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Speaking of Ethics…

Posted by auroracitizen on April 20, 2009

The following post was sent as a comment to the original post “Ethics Commissioner” below. We thought it was worth repeating here for its own separate discussion. A number of worthwhile questions are asked. Does anyone know the answers?

Speaking of ethics…the question MUST be asked. Enough people in the community are talking about it. What is “The Dream Team” and who are they accountable to?

The Mayor and a number of Councillors certainly seem to be supporting their efforts. It is assumed the Mayor and Council have sanctioned their activities. They have a huge public profile with the Mayor always promoting their events. They have been holding many events and collecting sponsorship dollars and donations.

Where does the money go, how is it spent? Are these dollars collected on behalf of the Town? Because that’s what those who are making the donations assume.

Are they a stand alone group, merely sanctioned by the Mayor?

How does one get a copy of the financials involving this group? What is the relationship and how does it all work?

It certainly seems there is considerable funds being raised in support of great select local causes. Many are souring on their important efforts because of the apparent lack of accountability. That would be a shame for those who are benefiting.

If perception is everything, like we constantly hear from an ethical standpoint, I wish someone in the know could clarify these concerns.

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54 Responses to “Speaking of Ethics…”

  1. Not Surprised said

    If there was ever a question of whether or not the Aurora Dream Team and the Canada Day Parade Committee are one and the same then that question has been answered in the The Era, page A4 Thursday May 14th, 2009 edition. I quote “Last year Aurora Dream Team set up a virtual map of Canada flags displayed in Aurora. The Dream Team even marched in red and white during the annual Santa Claus Parade” Mrs. St. Kitts said. There is no mention of the Canada Parade Committee. She also stated “We already of the undercurrents and those undercurrents are coming to the surface”. She is right there, they are now at the surface and still we have no accountability, no answers to the questions put before her by council members and the tax
    She went on to say that “last year, over 10,000 citizens were treated to a sea of red and white.” Not bad for a town that has approximately 50,000 taxpayers.
    No plagarism here, this is fact unless the reporter quoted St. Kitts incorrectly.

    More questions arise out of this:

    1. How did they come up with 10,000 citizens attended was there some kind of recording system being used?

    2. Where were the other approximately 40,000 citizens?

    3. How much did it cost the total taxpaying contributers for 10,000 citizens to view this parade?

    4. What else is this council frivorlously spending taxpayers money on?

  2. Anonymous said

    Was that Junius? What happened to…

  3. Anonymous said

    What ever became of this?:

    “Steve Hinder, Tim Jones, Jeffery Dawe, Allison Merakas, Grace Marsh and other paid help (possibly a publicly traded company) will soon read the other side of the story. “

  4. Anonymous said

    Too bad that Anonymous April 30 at 7:38 has decided not to vote for three people Hogg,Kean and Buck.
    These three people have the guts to stand up to this joke of a council led by a mayor who promised openess but hides everything.You could always vote for Granger,Wilson,McEachren,Gaertner and the unelected Gallo.
    If you did that you would get what you deserve,another usless council that will not make a decision unless PM says it is OK.
    You really deserve nothing.
    At least Hogg, Kean and Buck have the guts to stand up for the residents of Aurora unlike this council that stands up for the rights of Mayor Morris.

  5. Nigel Kean said

    To anonymous April30th 7:38PM
    I am disappointed that you would not vote for me if I decided to run again. On the other hand it is probably better that you don’t since you really do not want change.You would rather hide behind anonymous and not stand up for a better OPEN government. I would suggest that you support your secret feelings and vote for existing government that will give you exactly what you deserve.Nothing!

  6. Heather said

    “You wonder why “everyone” figures “that Evelyn’s blog is the Buck/Sisman blog”.

    Sorry, the hyperbole gets away from me at times. I didn’t mean everyone. But this isn’t the first time that someone indicated that Evelyn’s blog is the “Buck/Sisman” blog.

  7. Anonymous said

    You wonder why “everyone” figures “that Evelyn’s blog is the Buck/Sisman blog”.
    Perhaps you’ve found your own way to flatter yourself?
    I’m late catching up… just got pointed here.

