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Confirm or Deny!

Posted by auroracitizen on August 7, 2009

Watch for Mayor Phyllis Morris — promoter of openness and transparency — to address the following.

  1. In addition to Councillor Buck’s statements on Rogers News, whispers inside Town Hall indicate the Integrity Commissioner rendered a decision about whether to accept Council’s complaint about Councillor Buck. Apparently it was received in the clerk’s office on Tuesday. However, Councillors were refused access to the report even though the complaint protocol states that they are to receive it.
  2. Subsequently — in addition to Councillor Buck who was not invited — apparently 3 Councillors did not attend a “special” meeting called at the urgent request of Mayor Phyllis Morris. No agenda was given and until shortly before the meeting Council was not informed why or whom the meeting was about. Possibly these Councillors refused to attend because they felt they shouldn’t be placed in the position of having to guess what a meeting is about or because they felt a meeting was being held without proper notice. In addition to Roberts and Collins-Marakas, who would have the gumption to stand and be counted?

Is it possible even the faithful are starting to see the issues? If you hear an updates, please let us know.

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4 Responses to “Confirm or Deny!”

  1. Anonymous said

    I have posted this on three different discussions because I believe these questions need to be answered and I think everyone needs to see and think about them. They are important!

    Why does anyone think for one moment that after what they have done with the Integrity Commissioner and the slander that the GOS will not manufacture to discredit him, that there is another Integrity Commissioner in this world that would touch Aurora with a 100 foot pole. Any complaints as stated in the GOS's notification are either stayed or abeyed until the commission of another Commissioner, good luck with any complaint issued to date. The wording alone is of legal contention and if any complaint goes further it only justifies further legal recourse for anyone involved. I would be extremely careful what you are complaining about and who? You never know what dark horse will jump out at you.

    One more question…. was legal council, Mr. John Mascarin, in attendance at the closed session meeting on Thursday and if so how much did this little escapade cost us?

  2. Nigel Kean said

    Congratulations to Councilors Alison and Bob for not attending this witch hunt of a meeting. You both have a lot of class.
    Thank you so much for doing what you did.

  3. Anonymous said

    They fired him……check the minutes on the Town of Aurora website.

  4. Anonymous said

    This can't be true but I just heard that the rat pack may have fired the integrity commissioner because he had too much integrity ! Of course that is too crazy to be true but in this town you never know. Someone may want to check with our co-mayors in order to see what their version of events is given that you know they will have their own version of reality.

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