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Positive Image Important for Aurora

Posted by auroracitizen on February 28, 2009

In her weekly column in The Auroran, Mayor Morris states, “A positive Town image helps us to protect and enhance the financial investment we each made in our homes and businesses. A positive image also helps keep us competitive.”

She may consider it great that the New York Times thinks we are “hip, upscale and well-educated”. But what do they actually know know about Aurora (maybe they are confusing us with Aurora Illinois, or Aurora Colorado) and what was their criteria for this conclusion. More importantly, these writers don’t live, work or vote in Aurora, so how informed is their opinion.

She should be more concerned about how the community and local businesses views itself. 680 NEWS has reported at least a couple times this term about how dysfunctional the Council is.

Having a positive image is great, as long as it is for the right things. Characteristics such as well-run, fiscally responsible, open and transparent, community driven. When we can all agree that these are happening in Aurora, maybe folks closer to home will have a positive image.

It is great to see public consultation is underway. Let’s hope there is poltical will to listen and act accordingly.

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9 Responses to “Positive Image Important for Aurora”

  1. Anonymous said

    Sean Pearce of The Banner has a great job. He just sits back and lets Phyllis and Evelina write his pieces. I don’t see other councillors quoted in his articles – just the Mayor and Co-Mayor.

  2. Anonymous said

    What makes anyone think that after two and half years of this leadership that Mayor Morris is now capable of turning this administration around to be a productive, efficient, well functioning group? Would you not think we would have seen even a twinkle of competency by now? November 2010 cannot come soon enough.

  3. Anonymous said

    Piffle is what this Mayor relishes. Now if she’d just knuckle down to what is important, and it isn’t her personal profile!

  4. Robert the Bruce said

    I was almost in a state of laughter when I read this quote:

    “If we can’t change simple stuff like this, we’ll never handle the big things we need to do for the planet,” said Aurora’s mayor, Phyllis Morris.

    Guess what Phyllis, you have not been able to handle the big things for the Town let alone the planet.

    I did not realize that the “Hip, Upscale…..” tag came from the NY Times. I thought it was a brainstorm along the same lines as the “Arts Year” that was 2008 in Aurora – I know I did not get the name right, that is the point.

    While a good positive image is what this town needs, the administrators of this town – both elected and staff – need to work on the issues that matter. Things like budgets, services and the like. The positive image will be gained when they clean up the problems that tend to hang around Town Hall. Sadly, November 2010 is the first opportunity that it will happen.

  5. Anonymous said

    As you can see, it is a throw away line in a puff piece on the “right to a clothesline” movement…

    Aurora has far more serious concerns to deal with than this piffle.

  6. Anonymous said

    The continued reference by the Mayor, to what I understand was a NY Times blog reference as Aurora being “hip, upscale and well-educated”, is embarrassing.

  7. Heather Sisman said

    I found it.. it’s amazing how many hits there are on Google for ‘Aurora hip upscale well-educated’ – looks like the NY Times has been quoted many times.

  8. Anonymous said

    Does anyone have a link to the article that has been quoted?

  9. Anonymous said

    though the article did mention Aurora (ontario) very briefly, it did go on quite a bit about Aurora Colorado. So perhaps there is a bit of confusion?

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