  8. Anonymous said

    I for one appreciate Mr. Kean, Mr. Hogg and Mrs. Buck being willing to put their names on their comments.

    I voted for them in the past. Now I will know better than to repeat that mistake.

  9. Heather said

    To Anonymous who said “Thank you for your permission as I fit within your criteria for those who qualify to post anonymously.”

    And to the other Anonymous who asked how to set up a username….without registering for Google you can simply choose the name you want to use(doesn’t have to be your real name)and enter it in the NAME/URL box below the comment box. You’ll have to enter it every time, and there’s no guarantee that someone else won’t post with the same name..but it’s worth a try. It beats posting as Anonymous and risking being mistaken for another Anonymous poster.

    If you want to create a user identity…follow the link below that says “No Google Account” – Sign up here. If you want me to walk you through it…I can do that.

    Why does everyone figure that Evelyn’s blog is the Buck/Sisman blog? I’m flattered…but all I do is layout for Evelyn’s stuff.

  10. Evelyn Buck said

    I try to keep up with citizens’ comments. Even those that are uncomplimentary. It’s incumbent on an elected official to pay attention to what people are saying.

    This morning it was stated I was projecting the town as a fool’s paradise. I went off to have my shower thinking about that.

    Did it mean I am the fool making the town look like a paradise? Or did it mean the town is a fool’s paradise.

    An immediate image came into my head. The Music Man,train-travelling salesman, seventy-six trombones and Marian the Librarian

    Hard on its heels came Showboat, the carnival huckster and innstantly after a familiar face.

    I have been unimpressed with the Mayor’s protegee Sher St.Kitts since she first made her presence felt. However, when a person is invited by the Mayor to present herself to council,civility is de rigeur,

    Council is regularly subjected to a host of presentations from this group and that, soliciting financial support or just exposure on camera and always by courtesy of the Mayor. It almost seems like deliberate avoidance of the town’s business.

    Of course, council members have the authority to stop the charade.

    But they don’t.It must please them. Is that what’s meant I wonder by the expression Fool’s Paradise.

  11. Anonymous said

    To Anonymous April 25, 2009 10:25 AM who wrote:
    ” I truly understand why people post as anonymous, as you can see by how I have signed on, but if you are an elected official or you are a member of this “Dream Team” then you really should be out there open and transparent if in fact this is how you would like to be portrayed.”

    Thank you for your permission as I fit within your criteria for those who qualify to post anonymously.
    I shall carry on with your blessing.
    I am not on council, or the Dream Team.
    I have no vested interest, other than being a resident of Aurora for a good many years.
    Perhaps my questions are seen as outdated but I have difficulty understanding how my questions lead to my being described as “a control freak and a manipulator in your own right”.
    I also don’t understand how my questions can be construed as not being able to “stand the heat”, and in need of leaving the kitchen.
    I look forward to better understanding my first foray into connecting with my community by using a computer. Thank you.

  12. Anonymous said

    I read the story in the Banner with interest about the Dream Team and the dinner they put on at Jonathan’s at Christmas time and at that time there were a number of issues that needed to be addressed, not only the question of a registered charity number, but also how did this group obtain information about the individuals that needed this assistance. With the privacy laws that are now upon us, how did they get this information?

    I recently joined a gym in town, while I was waiting to speak to someone I perused the wall of information and upon that wall was a thank you for your support letter from the Dream Team. As I have had the opportunity to volunteer on a number of charity committees, my attention was on the fact that the registered charity number did not appear on that literature.

    The fact that people have been donating to this chartity and did not receive a receipt leaves me to think that some further education should be done for the community at large. Never give money to someone claiming to be a charity unless they can prove to you they are a registered charity. You think that the suggestion that York Regional Police become involved is a bit over the top, well is it not the Police services that are always posting bulletins about current scams that request money? People should heed their advice at all times.

  13. Anonymous said

    Dear Anonymous April 24, 2009 12:06 AM,

    Thank you for your list of names.
    I welcome all blogs that own their site publicly.
    The problem with this site is that it lays claim to representing
    “Aurora Citizen”.

