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Happy Valentines Day

Posted by auroracitizen on February 14, 2009

Since today is Valentines Day, take a moment to thank an elected politician for their commitment.

Regardless of whether we agree or disagree, being a politician is a thankless job. The hours are long and the pay stinks. They are constantly being second guessed and complained about and rarely receive credit for the long hours they devote to the job.

So today, let’s remember that we live in a great Country that gives us the privilege to agree or disagree and remember the folks elected to serve are people too.

So if you see a politician today — give them a hug and say thanks!

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13 Responses to “Happy Valentines Day”

  1. Anonymous said

    Spam on this blog? Pretty suspicious I’d say. Wonder what the “real” story will be.

  2. Anonymous said

    How did spam pass the moderator’s screening?

  3. Aurora Citizen said

    The deleted Feb 20 post was not a comment but spam content copied from another blog and posted here.

  4. Anonymous said

    Didn’t the blog moderator post it?
    Was it posted or deleted at 9:32 PM?
    What process led to the deletion?

  5. Anonymous said

    Who posted the blog?
    Who removed it?

  6. Anonymous said

    Who posted the blog?
    Who removed it?

  7. StephanieAllen said

    Wow, well put Evelyn! It’s been bugging me too, but I wasn’t able to put it as eloquently as you. Good points. I do look forward to a response from a critic with actual substance for a good debate or something to ponder. But one seems to have yet to appear.

  8. Evelyn Buck said

    The Citizen makes a valuable contribution to the public debate. Persons unknown spend time putting it together. No community status is derived. There’s no sign of financial advantage.

    While they revile the publication, its greatest critics clearly attend to it.

    Most comments made are in response to political questions. At this point, the majority engage in spluttering outrage at the mere existence of the Citizen.

    I don’t read the Toronto Sun. I expect to be irritated by its sleazy slant. I do myself a favour. I read it only where it’s all that’s available and I have a long wait.

    I believe the people who read The Citizen and are critical of its concept have a stake in undermining the potential influence of citizens having their own forum.

    So far the critics only contribution seems to be vitriolic diatribe. There is apparently little interest in engaging in civil conversation.

    The pattern is itself revealing. It will eventually have influence. But not necessarily what the writers intend.

    Commendations to the Citizen and the Citizens who enjoy the opportunity to contribute to the public debate.

    And a belated Happy Valentine!

  9. Dekhard said

    To the site moderator, please, please, please stop posting the requests (demands?) for your identity.

    It is boring, tiresome, and really annoying!

    The two control freaks (and their minions) are clearly behind the demands to know who you are…so please stop enabling their paranoia by printing their insecurity-driven demands…

    For the sake of the rest of the population who are not megalomaniacs obsessed with the need to control all communication

    Just keep doing what you’re doing

    and STOP printing those silly posts…


  10. Anonymous said

    Of all the people who may need our thanks and hugs: family, friends, lovers, caregivers, doctors, nurses: politicians have never been in the running, as a group.
    I’d appreciate knowing who wrote this. Is that possible?

  11. Anonymous said

    Happy Valentines Day To all the staff and elected officials at the Town of Aurora.

  12. Anonymous said

    Some feel that Valentine’s Day is silly for other than the very young.
    Some feel it is for the romantics.
    But on this blog that is either a petty or brutal attack machine, my head is still spinning, as it tries to send out messages to the appropriate body parts to process the idea that we, in Aurora, would hug a politician for Valentine’s Day.
    Be still my heart, and bowels.
    I think I’d rather branch out and hug a tree.

  13. Anonymous said

    What a hoot!
    Just made me wonder who is behind this site?
    Are they well?

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