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Street Lights on Wellington

Posted by auroracitizen on March 3, 2009

Driving along Wellington from the 404, check out the street lamps. Initially all the street lamps were a “heritage” design. These were probably chosen because this stretch is referred to as the gateway to Aurora and they added to the overall look of this gateway.

However, now dotted through these “heritage” models are the modern version — so as one travels into Aurora they are treated to 2 different types of light standards.

What happened? This is probably a Regional road, but is there not some agreed design standard between the Town and the Region that provides for a consistent look? What is Council’s role to ensure that design standards are met?

Frankly, it looks awful. Not consistent with the “hip, upscale and well-educated” community Council promotes.

Next time you are driving through — check it out. Let your local Councillor or Mayor know if you agree.

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4 Responses to “Street Lights on Wellington”

  1. Robert the Bruce said

    I drove along this route yesterday to see what was happening – I normally don’t get over to the east because it’s too far away.

    What I saw was that the “modern” lights were erected at intersections while the “heritage” lights were not. I am not an urban engineer or anything but perhaps there is a certain amount of light required at intersections for safety and the heritage style lights do not provide it. Perhaps too, the modern style lights were erected a earlier in the life cycle of this road and only at the intersections. Perhaps the cost to replace would be too much?

    Just some ideas.

    I agree that it looks bad however.


  2. Anonymous said

    Speaking of consumed with paranoia – it is not Phyllis that responded. Speaking of the double string of street lights – they have been up for well over 5 years. Ask Tim Jones why. This oddity was on his watch.

  3. Anonymous said

    I’m not sure what Tim Jones has to do with this, Phyllis.
    I hadn’t noticed the different lights before, but having looked specificially I see that they are at the intersections. Perhaps there is a regional requirement for a specific light standard at intersections?

  4. Anonymous said

    Has been so for years. I’d love to hear the reason. Tim Jones may have the answer.

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