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Congratulations to York Region! So what’s up with Aurora?

Posted by auroracitizen on October 31, 2008

Recently the Regional Municipality of York was named one of the top 75 companies to work for in the GTA.

Congratulations are due to both Council and senior staff. Any HR person with even basic knowledge of workplace culture knows that a result like this comes only with strong leadership by the senior team at the organization. When they lead by example and create an organizational culture based on respect, then employee satisfaction and quality customer service is an outcome.

So what about Aurora? It really illustrates just how dysfunctional our own Council is. What is particularly ironic is that the Mayor lists her background in HR as one of her credentials for the job. One only has to look at the level of moral in the town staff and defections by the senior team to realize that the malaise in the town starts at the very top.

One need only look back one term and they can see the dramatic changes. Staff didn’t change, so what was the variable?

Possibly Mayor Morris and her cronies — who seem to delight in embarassing staff as often as possible in public, or intimidating them in private — could start to model the behaviour of colleagues at the regional level and demonstrate some of the HR expertise that she claims.

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11 Responses to “Congratulations to York Region! So what’s up with Aurora?”

  1. Anonymous said

    This may be helpful in answering your question…

    Investigation by judge

    274. (1) If a municipality so requests by resolution, a judge of the Superior Court of Justice shall,

    (a) investigate any supposed breach of trust or other misconduct of a member of council, an employee of the municipality or a person having a contract with the municipality in relation to the duties or obligations of that person to the municipality;

    (b) inquire into any matter connected with the good government of the municipality; or

    (c) inquire into the conduct of any part of the public business of the municipality, including business conducted by a commission appointed by the council or elected by the electors. 2001, c. 25, s. 274 (1).

    (2) In making the investigation or inquiry, the judge has the powers of a commission under Part II of the Public Inquiries Act, which Part applies to the investigation or inquiry as if it were an inquiry under that Act. 2001, c. 25, s. 274 (2).

    or perhaps a complaint to the ombudsman might do the trick.

  2. Me Contra said

    Enough – folks, really: is there any legal way to impeach this mayor and council and force a re-vote?

  3. Anonymous said

    “Congratulations are due to both Council and senior staff. Any HR person with even basic knowledge of workplace culture knows that a result like this comes only with strong leadership by the senior team at the organization. When they lead by example and create an organizational culture based on respect, then employee satisfaction and quality customer service is an outcome.”

    That the Region was able to win this award shows the adage BS baffles brains is alive and well in York Region.Praising councillors and senior staff is absolutely nauseating. Staff morale especially in the works area is especially troubling. Key senior staff have already left and many others have their resumes at the ready for any reasonable opportunity outside the region. It seems the Region having spent hundreds of thousands of dollars encouraging management development and succession planning decided to disregard the $$ and hire outside for Commissioners (Environment and
    Roads and Transit)bypassing emininently qualified and in one case International Award Winner and former Employee of the Year.
    What is troublesome for most was the entire process was highjacked by a CAO whose abilities was best articulated by Mayors Grossi and Emmerson during the Regional Councillors Christmas Party where CAO Bruce McGregor was given a mirror to admire himself with and a report card that gave him an A+ for ass kissing the Regional Chair’s (Bill Fisch) and an F+ for employee relations.How this award was won is one thing but to laud the councillors and senior staff now thats crossing the line of decency!!!

  4. Anonymous said

    ah yes, the “select group” argument…

    Truly pathetic Phyllis to keep trotting this out (what is that truism, “repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth???”

    (I would say it’s her sidekick evelina, but it’s not vicious enough, and it’s kind of literate…so it definitely can’t be her…)

    If by “select group” you mean the spokespeople for the majority of aurorans, then I agree that it speaks volumes.

    to denigrate the members of the silent, but make no mistake about it, POWERFUL, group of citizens in this community that dare to say that things are NOT as they should be, that we are losing our valuable assets – both social and financial capital – is to do a grave disservice to our community.

    LISTEN to what people are saying for god’s sake

    and do something about it!!!

    and that goes for ALL OF YOU on COuncil!!

    Bob, Evelyn and Alison – keep speaking your minds! don’t just sit there!!!

    Al, John and Wendy – we know you see the light – open your mouths and SAY something

    as for granger, all hope is lost for you… From the scuttlebutt around town, you can’t talk unless someone writes it down for you – and we know who that “someone” is…

    as for the Co-mayors? your time will come, 23 months from now…

  5. Anonymous said

    Morris states her background in HR. Doesn’t mean she is any good at it.

    I think it’s hilarious when people take shots at this site. Short, or shall I say selective memories! These same people (they can call themselves anonymous if they like) did more of their own behind the scenes mudslinging and just can’t handle the truth.

  6. Anonymous said

    If someone commits a crime or demonstrates unacceptable behaviour, would anonymous have us believe that if it is spoken about more than once it is a boring rehash? Or is this just hoping and wishing that people will stop talking about the problem so they can continue their unacceptable behaviour?

    This Council wishes that would happen.

    Unfortunately, people continue to be concerned and want to see improvement.

    History has shown that change only happens when people refuse to ignore the problem.

    My advice to anonymous, address the problem and people will no longer have to “rehash” the issues. By keeping the issue in the conversation, maybe Council will eventually start to listen and address the problems.

  7. Aurora Citizen said

    To anonymous who felt the site was only a pulpit for a select group — we encourage and print all points of view.

    Those that participate are concerned about their community enough to comment, if that is the select group of which you speak, then we agree.

    Please submit a post that you feel is lifting up Aurora on any topic and we will gladly publish it.

    We look forward to receiving your contribution.

  8. Anonymous said

    It can only be called rehash when it stops – it has not stopped so it’s still current events! And as for boring, I doubt if those being subjected to the treatment consider it “boring”.

  9. Anonymous said

    It’s obvious that this site is a pulpit for a select group.
    I check back now and again hopeful of a change, and continue to be disappointed.
    Trashing others is easy, distasteful.
    I’m looking for meaningful change.
    I’m wary of participating under the conditions you’ve established… kind of like Ev’s site.
    This site seems to be political, as opposed to lifting up Aurora.

  10. Anonymous said

    Rehash or reminder?
    It’s factual, so I’ll take it as a reminder.

  11. Anonymous said

    Boring rehash… again and again and again.

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