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For the love of Aurora

Posted by auroracitizen on August 19, 2008

My family has lived in Aurora for many years. We love it here. Whenever we talk to friends who don’t live here, we are reminded how lucky we are to live in a small(ish) community but still close enough to visit the “big city” whenever we need something we can’t get right here in Aurora. But really, who needs to go to Toronto very often. Just about everything you need is right here.

However, with busy schedules, we often don’t have the time to keep up with what’s happening in town. So to augment our local papers, I have decided to create an online community where folks who have news and views about the community can gather.

Hopefully you will find it time well spent and add your voice to the conversation.

2 Responses to “For the love of Aurora”

  1. Anonymous said

    A comment to Grace Marsh. This resident very much misses your contribution on council.
    When you were first elected I was very hopeful for change, and appreciated your measured and considered opinions.
    It was unfortunate that you decided to leave council where your voice would have greater impact.
    That you took the “high road” at the time of your departure was very understandable.
    It was regrettable that your decision to leave did give Mayor Morris the opportunity to use your departure to her advantage. An unfortunate result, but one that shouldn’t have been a surprise to yourself, or to any resident that watches/attends council meetings.
    And then the uproar of the by-election vs. appointment.
    That you finally wrote a letter to the editor to further explain the reasons for your departure gave residents much needed insight into the challenges that you faced.
    Perhaps you can now share some insights from your time on council?
    First-hand knowledge, instead of hearsay and speculation, would give a unique perspective to how our council town works.
    But, I suppose, then you’d have to consult legal counsel at your own expense.
    Grace, please continue to comment and share as much as prudently possible.
    The challenge you now face in any communication regarding council is that you can be categorized by the ruling faction and their supporters as another disgruntled former councillor, as opposed to a tax-paying resident who has the full right to question and comment on any town issue.

    A Concerned Scribe

  2. Grace Marsh said

    What a great idea! I look forward to reading future posts and adding my own voice.

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