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Geoff Dawe Says Thanks

Posted by auroracitizen on October 27, 2010

This is my first official communication as Mayor Elect and my very enjoyable first task is to thank all my volunteers!

It has been a fabulous experience. I met wonderful people — and made many new friends.  It makes me proud to call Aurora my home.

I noted early in my campaign that if it takes a village to raise a child, then it takes a community to elect a Mayor. And, a big part of this community are the volunteers who gave so graciously of their time, talents and treasures. Without all your support and hard work I would not have been successful. You worked days, nights and weekends for weeks and months to make this a reality — and for that support I could not be more grateful.

I am humbled by the confidence and trust you and the people of Aurora have placed in me. Thank you!

Thank you for placing your faith in me. Thank you for the opportunity to work together to put the Aura back in Aurora.

It is my commitment to work as hard for you in the next 4 years, as you did for Monday night.

I am extremely proud that we ran a clean, hard-fought race and we can all hold our heads high for demonstrating that an election campaign that follows the rules and stays focused on the issues can be successful.

It’s often said, that behind every successful man is a good woman – in my case it is 4 — so a special thanks to my wife and daughters for all their support and hard work.

I would like to offer a special note of recognition to all who put their names forward for this election — and especially the many volunteers who unselfishly worked for each candidate. Aurora is a stronger, more vibrant community because of your commitment. Running for public office takes a special dedication and anyone who puts their name forward deserves our thanks.

I would also like to recognize the large numbers of people who worked election night, and leading up to the election, to make sure every citizen of Aurora had the opportunity to exercise their right to vote. They are often the unrecognized support workers who make each election possible.

And, lastly, I would like to offer my congratulations to those Councillors who have been elected. The community faces a number of challenges and I am excited about working together as we move forward.

On Monday, the residents of Aurora delivered a message. They spoke loudly and clearly that they demand change:

  • They demand Leadership that listens — and returns respect and civility to the Council table
  • They demand we rebuild our sense of Community — where we work with each other
  • They demand Accountability that is not just words — but truly open and transparent
  • They demand action!

And, with the help and support of the new Council, that is what I intend to do — to hit the ground running and start getting things done!

As I clearly stated during my campaign — my initial priorities will be to address the issues of:

  • Building a team with fellow Council members and with staff
  • A Strategic Plan that serves the needs of residents based on input from all residents
  • The Integrity Commissioner & The Code of Conduct
  • Stop wasting taxpayers hard-earned dollars on legal battles and consultant fees that bring no value to taxpayers
  • Building a 2011 budget that reflects the needs of all Aurora residents

These will be our priorities beginning with the first Council meeting. The residents have “hired” me and my fellow Councillors to get things done – and there is no reason to delay.

It is time to put the past behind us and look forward to the future. The residents have spoken. It is time for the Council to act on their behalf.

Thank you for the privilege of leading the new team that will put the Aura back in Aurora.

Geoff Dawe

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