    I don’t identify with its bias. I am an Aurora citizen trying to make
    sense of what is going on in my town.

    This site seems to me to be a satellite of the Buck/Sisman blog.

    From my reading of it, the anonymous people behind it decide what to publish and what to censor.
    For me that’s a problem.
    I’m fine with the Buck/Sisman blog because I understand their bias and

    I welcome any blog that stands with the names of those behind it.
    I welcome different points of view.

  14. Anonymous said

    Evelyn Buck says,
    “It seems those who donated and didn’t receive tax receipts may be the people raising questions.”
    Is Evelyn Buck not staining the reputations of others based on hearsay?
    Why does she Not report facts?
    Is this not a dangerous position for someone in public office to take?
    What seeds are being sown by Evelyn Buck?
    As it is she presents the view that Aurora is a fool’s paradise.

    April 22, 2009 11:11 AM

    You ask if Councillor Buck is not staining the reputations of others based on hearsay? You ask what seeds are being sown by Councillor Buck? So I say to you why do you post as anonymous? Where are your facts? You are probably one of the individuals who are constantly screaming about who the owners of this site are, you are a control freak and a manipulator in your own right and it you can’t take the heat then get out of the kitchen.

    I truly understand why people post as anonymous, as you can see by how I have signed on, but if you are an elected official or you are a member of this “Dream Team” then you really should be out there open and transparent if in fact this is how you would like to be portrayed.

  15. Anonymous said

    There are accusations upon accusations in this blog. Someone only needs to present the facts of whether or not the Dream Team is a registered chartity, charity number should be provided by no other than Sher St. Kitts. The fact the individuals have jumped to her defense only makes this group or individual look guilty. The fact that this blog has been out for close to a week and no evidence has come forward to answer the seemingly simple question again leaves one to wonder. I do not know the individual, I do not know all of the details of what this group provides and right now I do not care about what good they do. It appears to me that this is extremely crooked. Just present the answers as asked and this will all go away. Oh and and another question comes to mind. Is the Dream Team and the Canada Day Parade, other than Sher St. Kitts one in the same? If so I do not care to be donating $8,000.00 to a parade that I neither participate in or am even in town to watch. Why are our tax dollars being spent so randomly? I have signed anonymous because quite honestly I don’t know how to set up a ficticious name. If someone can help I would appreciate it. I to cannot sign my real name because of the threat of reprecussions from our elected officials.

  16. Anonymous said

    Love the comment from Anonymous April 24, 2009 11:44 AM

    Great humorous way to target a serious issue.
    I’m still laughing.

  17. Evelyn Buck said

    The Auroran has taken a bit of a beating in Citizen Blog lately.

    It’s interesting that sense of ownership and rights people have about a local paper.

    Before computers.starting up a new newspaper would not have been possible. Over the years.there have been several attempts at something called a news magazines. They have failed miserably.

    The business has always been advertising. News was provided to encourage circulation in order to sell advertising.

    Even with a charge,advertising still carries the freight.News space has always been governed by the amount of lineage sold.

    There’s no charge for the paper and The Auroran is delivered free to every home in the community. Copies are placed in various locations for people to pick up.

    Much of what we read in it is contributed by residents with something to share.

    News as a commodity has shrunk steadily over the years. Even electronic media is having trouble surviving and appealing to government for assistance.

    I think The Auroran is a little marvel, the reading in it is bonus
    and Thanks to Ron Wallace for his contribution to the life of our community

  18. Anonymous said

    “Steve Hinder, Tim Jones, Jeffery Dawe, Allison Merakas, Grace Marsh and other paid help (possibly a publicly traded company) will soon read the other side of the story. “

    Will the rest of the world be ‘permitted’ to read whatever you’re drumming up? Or are you limiting the distribution to only those 5 people? You may want to look up the correct spelling of their names if you intend to send them something.

    On another note “The Dream Team” isn’t listed as a registered charity. I’ve not found anywhere that makes reference to another name for the group – maybe someone here knows? Otherwise, I think that these people are collecting ‘charity’ without following the rules/laws. That’s not smart. Nope. Not at all.

