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Morris Launches New Website

Posted by auroracitizen on October 19, 2011

For those wondering what the statement to be released by Phyllis Morris will have to say — check out here.

Is a re-entry into politics in the wind?

10 Responses to “Morris Launches New Website”

  1. Anonymous said

    Just in case anyone is wondering… Morris has still not posted a comment on her website. Nor has she issued the press release that she promised would be delivered “tomorrow”… ten days ago. Clearly a number of people are waiting to hear how she justifies her actions and her latest defeat.

    How can anyone who has followed this story not be waiting with baited breath for the next set of statements from Morris ? I particularly love this quote from the Banner:

    “In December, after Mrs. Morris had lost the mayoral election to Geoff Dawe, the new council voted to end the town’s involvement in the case. Up until that point, the total cost to the town was $55,000. “It’s been a huge burden carrying the town’s initiative,” Mrs. Morris said. “I have taken it as far as I felt responsible.
    “If people knew what I’ve gone through, it would be a lot easier to explain it.”

    “Carrying the town’s initiative”, “If people only knew what I’ve gone through” ! Who’s kidding who here ?

    Don’t forget that Phyllis Morris was effectively trying to bankrupt multiple families in Aurora, on the town’s dime, despite the fact that she was unable to adequately explain or justify her actions according to the courts, not to mention the defendants. This was a PRIVATE lawsuit launched unilaterally by Morris, without any warning to council or the defendants ! Based on my understanding of this case, this action was initially taken for the potential sole political and financial benefit of Morris at the sole risk and expense of the town, with no obligation for her to repay the town – ever – and despite the fact that the Code of Conduct clearly states clearly that “public office is not to be used for personal gain”. If using ten’s of thousands (maybe even hundreds of thousands) of the town’s tax dollars to potentially win $6 million and silence your political opponents, while at the same time bankrupting them isn’t classified as “personal gain”, then I don’t know what is.

    Is it any wonder why so many people remain so upset by Phyllis Morris given what many of us feel are the lame justifications she has tried to provide for her actions? … which to add insult to injury, have also been offered up in the name of integrity and good government !

    We’ve got two more lawsuits to follow and how Morris will explain and justify her actions in both instances remains to be seen. Needless to say, some of us will be watching with great interest… just as we wait for her recently promised press release and her first opinion piece to be posted on her new blog. You can only hope that Phyllis isn’t too critical of the current Mayor and council, because the potential hypocrisy could well be too hard for some of us to bare without comment.

    • October Came, Thanks were Given said

      If you go to your Funk and Wagnall’s and look up the meaning of ‘delusional’, guess whose picture will be attached to the explanation.

    • Anonymous said

      In my opinion, any opinion piece that Morris does write will not be worth the paper or screen that it is written on as far as credibility or justification are concerned.
      I want my portion of the $55k back in my pocket and out of hers! I will only be interested in hearing her explantion about how she is going to repay what she owes all of us.

  2. Cut to the chase said

    I was probably somewhat hard on the entire Aurora populace with some of my comments but there remains some significant validity.

    Evelyn, you are the best mayor Aurora ever had. If I remember correctly you lost to the boring school teacher because of a Regional Council decision on widening Wellington (really, has it been widen yet?) and cutting down a few trees.

    Goes to show that many times the electorate gets it wrong, blames the wrong people, and results in many $’s wasted in inefficient decisions

  3. Cut to the chase said

    The fact that Morris was elected to council multiple times and mayor once should make many people in Aurora think “Am I capable of voting rationally?” I remember talking to people in 2006 asking do you really want to vote for someone who says all the right things simply because you are tired of the incumbent. Morris has given Aurora negative national attention but it took a bunch of morons to elect her in the first place. If she continues to make the town the subject of ridicule in her new blog in the future you deserve to wear it. Just look at her resume on her site which the plurality of you helped her to build election after election.

    So get over the “gees, how did that go wrong?” mentality and think more than 10 seconds about how you vote beforehand in the future. The fact that Gallo and Gaertner are still on council shows that superficial sentiment still prevails in a small town where you have a bunch of stressed out commuters living beyond their means.

    Thanks Aurora Citizen for defending free speech

    • Not moron minded said

      The operative word in your second paragraph is “still.”

      The operative word with Ballard is “elected.”

      Superficiality is alive and well in Aurora. Stupidity also.

      But thankfully not to the extent they were last term.

    • Evelyn Buck said

      We should think about how we voted when Morris became Aurora’s Mayor.

      First , more than half of us didn’t.

      Second of those who did, more than half did not vote for Morris.

      The candidate won with less than a majority of votes cast.

      People had allowed themselves to be terrorized and persuaded it was possible to have a hydro corridor buried. They flocked to the meetings she organized. Council contributed $100Ks to the cause.

      Who challenged the contention?

      The Bayview neighbourhood gave her the edge that brought her to victory along with a slate of candidates riding her coat-tails in a campaign master-minded by Ken Whitehurst and Susan Walmer.

      Not another word since about the hydro corridor being buried. Local generation, the alternative to high voltage lines, was nixed in Aurora.

      Shameless pandering at a cost of millions,generally regarded the road to success at any level of politics, was the rule of the day for the next four years.

      The extraordinary fact is,with millions freely siphoned from the treasury without normal checks or balances, to ensure re-election, the tried and true formula of the past, carried to extremes, was not successful in the 2010 election in Aurora.

      Free speech didn’t do it,my friend. That is indeed a shallow perspective.

      It was keeping enough people informed every step of the way for three years and five months that made the difference on election day.

  4. veritas said

    Surely even she wouldn’t have the stupidiy or lack of insight to do such a a thing. I visited the website out of curiosity (it will remain my one and only visit). She has a section labelled “veritas” which is my handle here. I wonder if she actually knows the meaning of the word because I don’t believe she represented its essence when she was last in office.

  5. Failure Phyllis said

    How can anything this woman does have the slightest measure of credibility?

    Possibly her new blog can deal with important domestic issues like the appropriate way to use a clothes line in each of our four seasons.

    Or possibly, how to influence people and make enemies. Here she is surely an expert.

    The kindest thing she could do is move away from Aurora and take her nasty hypocritical personality with her.

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