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Moderator vs Contributor

Posted by auroracitizen on September 17, 2009

The recent question by Councillor MacEachern served to illustrate the misunderstanding of how a blog works.

To paraphrase, she asked Mr Hogg if he is the “Moderator”. He replied that he is a “Contributor”.

Let us explain in case some folks are confused.

Moderators review and approve the comments in response to the original post. Each blog has their own criteria — as does the Aurora Citizen. Ours are posted.

Contributors write the initial post. These are posted to stimulate reaction and feedback and usually reflect the perspective of the writer. Most blogs — including the Aurora Citizen — have numerous contributors.

Clearly Councillor MacEachern is confused about the difference.

We have extended the opportunity to contribute directly to the Mayor and Council — as well as any citizen. Citizens have responded and submitted — the Mayor and Council have chosen not to contribute directly thus far. Possibly they are concerned that the comments in response to their post cannot be controlled by them.

Regardless of the initial post, the tone and balance of the blog is driven by the responding comments. Possibly the reason she feels this blog is unbalanced is because so many commenter’s are expressing their displeasure with the actions of Council.

By definition, a blog is an online conversation. The value is that you get the real truth as expressed by real citizens. You just might not like what you hear.

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10 Responses to “Moderator vs Contributor”

  1. Council Cop said

    Question: How much is the real truth ? September 17, 2009 11:28 PM

    Answer: Too much.

    Anyone can post a message, but at this stage some people seem to think that correcting the spin and setting council straight is serving a public purpose. That's not to say that some people will not keep their blinders on for their own reasons but hey, it's a free world.

  2. Anonymous said

    How much is the real truth?

    You could have 1 individual taking on various personas and writing in numerous blog entries purporting to give voice to the community when in fact it's one person trying to con other's that his / her idea is mainstream.

    It sounds like the contributor of the AC sets the tone (negative about council more often than not) and then acts as the moderator also and censors the comments to feed the idea put forth. Not identifying the contributor and moderator does nothing to dispell this perception, true or otherwise.

    Unfortunately the AC is becoming the horse that is used to drag people through the mud. Can't help but getting some mud on the horse too.

  3. Anonymous said

    Oh my gosh…I was at the Newmarket Chamber of Commerce golf tournament today and one Councillor from Newmarket told me he had taped and watched the Aurora Council meeting (shown on Rogers last night). He told me we should be complaining to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and expressed his disbelief on how our Council functions (or dysfunctions, rather) under Morris' leadership, saying what a joke it was! Try telling us something we don't know!

  4. Anonymous said

    At the Council meeting the other night Morris said she's been busy all summer dealing with rumors in the local media. No need to be concerned about rumours and how you will deal with them if they aren't true. Maybe that's your problem Phyllis…perhaps you should spend some time on Town business rather than trying to spin and dispel rumours. Unbelievable.

  5. Anonymous said

    And why are the legal expenses secret?
    And why are there so many closed door meetings?
    And why do Councillors arrive with scripted speeches?
    And why are senior staff as well as the next level all leaving?
    And why do the rules of procedure not apply equally to all Councillors?
    And why is the complaint about Councillor Buck still posted?

    Maybe you should ask/answer these questions instead of being so obsessed with who moderates this blog. They actually matter!

  6. Anonymous said

    And why is the moderator a secret?

  7. White Knight said

    To Anonymous September 17 @ 7:04
    "…I appreciate that the mayor and most councillors state their views publicly…on the town's website…"
    Yup they do that but they sure as hell make sure they defeat any motion to take anything off that they want to remain there, don't they?

  8. White Knight said

    I think you have captured the crux of the matter here for Councillor MacEachern, the mayor et al…..CONTROL. They are not comfortable with or into anything that they cannot control.

  9. Anonymous said

    As a citizen who has responded to this blog, and not had my offerings presented, I can attest that controls are exerted here to push a very specific agenda.

    I appreciate that most councillors and the mayor choose to state their views publicly during council meetings, open forums and on the Town's website.
    I took it for granted, but now I appreciate it.

  10. Anonymous for a reason said

    You've hit the nail on the head.
    Mayor Morris craves "control" in all things.
    It makes her crazy that she can't control public opinion, which is so obviously going against her in more ways than she'll admit.
    It was alarming to watch the council meeting the other evening and hear her ramble on at the taxpaying audience. How dare we take her to task on anything? She knows more than the rest of us apparently! The disdain in her voice could barely be contained.
    I can hardly contain my annoyance with her conduct.
    Does she think people can't see through her manipulations?
    I discovered too late after casting my vote for her. I won't be so stupid next time.
    At least we know she reads this blog!
    Let's all hope some viable mayoral candidate comes forward.
    But they shouldn't declare themselves too early. Wait til the last minute like Phyllis did….

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