  19. Geoffrey Dawe said


    I have finally made it to the big time, by being slammed in the Aurora Citizen.

    Of course, I am assuming tht Anonymous of April 24, 2009 12:06 AM, is refering to me, even though the name is misspelt.

    And, am I assuming that the incoherent blathering is a slam as I didn’t get a postive feeling from it.

    So, if you want to slam me, I would appreciate if you would:

    A) spell my name correctly
    B) at least be semi-coherent
    C) have the b….s to sign your own name.

    Geoffrey (say what you want about me, just spell my name correctly) Dawe.

    PS – As I have been lumped in with “other paid help” I shall be looking forward to my cheque!

  20. Anonymous said

    Let’s work on one-upping Vaughan.
    Let’s charge anyone. Get Aurora on the map.
    Get something to differentiate this tow from being a sleepy hick town that can’t find anything positive to profile itself.
    Anyone looking for a positive identity for this town?
    No, so let’s get publicity for all that’s wrong with it.
    After all it easy an easier way to get publicity.

  21. Anonymous said

    well, can’t wait to read that blog.

    Given that you can’t even spell people’s names correctly, I can see that it’s going to be a bastion of “accurate” reporting and facts…

    just more drivel…

  22. Anonymous said

    Anonymous said…

    Your comment is silly (in my opinion). If you don’t like what’s here, then don’t bother reading it or commenting on it. Say what you like in a format that pleases YOU.

    April 23, 2009 12:55 PM

    Well this poster said it best and that is exactly what is to happen. Stay tuned!!!

    Steve Hinder, Tim Jones, Jeffery Dawe, Allison Merakas, Grace Marsh and other paid help (possibly a publicly traded company) will soon read the other side of the story.
    Yes, stay stuned.

  23. Newbie said

    Getting back to the actual topic, this group called the “Dream Team”. Some of you have indicated that apparently this group has the Mayor’s endorsement as well as one council member as a member. I think I saw that they had a booth at the homeshow as well. Maybe I’m wrong.

    I don’t know the players involved so I am not going to comment on their intentions. They seem to help people so I prefer to think all is well.

    But there do appear to be legitimate questions about finances. People are always skeptical when money is involved. I do have a way to resolve this issue. So here goes:

    If this is a group doing charitable works in Town and they are collecting monies (and from the sounds of it, lots of monies) for the purposes of supporting said charitable works then one would assume that they have a registered charitable number. Given that they are collecting a lot of money, and a Councillor is apparently involved, I would hope that they have some kind of registration or method of financial auditing in place.

    The charitable number is easily checked on the CRA


    You can simply call the Canada Revenue Service at: 1-800-267-2384 and inquire about the status of the Dream Team.

    I have no doubt that you will all get your questions answered and the matter will be resolved.

    I hope then that you can simply post that that the matter has been resolved and then we can all go back to our own lives…

  24. Anonymous said

    “Integrity? Freedom of speech?
    Ain’t happening here.”

    Your comment is silly (in my opinion). If you don’t like what’s here, then don’t bother reading it or commenting on it. Say what you like in a format that pleases YOU.

  25. Anonymous said

    The accounting records of this Team will set the record straight. Why has this information not come forth. This is in the Teams best interest. If Councillor Buck has not found it yet, Why? If the town has donated $8,000 why have they not got the accounting records? Is it a practise of the Town (and that means all of US)to give some groups large sums of money and not ask them to be accountable? If so then I would like to put an addition on my house could I get a donation from the town to help with it as I do not have enough money. I am sure that I can provide you with receipts when and if asked?

  26. Anonymous said

    Junius, Buck this site.. . All the same.
    Anything different is censored.
    Some are printed.. to keep up the pretense, but then too much criticism of what this site is pushing gets eliminated.
    Integrity? Freedom of speech?
    Ain’t happening here.
    So why not say so, like Buck did on her site?
    You don’t like it you don’t publish it.
    We understand that sort of thing.
    Just don’t pretend.

  27. Anonymous said

    I see Aurora Citizen taking a very specific position here.
    Why hide behind the secret name?
    You set up this site for your agenda.
    You censor items on the basis of your agenda.
    Why hide?
    Why not declare yourself?
    Why do you manipulate in secrecy, like a coward?
    Believe me the group who wonders who you are is growing, as is the mounting evidence.

