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Geoff Dawe Says Thanks

Posted by auroracitizen on October 27, 2010

This is my first official communication as Mayor Elect and my very enjoyable first task is to thank all my volunteers!

It has been a fabulous experience. I met wonderful people — and made many new friends.  It makes me proud to call Aurora my home.

I noted early in my campaign that if it takes a village to raise a child, then it takes a community to elect a Mayor. And, a big part of this community are the volunteers who gave so graciously of their time, talents and treasures. Without all your support and hard work I would not have been successful. You worked days, nights and weekends for weeks and months to make this a reality — and for that support I could not be more grateful.

I am humbled by the confidence and trust you and the people of Aurora have placed in me. Thank you!

Thank you for placing your faith in me. Thank you for the opportunity to work together to put the Aura back in Aurora.

It is my commitment to work as hard for you in the next 4 years, as you did for Monday night.

I am extremely proud that we ran a clean, hard-fought race and we can all hold our heads high for demonstrating that an election campaign that follows the rules and stays focused on the issues can be successful.

It’s often said, that behind every successful man is a good woman – in my case it is 4 — so a special thanks to my wife and daughters for all their support and hard work.

I would like to offer a special note of recognition to all who put their names forward for this election — and especially the many volunteers who unselfishly worked for each candidate. Aurora is a stronger, more vibrant community because of your commitment. Running for public office takes a special dedication and anyone who puts their name forward deserves our thanks.

I would also like to recognize the large numbers of people who worked election night, and leading up to the election, to make sure every citizen of Aurora had the opportunity to exercise their right to vote. They are often the unrecognized support workers who make each election possible.

And, lastly, I would like to offer my congratulations to those Councillors who have been elected. The community faces a number of challenges and I am excited about working together as we move forward.

On Monday, the residents of Aurora delivered a message. They spoke loudly and clearly that they demand change:

  • They demand Leadership that listens — and returns respect and civility to the Council table
  • They demand we rebuild our sense of Community — where we work with each other
  • They demand Accountability that is not just words — but truly open and transparent
  • They demand action!

And, with the help and support of the new Council, that is what I intend to do — to hit the ground running and start getting things done!

As I clearly stated during my campaign — my initial priorities will be to address the issues of:

  • Building a team with fellow Council members and with staff
  • A Strategic Plan that serves the needs of residents based on input from all residents
  • The Integrity Commissioner & The Code of Conduct
  • Stop wasting taxpayers hard-earned dollars on legal battles and consultant fees that bring no value to taxpayers
  • Building a 2011 budget that reflects the needs of all Aurora residents

These will be our priorities beginning with the first Council meeting. The residents have “hired” me and my fellow Councillors to get things done – and there is no reason to delay.

It is time to put the past behind us and look forward to the future. The residents have spoken. It is time for the Council to act on their behalf.

Thank you for the privilege of leading the new team that will put the Aura back in Aurora.

Geoff Dawe

40 Responses to “Geoff Dawe Says Thanks”

  1. Anonymous said

    Does anyone else get the feeling from the last few days that the group of elcted officials that was so against blogging has discovered it for themselves and are merrily blogging along here? How’s that for hypocrisy?

  2. Concerned about your support of Sport Aurora said

    First of all congratulations.

    You ran a good campaign and Aurora put its trust in your hands.

    We are looking forward to a more cooperative, accountable and transparent political environment.

    What concerns me is the influence that lobby groups may have on you as evident from your recent comments in the media about Sport Aurora and the unprofessional attack on on one of the mayoral candidates at the Oct 17th debate.

    I hope that you had no part in what appeared to be a “set up” to settle old scores by the president of Sport Aurora.

    I know you were present for the debate, but I would like to refresh your memory.

    After explaining the rules (only one question and no more than a minute) the host, president and MC of the event, Mr. Weese, went straight to the third position in line to ask his prepared question of Nigel Kean (and only Mr. Kean) regarding the soccer turf field at Sheppard’s Bush. He kept on attacking Mr. Kean for approximately 7-8 minutes, well beyond the limits imposed by his own rules.

    I couldn’t believe that he hijacked the debate to and use it as a platform to apparently further an agenda and settle old conflicts. As the host and MC of the event it was totally inappropriate, to say the least.

    You could clearly see that Mr. Kean was taken off guard, but with his family at the event he decided to take the high ground and not confront Mr. Weese with his shortcomings regarding the issue.

