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4/12/11: Council Meeting

Posted by auroracitizen on April 13, 2011

A reader has suggested that we start to open a post after each Council meeting so that people can share their thoughts and ideas with each other and Council. Going forward we will try to do so. and label as above so you know which meeting to add comments to.

4/12/11 Agenda

8 Responses to “4/12/11: Council Meeting”

  1. Anonymous said

    I am glad that Councillor Abel is keeping tabs on how our money is spent and whether we are setting the return that was agreed upon. I was dismayed that others at the table implied that he was raising an inappropriate issue. I guess they really don’t care where the money goes and whether we get no bang for our bucks. Thank goodness that councillor Thompson lent some support and agreed that it is important to make sure that agreements are upheld.
    What I found really strange is councillor Gallo’s obsession with whether cameras are rolling or not during certain discussions. What IS his problem? He expressed a lot of anxiety about this during the debate on changes to the procedural bylaw. Does he only want to pick and choose what he feels should be on camera?
    As for councillor Gaertner’s ongoing nonsense, it is becoming so tiresome but I am at the point where I leave the room when she is being so ridiculous. Perhaps the new haircut had something to do with it on Tuesday. Whose garden shears produced that look?

  2. What in tarnation? said

    Check out Alison Collins-Mrakas’ on the Her take on Councillor Gaertner’s behaviour is spot on.

  3. I would suggest until such time the town has a YouTube channel (it does not at present regardless of what Clr. Ballard has recently suggested) that a link to the Rogers video of each meeting be included here alongside the link to the agenda.

    The link to the meeting of April 12th is here:

  4. Knowledgeable in Aurora said

    I always record the meeting and watch as time permits, and so far I am only about an hour in, and am amazed at how disruptive Wendy continues to be. Once again, something as routine as minute approval could not be accomplished without her grandstanding about why she left the meeting early. Maybe her pay should be docked.

    That was quickly followed by her absolutely inappropriate comment to C Pirri following his discenting vote on her motion. Her comment was about as close to a threat as you can get, and her trying to justify or soften it after she was called out on it, just doesn’t cut it. Every Councillor should feel free to vote as they wish on every issue and not be subjected to intimidation as a result. It was a disgusting way to treat a new Councillor. I wish the Mayor had demanded she apologize to Paul (he certainly deserves one).

    In my view her explanation of “you do it for me and I’ll do it for you” clearly shows last terms “mo” of block voting and I truly hope new Councillors such as Paul never buy into that thinking. That is the behaviour we voted out – too bad Wendy doesn’t get that.

    I can hardly wait until I have the time to watch hour 2!

  5. Sid said

    Great idea.
    I’d welcome the forum also encourage comment on council’s performance before the cameras.
    Grandstanding, aggression, rudeness, time wasters etc. That type of thing.
    Some behaviour last night did not contribute anything to the business of the town.

    • Anonymous said

      I hadn’t watched council for a while so I was a little surprised when I tuned in Tuesday.
      I thought Councillor Abel did a bit of “grandstanding” on the Arts Festival promotional piece.
      I’m not a fan of the Snowballers, but the steam coming out of Abel’s ears seemed o.t.t. to me. Mr. Garbe appeared to be side-swiped as a result.
      And does Councillor Thompson ever smile? He is glum, and doesn’t seem to want to be at that table. He mumbles and grumbles. I get that Gaertner is annoying, but the exasperation Thompson and Buck expressed doesn’t change a darn thing. In fact, it shows a lack of control on their part.

    • Brickbat returns said

      You position is way off base.

      Be patient and the truth about said Jazz Festival will surface.

      The blocking of a music event presented by Mike Moran was unacceptable behavior by a representative of the Town.

      Thank Goodness they lost in the last election.

      Integrity was lacking last term and your response reeks of support of past deeds.

    • Impatient I am said

      Hey, Brickbat, what “truth about said Jazz Festival will surface”? Don’t be such a tease…fill us in now.

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