  28. Anonymous said

    “If the “Dream Team” (somewhat pretentious?) “

    Why is this derision acceptable?
    Criticizing Buck, an elected official who regularly criticizes elected and non-elected, is rejected by this site’s censors.
    Go figure, eh.
    Let’s start a movement to let others know what’s really going on with those who pretend to champion free speech and openness…. and frank honesty.

  29. Anonymous said

    Why publish attacks on others but not ones that call into question Buck’s own words?
    I have seen what you refuses to publish and know that this site has no integrity.
    The proof is in the pudding and the pudding is being shared around town.
    Some of us were fooled, but those days are over.
    You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

    So I really don’t much care what you publish any more.
    I’ve got my facts straight.
    And I don’t mind saying it has brought a group of us a lot closer with better focus.
    We plan to make a difference in this town.

  30. Junius said

    To Anonymous of April 22, 2009 8:14 PM – to paraphrase – you have tested the Aurora Citizen and have found it wanting…

    Obviously not wanting enough, as they publish your complaints!

    Oh, that could be part of the plot. They don’t publish your “tests”, only your complaints.

    But, maybe they aren’t your complaints. Perhaps the Aurora Citizen just made it up to look good.

    Now my brain hurts!

  31. Aurora Citizen said

    We make no apology for not publishing posts that do not speak to the topic but are simply tearing apart and insulting to previous commentators. If that’s the best you have to offer, we will not provide a platform.

    One needs search no further that comments on this post to see that contradictory comments are welcome. But these comments were polite compared to the ones we rejected.

    The kind of insults we have rejected don’t add anything to any conversation. Enough said.

  32. Junius said

    If the “Dream Team” (somewhat pretentious?) wishes to raise money to do whatever, then fine. People can donate or not, as they see fit. The rest of us have no right to ask about the funds raised or spent.

    However, when that same Dream Team gets money from the Town, then the citizens of Aurora have every right to know all the facts.

    Those who criticize the people who are questioning this whole process have obviously never experienced Councillor Al “ Tax Fighter” Wilson at work. Our Pal Al, regularly goes through the town’s cheque register, and then sends off a flurry of emails on why “so-n-so” spent $$. A specific example I saw was referring to an expenditure of a little of $50.00 by former Town Clerk, Bob Panizza. He was in high dudgeon over this “extravagant” expense. He also regularly got his knickers in a knot over a department spending money on a birthday cake. (Obviously he has childhood issues he is still working out).

    Yet, Mr. Tax Fighter is strangely quiet on this. Presumably he has been told by McMorris to button his lip. Well, Al, I would like to know how my tax dollars are being spent, so how about some action?

    Also, there has been reference to the Dream Team being a recognized Charity – I have looked and I don’t see any reference to being a recognized Charity (as per CRA regulations). If I have missed that then please advise.

    And, lastly, that “extravagant” expenditure for Bob Panizza? A refill set for his yearly calendar set. And, the word “extravagant” was actually used.

  33. Anonymous said

    Some of us have run a test on what is published and what isn’t.
    Censorship is obviously part of the plank of the group behind this site.
    This gang wants transparency and free speech only when it serves them.

  34. Nigel Kean said

    I do not want to sling mud at anyone who has volunteered to help Aurora.
    To solve this nagging problem I believe that the only thing that should happen is for the Mayor to ask for an accounting of all monies that have been received and spent by The Dream Team. This will once and for all clear the air.
    In the meantime, I do not believe that accusations should be made by anyone, including councillors, unless they can back it up with facts and not gossip.

  35. Anonymous said

    Has anyone so exercised about this matter thought of simply ringing up Sher St. Kitts and directly calling her to account for her suspicious behaviour?

    Or, perhaps slander is more fun than offering up proof.

  36. Anonymous said

    “it’s open discussion if you agree with Buck, some negative label if you don’t. That is clear.”

    Yep, those who like what Buck represents – we really like her. Those who don’t simply throw stones.. call her names, imply that she’s dumb, too old to be doing this, loud, negative, whatever.