    It is disturbing that you made comments in the media supporting the “volunteers” working at Sport Aurora, without any concern regarding their conduct at the debate, and clearly without doing any research as to their agenda.

    Although Mr. Weese is the president, I believe that he is not an active member of any Aurora sports organization. From his comments at the debate I concluded that he apparently wants to build more facilities, so he was not particularly supportive when the point was made that we should first fix the fields we already have.

    I am concerned that you are inadvertently supporting another layer of sport government with what may turn out to be a political and commercial agenda.

    I urge you to assure us that you had nothing to do with this political set-up.

    • KA-NON said

      Oh pu-leazzzz…

      Mr. Dawe issues a polite, and appropriate, thank you to a bunch of sports volunteers, at a campaign debate about sport, and you are using that to insinuate he was party, in advance, to a planned attack on Nigel Kean?

      Whoever you are, I will give you the benefit of the doubt, and assume that you are smarter than to actually believe that, and therefore I must believe that your statement above is, to quote a former integrity commisioner, “wholly political”.

      The first, and most obvious, point to make is : Do you really think that Geoff Dawe was so afraid of Nigel Kean in this race that he would engineer an attack on him about sports turfs? More important than that, however, is that until proven otherwise, I don’t believe that Mr. Dawe would be that underhanded. And by the way, I have met Mr. Dawe exactly once, for about 15 seconds when I shook his hand during the campaign, so I am not a Dawe apologist,

      If you have a beef with Mr. Weese, and you may well have, take it to him.


  3. evelyn.buck said

    It’s entertaining to read all the reasons people come up with for why I have been elected.

    Robert the Bruce likes to keep repeating his arguments whether or not people agree with him.

    Numbers feel I am not entitled to respect just because I am old. If not then, when.

    Some people thought I kept getting elected because my name came first on the ballot.

    Now they are telling each other I get elected because people feel sorry for me.

    I think those candidates who were just defeated completely and consistently underestimated this community’s sense of what is right and sensible.

    When you look for logic in the reasons they find to comfort themselves, maybe that’s not surprising.

    Did anyone notice Hugo T Kroon tried again for a Council seat ? Didn’t make it…again.

    Maybe Hugo’s name was too far down the ballot or people didn’t feel sorry for him because he keeps insulting the People of Aurora or that he tried before or they didn’t think he had enough respect for old people, one in particular.

    Hugo could probably find a reason in there somewhere that doesn’t have anything to do with reality.

    • Anonymous said

      Thats right Buck, all those candidates who were just defeated consistently underestimated this community’s sense of what is right and sensible. They would have all been elected otherwise right?

      WRT you, I think people are just grasping to find the the logic in something that is seemingly so nonsensical. Perhaps the creator consistently does this to us to test our fortitude. If it doesn’t kill us it will only make us stronger.

    • Robert the Bruce said

      Robert the Bruce likes to keep repeating his arguments whether or not people agree with him.

      Hello Pot, meet Kettle.

      Clearly some do agree with me – that makes you upset.

      I hope that I am wrong about your behaviour during the upcoming term of office. I am not going to hold my breath however. History may be repeated. I think that we have a lot of unknowns with the new council. Everyone is so willing to be helpful and willing to work with each other right now. I pity the first councillor that disagrees with you in a council session – their name will be all over your blog and Ron’s newspaper the next week.


    • Anonymous said

      I could even live with that Robert, if she simply stuck to the facts. She doesn’t. Usually she weaves in snide little insults with it. Hardly an appropriate way for a town councilor to behave. I too hope you are wrong, but I suspect you are right. Dawe will have his work cut out for him as both Morris and Jones did before him. I wish him luck.

    • Anonymous said

      This debate is what democracy is all about and Evelyn generates debates.

      Kudos to you Evelyn as well for engaging in this forum. Most politicians do not have the guts to have a frank conversation with the people this directly and take on criticism the way you do. I am sure you learn a lot about the community’s opinions in this way (whether you choose to heed it or not).

      I would like to see more councillors participate on this site. Maybe more of us would vote next time.

    • Moved On said

      The people rendered their verdict on the MorMac versus Buck issue on Monday night – and it wasn’t even close!

      Deal with it.

    • No more Doom and Gloom said

      Wow!! , what a tough crowd, can’t we play nice??

