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Changes are on the Way

Posted by auroracitizen on September 23, 2009

You will be seeing some changes over the next little while. We will be moving this blog over to a more robust platform that offers improved features. So please stay tuned for the changes and we ask for your patience as the transition is underway.

For those of you who have bookmarked this blog, you will need to update your bookmarks to get the most current posts — we’ll let you know when that is available. For those who subscribed through Feedburner, we are hopeful the transition will be seamless — but we will let you know when you need to check your feed.

Also, we are very pleased to be welcoming our first guest moderator. We are excited about this because it has always been our desire that this be a community forum for discussion. Stay tuned for more info about that.

As this online conversation continues to grow and build readership we will also continue to publish posts from an expanding group of contributors. So please keep your comments and ideas coming.

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13 Responses to “Changes are on the Way”

  1. White Knight said

    I agree with Elizabeth. I do not see how choosing the type of nadle that most people use on here could identify the individual. I would say there are a few serious cases of paranoia here if they cannot think of an obscure handle that also protects identity.

  2. Countdown to Nov 2010 said

    To Anonymous 9:17 "we are out"
    What is with the "we"? Is that the royal Phyllis we?
    Are other participants of this blog supposed to imagine that you are the representative of hordes of others?
    I'm sure you'll be back to this blog.
    You are too desperate to know what people of this community are thinking. It sets your spin in gear.
    And we all get to enjoy the spin without getting dizzy.

  3. Elizabeth Bishenden said

    I've been posting here for about six months. I don't slam anyone and I don't get a lot of criticism. I'm thinking a lot of the people who post could at least choose an identity. Not one that reveals their true identity… just one that eliminates the "traffic jams" of "Anonymous".

  4. Anonymous for a reason said

    Anonymous 1:59 hit the nail on the head.
    Even with my handle I expose myself to discovery, which I can't afford to do.
    My family needs to be able to go about their business in this town, and not be subjected to the withering glances and dismissive tones of this Mayor and her posse.
    Silverback, welcome to the discussion.

  5. Anonymous said

    To: " We are out! "

    And come next election…you'll really be out.

  6. Anonymous said

    Dear Silverback,
    In order for people to stop posting anonymously, they require some assurances that MacMor will not threaten their livelihoods, their families and eliminate the preception that if you don't walk in lock step with these two…your life will be misery. That is sadly the truth of how people feel. Those in business feel these two will make life difficult for them. Staff fear their jobs will be in jeopardy. They're not making this stuff up…sadly if you have the confidence of some staff, they will tell you that's how they feel. MacMor will have you think they are protecting staff when in fact, the TOTAL opposite is true. They bully and threaten people with their livliehoods…good luck.

  7. silverback said

    To the moderator
    Its hard to tell one "anonymous" from another. There may be 15 " anonymous's" for each posting and you dont know if its one person or 15. Cant you require anyone who posts a comment to select an identity…….that's how most blogs seem to work.

  8. Anonymous said

    Will there be the same level of censorship?

  9. someone who loves this town more than politics said

    Anonymous : September 23, 2009 9:17 PM

    I'm unsure how you can claim that this blog, that invites open discussion, is

    "Repetitive, secretive, combative… infantile."

    But it sure sums up the actions of the GOS.

    When you say "We are out!" one has to wonder where exactly you plan to go.

    I agree with Council Cop.
    The activity on this blog is a testament to a community that is free to make up its own mind and free to voice it. Aurora deserves better, and this blog is a valuable step forward.

    Improvements to the design, mechanics and overall user experience will be most welcome.

  10. Knowledgeable in Aurora said

    Look at the post above yours Council Cop. Wonder which member of council that was? Closed mind.

    Congratulations Aurora Citizen for recognizing that change/improvement is never too late.

  11. Sarcastic said

    Anonymous said…

    "Too little too late!
    Repetitive, secretive, combative… infantile.
    We are out"

    You will be missed.

  12. Council Cop said

    Great news !

    It's good to hear that some of the ideas shared on this blog are being incorporated in order to make this blog even more effective and popular !

    Wouldn't it be amazing if council if was equally as receptive to input ?

  13. Anonymous said

    Too little too late!
    Repetitive, secretive, combative… infantile.
    We are out!

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