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2011 Federal Leaders Debate (English)

Posted by auroracitizen on April 13, 2011

Share your thoughts on how the leaders did at the debate last night here.

Who won, who lost — and why?

Did Harper hold or increase his lead? Did Ignatieff make up some ground? How did Layton do?

Did any of the leaders cause you to change your opinion if you were “undecided” (What does “undecided” really mean anyway? What will help you decide?)

Based on their performance are we looking at a minority again or a majority?

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3 Responses to “2011 Federal Leaders Debate (English)”

  1. fed up said

    Too bad Helena Guergis had not held her press conference prior to the debate. Harper would have been hard pressed to defend his actions re: her plight when the other leaders went after him over his personal witch hunt of this elected official. What is scary here is that what happened to her could happen to anyone under Mr. Harper’s rule.

    • JOHN H SARGENT said

      FED UP-If you were to do a little study on the past performances of Helena Guergis other family’s members history in local politics in the Angus ,Sunni dale and Essa Township areas you might begin to wonder if she a great actress or tears were real,yet most humans would shed tears innocent or not in that situation. Hers is a very successful affluent family with connections and the means to dangle on the edge of ?? and come out of any situation appearing the savior and or the victim..That is why her comment about permanent serious family damage has been done , is debatable (She will be back) ..Every one is innocent until proven guilty, but not first time this family has been in the eye of the law..So before one votes for tears,we should know how real they are to this issue or whether were tears of embarrassment… Stephen Harper did not create the issue, and if he not acted others party leaders would have complained as they are now about others?..Not all personal checks are successful-just look at how a possible pedophile slipped through the Toronto Police Training and became a Police Officer working with children and then charged ???..

  2. Post partum said

    Why would anyone watch this?

    It’s embarrassing.

    Look for a Liberal minority.

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