    • KA-NON said

      Yooo, chill all! Let’s see what the session brings.

      The cool thing is that there are a lot more people participating in this blog now than there were at the start of this most recent council term. We will all have a chance to watch this new term unfold, and to comment on the goings-on in real time. With so many new council players, even all the old issues will renew themselves, and we will all get a chance to comment on who is being truthful, who is spinning, who is giving and getting respect, etc.

      Should be fun! Also, as per Elizabeth Bishenden’s comment on another thread, it really would be great if everyone who does not wish to use their own name on this blog would pick a nick-name and stick with it. Would help keep everyone in this “community” straight.

  4. The majority of Aurorans said

    It is gratifying to see the magnitude of Geoff’s success this past Monday.

    What disturbs me is the number of Aurorans who voted as a percentage of those eligible.

    The number of ballots for mayor is only 800 higher than the last time. There were serious issues and diverse personalities in this year’s election. But the number who voted was less than that four years ago, taking into account the growth in the town’s population.

    This is not a healthy sign in a democracy.

    • George Gonsalves said

      In Australia, voting is a duty and failing to do so is an offence punishable by a substantial fine. Unfortunately, Canada has no charter of duties and responsibilities to counter the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and we do not take our duties too seriously.

  5. Augustinius said

    While Geoff Dawe won a tremendous political victory, what is far more important is that his success was a triumph for morality.

  6. I am glad that my vote won this time!
    Congratulations to all.
    Anna 🙂

  7. evelyn.buck said

    I echo Geoff Dawe’s appreciation for the community we share.

    I never doubted for a moment the people of Aurora would always support the best that is in us.

    I look forward to working with the Mayor-elect and all of the Councillors-elect to restore the Town’s reputation for sound and honest business management and concern for the needs of all of the people.

    • Kelli said

      Way to go Evelyn!

      There was absolutley no doubt that you would be gracing the halls of the Town Office again!

      You are an absolute jewel in the crown of Aurora, and I am so proud to have you as one of our council members once again! This town would not be half as great if it was not for you!

    • One who Knows said

      There was never any doubt that you would be back in the chair Ev , the old adage, “The truth will prevail” is alive and well in this fair hamlet, Only this time you will be shown the respect you so well deserve, just as you have shown to others over your illustrious career in politics. You have an even more important role this term given the new members on Council, and your expertise on the rules of order around the table. I’m sure it will be welcomed by all. Best wishes for another Term in Office !!!

    • Anonymous said

      “Only this time you will be shown the respect you so well deserve, just as you have shown to others over your illustrious career in politics.”

      Oh yeah! I’m sure of it. She’ll get exactly the same respect she has shown others. But I’m not sure that’s a good thing, or even any different.

    • PArkview 7 said

      That’s right, Anonymous 8:57 pm, you work it out. Keep trying to let go of the bitterness. We’re all here for you, we know you can do it.

    • Anonymous said

      PArkview 7

      Dude, someone described this woman recently to me as “crusty” and I couldn’t have put it better myself. You are just looking back at this term and blaming the mayor. Look back another 10 years and see who the S#1t disturber is. It’s not MY bitterness you have to worry about.

    • Anonymous said

      Respect is not deserved, it is earned. Based on how Ms Buck has presented herself in council over the last two terms, she has not earned my respect. Being old does not mean you have earned respect. You reap what you sew and she needs to start respecting the others too.

      Hiding behind the facade of “telling the truth” is a chicken-s**t approach for explaining how you disagree with everyone.

      I do not look forward to another 4 years of weekly near-full page letters to the editor talking about how she did something back in the ’70s and tie it to a council decision that she does not agree with. I think 5000+ residents made a mistake by feeling sorry for Buck.

      While the Code of Conduct is probably going to die, Dawe needs to set the ground rules soon about telling stories out of class and reign in this rogue.

    • Thanks Will Be Given Come October said

      Parkview 7 and Anonymous October 28, 2010 at 7:06am

      Keep it up both of you. Demonstrating the freedom of expression blogs like this provide justifies their existence all the more.

      The last council was roundly criticised for some of its actions, I’m sure there will be a faction that will do so this term.

      If it is constructive criticism I’m also sure it will be noted and acted upon. I also expect the ‘acknowledge and ignore’ option may be exercised. This past term the problem was the ‘acknowledge’ part was missing too often.

