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Focal Point talks about Municipal Governance

Posted by auroracitizen on October 14, 2009

Last month we published a post Focal Point on Roger’s Cable should be interesting Wednesday night…. that spoke of the program on Rogers Cable by Nancy Coldham dealing with Municipal Governance.

We understand the show is scheduled for tonight. The program starts at 8:00 p.m and you can call in at 1-866-715-1010. You can also contact Nancy via email <>

We expect that both Vaughan and Aurora Council will be prominently featured.

2 Responses to “Focal Point talks about Municipal Governance”

  1. said

    York University Professor Robert McDiarmid had more to say than anyone on the panel. I thought that was odd since he doesn’t claim to have any experience of politics. He’s a classroom Wallah.

    Why does he imagine numbers from statistics provide a sense of how it is to be chosen to act as a spokeperson?

    He should be gleaning knowledge from people functioning in the real world of politics instead of delivering lectures about how things should be with no experience whatsoever.

    Former Mayor Don Cousens’ question was pertinent. Who do you think is going to run for office with those rules in place?

    George Rust D’Eye contributed a single notion to the discussion. Politicians should only have eight years in office, he said. That would be two terms.

    Would Mr. Rust D’Eye have the same opinion about how long a solicitor should practice in a particular field. Is there any value to be placed on experience? Or is “expert” as in municipal law simply meaningless jargon.

  2. someone who loves this town more than politics said

    The Focal Point – October 14th “Are councils working? is now available online at:

    I encourage everyone to watch it.

    The panel was fantastic and completely outline how Aurora has become as dysfunctional as it is and for once held a lengthy but healthy debate free of spin.

    After watching this I have a new found respect for Don Cousins, ex mayor of Markham.
    Robert MacDonald, a York university professor was very well spoken and seemed very in touch with the specifics of the Aurora mess.
    Chris Emanuel threw in some good suggestions regarding connecting with the electorate. A bright young chap who in my opinion would have been a much better choice for the Liberal seat than Margaret Black.

    There were so many insightful comments by the much respected members of this panel that I had to write many of them down and will be posting them to my blog shortly.

    It was also interesting to follow the tickers as much as the dialogue. I liked these two tickers especially

    the spin:

    @ 21;42 “Mayor Morris in Aurora says her council has been focusing on the positive rather than the negative”

    the facts:

    @ 49:51 “Since Sept., Aurora Council has been making news with legal action and key staff resignations”

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