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New Contributors

Posted by auroracitizen on October 7, 2009

You might notice that the Post “Is there a Doctor in The House” was submitted directly by CouncilCop. This is our first direct contribution and is one of the functions that are available on WordPress that was not so elegant in Blogger.

We have also extended this offer by direct email to Mayor Morris should she wish to post directly in response to some of your comments.

Phyllis Morris,

We are extending this offer to provide you with an opportunity to post directly to the blog so that you may be assured that your comments are published exactly as intended.

We are always interested in additional contributors, so please let us know if you are interested.

2 Responses to “New Contributors”

  1. It's So 2008 said

    Wasn’t last year ‘The Year of Arts & Culture’?:

    “But it was the deep message that made her want to see the show again.

    [Phyllis Morris, Aurora Mayor]:
    “I think being able to reflect on some of the messaging that came there. The words compassion came through. The word grace and dignity came through. Many things that you could take away from this show. Society in general needs compassion. Very much so.”

    To see a video and transcript:

  2. Anonymous for a reason said

    Mrs. Morris doesn’t engage in discussion or debate, so don’t hold your breath. She quickly gave up writing the Mayor’s column in Ron’s “newsletter” (as she likes to call it).
    I wonder if she’ll try to resurrect that column now that she is going into full swing electioneering.

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