    • Matt Maddocks said

      “I think 5000+ residents made a mistake by feeling sorry for Buck.”

      This is exactly the type of elitist, “we-know-better-than-you” attitude the voters gave the boot to on Monday night.

      Bravely posted, “Anonymous”.

    • Oliver Closov said

      “This is exactly the type of elitist,…”

      And some would say a slightly smaller number of residents made a mistake by putting Geaertner back in. Is that elitist? It’s called an opinion and we all have a right to have our own.

      The truth of it will be shown to us soon enough. Let’s see how many times Dawe reprimands her or gives her the boot from the chamber.

      Given this woman’s history I would say this opinion has merit.

    • Kron Prinz Ferdinand said

      Speak for yourself Matt. I’m no morrisite, but neither am I a Buckmeister. I have read our locals like others, and see that Ms. Buck was as much a part of the problem as anyone else as far as civility goes. Where i differ with Anonymous @9:09’s analysis is that I see 5000+ voting by reflex or name recognition, more than feeling sorry for the councillor-elect. In fact, I was fed-up way before Rogers cable took over the Town, as watching council meetings made me think that I was watching the British parliamentary channel than the municipality of Aurora given both Buck’s and Morris’ foreign accents.

    • Robert the Bruce said

      I agree with the Prinz and Oliver and that should not be a surprise for anyone that have read my posts before. I don’t think that name recognition played a factor in getting Buck elected as much as her being portrayed as the victim and the GOS the bully. Everyone likes to help the victim. As far as the accents are concerned, there is nothing wrong with a good Scottish accent – Morris’ left me wondering if she was once wandering the streets of a cockney neighbourhood before she made her way here.

      I doubt that Buck will change her tactics or methods with the new Mayor and I think that you will continue to read her dissenting views every week in the paper and on her blog. I also feel that this will eventually make the Mayor have to do something to bring this under control. No matter how hard you try to present an image of unity from the Town Hall, when you have a continual anti-unity message being presented by one of your own, you will need to act. As I have said before, the time and place to show your dissent is in the council chambers during council. Coming out afterwards reeks of sour grapes and shows no respect for the process.

      For the Town’s sake, I hope that I am wrong, but if the last two terms are any indication, I think we will be having the same issues in 46 months.


    • Luckywife said

      Friends, I freely admit that I like Evelyn and am glad she will be a part of the next four years. That is not to say the I agree with all of her politics or her past behaviors. I wasn’t happy with the behavior of several members of council or the the Mayor.

      The problem was, Evelyn Buck was the only member the Mayor ever bothered to chastise or apply her precious code of conduct to. What’s more, she allowed other members to join the chorus and did not set limits on what they could say or how they behaved. If Mayor Dawe treats all members the same, if he is clear about what he accepts and expects, then he will get no critisism from me is he asks Evelyn or any of them to take a time out. I hope the change we voted for is a fair and even handed captain to steer the ship. Not a dictator who wields a blunt intrument to stamp out sedition. We already had that kind of government.


    • Matt Maddocks said

      Oliver – by my “elitist, we-know-better…” comment, I was referrring to Anonymous’ lump-sum conclusion that 5000+ residents made a mistake. I voted for Evelyn Buck, and I made no mistake. It was thought out and carefully condsidered. If you were one of the 5000+ who also voted for Evelyn, are you content with being told you made a mistake? I have never felt sorry for Evelyn. She’s tougher than nails. I have felt sorry for those who’ve tried to discredit her though. My vote is my democratic right. I voted for Phyllis Morris 4 years ago. That vote, when cast, was no mistake. It was also carefully thought out. The mistake I made was allowing myself to be conned by her in the first place.

      Kron – I do speak for myself, which is why I disagree with Anonymous comment that I, along with 5000+ others, made a mistake.

    • Forest Gump said

      I once took a management course on how to deal with difficult people.

      Have you ever worked with someone that would complain the Mr. X was a pain to deal with? And, Mrs. Y was a difficult person to work with? And Ms Z was always throwing up roadblocks to you? Then you take a look at the situation and you can see that this person feels that all of the others have a problem. Nine times out of ten, the problem is not with Mr. X, Mrs. Y or Ms Z; the problem is with the original person. It is that person that is the difficult person.