    Please keep in mind that as you’re slinging mud at Counsellor Buck, you’re also slinging mud at those of us who helped to elect her. Keep up the good work, Ev!

  37. Anonymous said

    If there’s nothing untoward going on, all that the parties responsible need to do is prove it.

    Not only do things need to “be right” – they need to “appear to be right” too. Openness and transparency, etc…

  38. Anonymous said

    More of the same:
    it’s open discussion if you agree with Buck, some negative label if you don’t.
    That is clear.
    Live by the sword:;die by the sword.

    “methinks they doth protest too much…” is an excellent quote for Buck.
    I’m lovin’ it.

  39. Anonymous said

    Councillor Buck is asking legitimate questions.

    the frenetic and frenzied accusatory responses from “some” implying that the Councillor and residents who “dare” to ask these questions are somehow “staining” the reputations of people are yet another attempt to squelch honest and open discussions of the activities of the mayor’s friends and allies.

    They are the ones making the leap that something untowards is going on and yet are accusing others of doing so…In psychology that’s called projection. In politics it’s called misdirection. Elsewhere it’s called hutzpah…

    in any sense,

    methinks they doth protest too much…

  40. Anonymous said

    Evelyn Buck says,
    “It seems those who donated and didn’t receive tax receipts may be the people raising questions.”
    Is Evelyn Buck not staining the reputations of others based on hearsay?
    Why does she Not report facts?
    Is this not a dangerous position for someone in public office to take?
    What seeds are being sown by Evelyn Buck?
    As it is she presents the view that Aurora is a fool’s paradise.

  41. Anonymous said


    If the town has given $8k to the Dream Team – why doesn’t the town know who they are and what they represent? Can the town give money to anyone who looks like a charity? And can anyone collect money and raise funds for whatever they like with no ‘accounting’ visible to the public?

  42. Evelyn Buck said

    If they are a charity and registered as such,establishing the fact should be a simple matter.
    It seems those who donated and didn’t receive tax receipts may be the people raising questions.

    Should their integrity be questioned because they voice their concerns?

    The Dream Team is not a town initiative but the July 1st Parade
    is. I have been trying for several weeks to discover a line of accounting for the funds raised publicly for that project. Without success,I might add.

  43. Anonymous said

    Evelyn Buck said…
    Sher St. Kits appeared before council the night the budget was approved and stated thousands of dollars were needed in the budget to provide a Parade.

    Thousands were added. I believe the figure is up to $8.000 now.Councillor MacEachern made the motion.


  44. Anonymous said

    Aurora Citizen,

    Is it your job to select a group to target?
    Is this done for all groups?
    Why this particular group?
    Why suggest wrongdoing?

    Something smells of unfair finger-pointing.

  45. Aurora Citizen said

    When someone, or some group, promotes themselves as a charitable organization and solicits funds from the community under the banner of an organization working on behalf of the community, they are no longer acting in the capacity of a private citizen.

    The dream team is not acting in the capacity of a volunteer on behalf of a group, they are representing themselves as a group acting on behalf of the community. As such they owe a responsibility to the citizens of this community — not unlike other similar groups.

    These questions should equally be applied to hockey associations, soccer associations, Optimists, etc. The stakeholders of these groups have every right to enquire about the financial management of their groups — and do. Members have the right to ask where the funds will be earned, used and distributed? That’s why they have annual meetings etc.

    Should we not hold all our community groups and associations to the same standards? Why should this group be treated any differently?

    Legitimate questions have been raise about a fund-raising group in the community.

  46. Just Askin' said

    “fundraising activities of an Aurora resident”

    Isn’t the person in question actually a resident of Snowball Corners in King Township?

  47. Anonymous said

    Why the nasty innuendo?
    Why spread rumors?
    Why is Buck always suggesting wrongdoing everywhere?
    Is it ethical for an elected person to advise others to instigate a police investigation into the fundraising activities of an Aurora resident.
    If she believes there is a genuine problem why doesn’t she check it out, rather than make unsubstantiated accusations in print? Why is she inciting others?
    Is that ethical?

