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Standing Room Only

Posted by auroracitizen on October 14, 2010

Last night, was the 2nd of 3 scheduled all-candidate events. And, like the Library event it was standing room only. This continues to indicate the residents are engaged.

 This one sponsored by the Aurora Chamber of Commerce. This has been a regular election event although last night the format was changed slightly for last night, due to the absence of candidate Phyllis Morris, who was attending the funeral of her father-in-law in England.

So, rather than a Mayoralty debate, it was a moderated question and answer session. Some of the questions were a bit bizarre — what by-laws didn’t the candidates like — but overall the event was a great success.

Candidates for Council were also present so attendees had the opportunity to ask questions and decide who to vote for. 

If you didn’t attend, then there is one more public debate on Sunday October 17th at the Legion – 2:00 pm start. This one is sponsored by Sport Aurora and will have a recreation focus. Morris should also be back by then, so it should be a lively affair.

3 Responses to “Standing Room Only”

  1. Anonymous said

    Hey, there is still an election going on out there! What are your thoughts on who you think will win. I am routing for Dawe. Council, I still have some more to pick but I’m definitely voting for Buck, Duff, Able, Pirri and Thompson. Not sure who else if any. Saw the a Phylis car parked right at the end of the market yesterday and another in one of the parking spots. It will certainly be an interesting night next Monday! Can’t wait to see the results!

  2. fed up said

    i would love to have been there but a prior probelm left me not attending–I would love to know if the Snowball Queen was there in her majesty’s absence.

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