      Last council, Ms Buck had a problem with Wilson, Granger, Gallo, McEachren, Morris and Gaertner. I submit to you, Ms Buck is the difficult person to deal with. Respect is a 2-way street. Yes, Wilson rolled his eyes and Gaertner had the vacant look but Buck took every opportunity to tell the world (or those interested in reading it), through her letters to the editor or blog, that SHE was right and everyone else was wrong. She has no idea of cooperation.

      She needs to take some responsibility for the last 4 years. She needs to stop hading behind the mantle of “Speaker of truth” and people here need to realize that she has you fooled.

      And that’s all I can say about that.

    • Thanks Will Be Given Come October said

      Hey Forest Gump,

      I just read your opinion on Councillor Buck. After all, that’s what this blog is, a venue to express opinions. Is what you’re saying:

      Councillor Buck’s opinion on unmetered water charges bears no truth?

      Councillor Buck’s opinion on the Aurora Museum’s lack of presence at the Cultural Center bears no truth?

      Councillor Buck’s opinion on the Hydro Building rental give away bears no truth?

      Councillor Buck’s opinion on the Petch House issue bears no truth?

      I could go on.

      The truth is that her detractors were defeated. Her detractors from other councils never resorted to code of conduct complaints, they hashed out the issues between themselves and moved on.

      Life and politics is not a box of chocolates.

    • Anonymous said

      “And that’s all I can say about that.”


    • Anonymous said

      To Robert the Bruce
      Please don’t insult Cockneys. She hails from the midlands, probably pretty close to Birmingham from the sound of her.

    • British Is Not "Foreign" said

      “Morris’ left me wondering if she was once wandering the streets of a cockney neighbourhood before she made her way here.”

      RtB, your ear for English regional accents is uncanny. By ‘uncanny’ I mean ‘not even close’ – try the other end of the country.

    • The outgoing mayor’s accent is not English.

      You can see that it breaks when she is flustered or enraged (which is often)

      My hunch is she took elocution lessons, just not good ones.

    • Anonymous said

      I seem to recall hearing somewhere that she is from Shropshire, which is in the Midlands, west of Birmingham. I don’t think there is any doubt that her accent is English (from one who is also English and tuned into English dialects) and it definitely has a Birmingham type twang. Remember how she always used to say “Miss King-uh), stressing the ‘g’?

  8. Chris said

    Dear Mayor and winning Members of Council for 2011.
    Soon you will embark upon the job we hired you for.
    When you do, please take note of few important points of interest being:
    a) We resoundly and authoritatively selected a new Mayor. Running a town is a business first, last and always. Please think like business people.
    b) We chose Evelyn Buck. She is our best integrity commissioner. If you are in doubt as to how to vote, watch her and vote with integrity. She has a lot of experience and always chooses from the perspective of what is right. Seek her out and ask her opinion.
    c) We chose Paul Pirri. He could be our future. No baggage, intelligent, hopeful and ready to do what is right. He’s young and open minded. That’s’ the seed of innovation.
    Please remember, if the past council thought we weren’t watching, they were wrong.
    If they thought we wouldn’t speak up, they were wrong.
    If they thought they could stay and continue that behaviour, they were wrong.
    The previous council miscalculated our silence as apathy…boy were they wrong.
    While we applaud your success, always remember you are there to represent us. You are spending our money trying to implement our wishes that result in a town WE all want to live in.
    We do not expect you to know everything. We do expect you to vote with a conscious. If you aren’t sure about how to vote………………………ask. Reach out to each other and us.
    Private, closed door votes are not appropriate. We the electorate do not like them. They remind of how a bully operates in trying to secretly win favour for their actions. Your job is a PUBLIC job. Everything you decide on you do so on our behalf.
    Discuss and decide it in the open. You can never defend secrecy over transparency.
    Perhaps all council members new and old, could benefit from having a decision card at the ready that simply posses the following for consideration before you vote:
    a) Does this decision create revenue for the town?
    b) Will this decision stand up to intelligent debate and audit?
    c) Is this value added?
    Municipal council is not for grandstanding and ego enhancement. It is one of those rare opportunities when your fellow man has put their faith in you to do what is right for the betterment of all.
    You don’t have to vote party line….simply vote your conscious and do what is most prudent.
    If you are wrong, you are human. Admit it and seek out opportunities to make corrections.
    We the electorate are watching and are proud of you.
    Now get to work!

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