  48. Anonymous said

    Aurora Citizen please explain what you meant when you wrote on your blog the following:

    “Thus far we have been very lenient and only rejected comments that were directed at private citizens.

    Our view is that when you stand for public office, you accept the fact that some people will not like your decisions. That is the cross public officials must bear and they knowingly accept it. We are reliant on the common sense of the public to comment appropriately. “

    NOVEMBER 17, 2008 11:31 PM

  49. Anonymous said

    This site, by choosing the focus for comments, is actively inviting dirty gossip.
    Perhaps someone could have asked questions directly of the people in question.
    That has not happened.

    Instead we have a site for shameful gossip that has no intention of searching for information, as responsible residents might well be expected to do.
    Evelyn Buck lends her support to the mudslinging going on here, twice in fact.
    It was my understanding that only elected officials were fair game for criticism on this site.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if Aurora’s volunteers opt out, fearful that the mud-firing squad might set their sights on them.
    Mud- slinging gossip sullies us all.

  50. Anonymous said

    If they are a charity, as they present themselves to be, then they will be registered as such and have a number. They would be able to issue tax receipts. As registered charities or charitable enterprises, their books are/should be readily available.

    Problem solved.

  51. Evelyn Buck said

    Sher St. Kits appeared before council the night the budget was approved and stated thousands of dollars were needed in the budget to provide a Parade.

    Thousands were added. I believe the figure is up to $8.000 now.Councillor MacEachern made the motion.

  52. Anonymous said

    The niggling worry that keeps popping into my head is about transparency with the money as well.

    I think that the activities that are being supported by this team are truly great, but when transparency is missing — it can lead to unfair suspicion and gossip. My suggestion would be that this team share the financials broadly so there is no possible incorrect perception. Unfortunately today, society has become somewhat sceptical and many wonderful, hardworking groups suffer because of the actions of a few.

    I just think it is an uncomfortable situation when a good friend of the Mayor runs a “Charity” that has her husband providing the entertainment without full disclosure. Particularly troubling for a Mayor who promotes openness and transparency

    For example, if the husband is donating the time and expenses for the event as promotion for their band — then the public should be made aware so we can; 1) acknowledge the donation, and 2) possibly provide “paid” work as a thank you.

    However, if the husband is being paid, then should we also know how much since this band is the only one that seems to be booked. Again if the amount is an highly subsidized amount wouldn’t the public again want to acknowledge the generous donation? If the amount is not highly subsidized, then who else had been given the opportunity to secure these gigs? Are there other local bands that would be willing to donate or subsidize their fees? Typical, and fair, questions that would be asked in any fund-raising organization.

    To be clear, I have no indication that this is anything but a highly motivated team working hard in the best interests of the town and should be applauded and supported in their efforts with our sincere thanks. However, it’s the lack of transparency that causes the concern — not the actual activity.

    My suggestion — make the books public and then let’s all get behind their efforts for the betterment of Aurora.

  53. Anonymous said

    The Chamber of Commerce website is asking that cheques for the fundraiser held on Friday, April 4th at the Aurora Royal Canadian Legion Hall be made payable to The Aurora Dream Team. Given that they’ve got a business/charity name, doesn’t that mean they must be registered as one?

    “Your donation will be an investment building both your business and the heart of Aurora’s community. Become a Town hero: Help bring home our parade!”


    At $700 per table, it sounds like they’re bringing in lots of money.

  54. Evelyn Buck said

    The Dream Team is not a town initiative although the Mayor and some councillors have been involved and I believe have lent their support.

    The questions raised in this post are serious. They are being asked in the community and they should not be ignored.

    There has been no lack of publicity for the event. Yet there are gaps in the story. How much money was raised? Many donations in kind were apparently received and dinner was provided and served at Jonathan’s.There were over sixty volunteers and I understand some were turned away. How was the money spent?

    Perhaps the Regional Police is the agency providing oversight and ensuring whatever laws there are about fundraising from the public have been observed.

    Perhaps the post should be forwarded to the appropriate department for attention and assurance that regulations have been followed.

    There is no other public agency I can think of better able to provide the answers.

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