and instructed by Mayor Morris with the support of the majority. The information has not been forthcoming.

John Gutteridge is a municipal professional. He knows councillors are entitled to receive whatever information they request. He has provided me with information I have requested in the past before the hammer fell. I could call again and insist that he provide the info. I already did that once. If I persist, I will simply be making his job more difficult than it already is.

The Mayor rules the Town Hall with an iron fist. There can be no employee with any illusion as to their fate if they do not submit. They have only one option.

I anticipate others will choose it in the near and ongoing future.

Evelyn Buck, Councillor

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6 Responses to “Guest Post: Dick Illingworth’s Challenge”

  1. Anonymous said

    Another one bites the dust!

    First it was Rogers, now Gutteridge. I’d love to know what Al Downey is thinking right about now.

  2. Anonymous said

    It is with great embarrassment now that I admit to campaigning, along with my husband for Phyllis Morris in the last election. My husband who turned out in all weather, canvassing our neighbourhood, was more committed than I. After the election he received an email from Mayor Morris’s campaign organizer, thanking him for volunteering BUT how unfortunate it was that the area had not been wone by Mayor Morris. I think that was the first hint that she was not what she had appeared to be to us as newcomers to this town.
    Since then I have been appalled by the conduct of our mayor and her cohorts on council with the exception of one or two.
    As a taxpayer I am deeply concerned by the reckless spending on legal fees and would like a detailed accounting of every dollar and rationale for every expenditure.
    I have always followed municipal politics closely wherever I have lived and have never witnessed anything like Aurora’s Punch and Judy show. I will never campaign for any politician or volunteer in any municipal capacity in this town again. I have far better things to do with my time.

  3. Anonymous said

    Thank you, Grace, for being courageous in your comments. This confirms for me the comments I hear in our community about low morale at the town hall.
    I’ve worked in organizations that are ruled by fear under the heading of ‘leadership’. Productivity and revenue suffers and shareholders revolt.
    What can a tax-paying shareholder do to re-call an elected official?

  4. Grace L. Marsh said

    During my time on Council I unfortunately bore witness, on way too many occasions, to the Mayor and other Councillor’s complete lack of respect for the Town staff of all levels. There is an attitude among many of the members of Council, including the Mayor, that they can do any of the job’s better than those who currently hold them.
    Town staff have made municipal public service their career of choice. I am not naive enough to believe they all are 100% model employees but I can tell you, without question, the vast majority are. This is, after all their livelihood. This is how they feed their families and pay their mortgages. They also have a very strong and loyal sense of community.
    But, things have changed drastically for them. Many arrive at work every day, in fear, they will do something to cross the Mayor or one of her “band” thus putting them on the target list. I know this is fact because I was receiving phone calls at my home from some of them, asking for help. Can you just imagine working every day under those conditions? By the time this very long 4 year term is finished, the Town’s public service, that I was once a proud part of, will be completely decimated. It will take many many more years to rebuild it. The very sad part is that the municipal employee sector is a small community, where information flows quickly, and I can guarantee you that prospective employees with the caliber of skills that match those we are losing, will not be beating down the doors to work at the Town of Aurora.

  5. Anonymous said

    It is with great sadness that I read of the early departure of Mr. John Rogers, CAO of the Town of Aurora. It seems to me this dismissal reeks of bad blood on behalf of the Mayor and her following on Council. It’s interesting to note that Councilor Buck and Councilor Collins-Mrakas were not in attendance at that meeting. Perhaps the Mayor isn’t aware that hate is not becoming. Her hatred for Mr. Jones and Mr. Rogers is so blatantly obvious as I have been able to bear witness. It’s been exhibited in televised meetings and on occasion when I have been present at the Town Hall.

    It’s unfortunate that Mr. Rogers’s talents and dedication to the community were wasted at the Town of Aurora. It’s firmly my opinion that anyone who was associated with former Mayor Tim Jones will experience the same fate as Mr. Rogers. It’s also quite apparent in my opinion that the Mayor will try to put a positive spin on this tragedy and try to make herself out to be the innocent party and will hide behind the shield of the confidential nature of human resources issues. It seems that since Mayor Morris has taken her seat there is a mass exodus of staff and council. I wonder how long it will be before Council, staff or perhaps the residents of the Town of Aurora exercise their rights under the Municipal Act to have her removed from her position and a new election held. I think the only way to stop this madness is to do just that. It only takes one bad apple to poison the whole tree. Perhaps the Auroran would be interested in writing an article on “how to unseat a Mayor.” Perhaps the Mayor would like to explain why recently she was seen having lunch with Mr. Mascarin one of the Town’s lawyers. It seems to me that under the Municipal Act, those meetings would be attended by staff. How much Madame Mayor did that cost the tax payers. Perhaps it might be worthwhile for the Mayor to actually read the Municipal Act and familiarize herself with the legislated duties of staff and the Mayor so that she can correct her ways. A question to the Councilors…as you aren’t in the building during office hours are you even aware of what is happening on a daily basis around you?

    I think it would be a worthwhile expense to have an investigator interview staff to see what is actually happening at town hall and put a stop to this madness…..

  6. Anonymous said

    What can the average citizen do without becoming a target of Mayor Morris?
    Can a tax-paying resident of Aurora make a request under the Freedom of Information Act?
    There is a reason why so many of these posts are anonymous.
    Mayor Morris does not understand that a healthy democracy requires that all citizens have a right (and perhaps a duty) to question their elected officials.
    It is OUR money. It is OUR economic development that is at risk with the time and resources that this Mayor continues to squander on her pet projects, and running staff out of town.
    I voted for Mayor Morris expecting healthy change and the transparency that she promised. I was excited and hopeful when she was elected.
    I now feel sick to my stomach when I watch council and the passive-aggressive conduct of the Mayor.
    We’ll need an alternative at the next election. And dear Nigel Kean IS NOT that alternative.
    Let’s hope that a viable alternative surfaces in the next while.
    Mind you, that’s what we hoped for with Phyllis…

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