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Are You a Writer Looking For a Forum?

Posted by auroracitizen on March 30, 2012

It has been some time since we published at the AURORA CITIZEN — but maybe it’s time to get back online.

We were surprised to discover that the site is still averaging 40 – 50 visits each day in spite of the fact that there hasn’t been a new post since Nov 8, 2011. We’d like to think that’s because people in Aurora are looking for an outlet to discuss issues of importance in their community and feel that this blog is a good platform for that discussion.

We will be inviting all Councillors to participate, but we also wanted to extend a general invitation to any stakeholder who might like to contribute.

Do you have a favourite topic that you feel passionate about? Would you like to contribute to the discussion? Please send us an email if you would be interested in becoming a contributor to this blog.

We are open to all points of view that contribute to a respectful discussion about the happenings here in Aurora.

6 Responses to “Are You a Writer Looking For a Forum?”

  1. John Abel said

    It’s great to see the Citizen up and running again. I appreciate being asked to participate.

  2. jd said

    You have made my day!

  3. Sprite said

    Welcome back. Evelyn could probably use a hand with the heavy lifting.

  4. Augustinius said

    Happy hallelujah and welcome back.

  5. Anonymous said

    Thank you, Mayor Dawe. You’re doing a great job handling this situation.

  6. Geoff Dawe said

    Welcome Back!

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