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The Aurora Citizen Turns 300

Posted by auroracitizen on September 9, 2010

This is officially our 300th post. We have also surpassed 4,700 comments.

We’ve had in excess of 150,000 visits since moving to the new WordPress platform in October 2009, which together with the almost 100,000 visits on the original site, means we have had almost 250,000 visitors since we started in August 2008.

We’ve been threatened twice by the town lawyers, yet here we are, still offering citizens of this great town the opportunity to provide commentary on what is happening in their community.

Councillor MacEachern asked for more balanced commentary, so we offered both her and Mayor Morris the opportunity to contribute. So far nothing — at least nothing that they have added their name to 🙂

We’ve been blitzed by supporters from both sides of issues and have used our best judgement to encourage dialogue versus diatribe.

We have numerous people regularly writing articles for the blog — some like Richard Johnson publish under their own names, others, desiring anonymity, offer their opinions for debate under the Aurora Citizen banner.

We also have a number of volunteers share the role of moderator duties to ensure that the comments — while somewhat direct and pointed — do not degenerate into diatribe, allegations and foul language.

This forum has become a platform for communicating with fellow Aurora Citizens. It has far surpassed expectations. We are glad to be part of the discussion and look forward to contributing long into the future.

7 Responses to “The Aurora Citizen Turns 300”

  1. Grace Marsh said

    I’m glad you are here.

    • David Heard said

      Keep trumpeting the value of speaking out and saying whats on your mind,especially when it is the truth.

      Some individuals cant handle the truth.

      That is why they reduce themselves to man-handling citizens.

  2. jargong said

    Congratulations! Keep up the good work. We need you!

  3. Linda said


    I can’t believe that you’ve been threatened by the town lawyers a couple of times. Seems that’s the towns usual way of dealing with unpleasant things they don’t like. Whatever happened to Freedom of Speech?? An opinion is neither right nor wrong, it just is – and we’re all entitled to our opinions. Too bad that council doesn’t see it that way, huh?

  4. Anna said

    Congratulations, well done!


  5. Richard Johnson said

    Congrats to everyone who has made the Aurora Citizen what it is.

    It’s OK to disagree. I think key is that we all care enough to weigh in on issues and Lord knows, there is enough to debate in this crazy town of ours.

  6. Matt Maddocks said

    Wow! 300! And you don’t look a day over 299! Congratulations Aurora Citizen.

    Great posts, comments, debate, and a few laughs along the way. I look forward to celebrating post number 600, and 1,000, and…

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