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Tsubouchi Beats Dawe To The Punch

Posted by auroracitizen on January 25, 2011

Seen as a possible bid to leave before being asked to leave, David Tsubouchi has resigned his post as Aurora Integrity Commissioner effective Feb 20.

The writing was on the wall given that 1 of Mayor Dawe’s election issues was the Code of Practice by the former Council and the role of the Integrity Commissioner in that situation. The report to deal with this issue on the agenda for Tues Jan 25 will be joined by the resignation letter from Mr Tsubouchi.

You may recall that the first Integrity Commissioner was terminated the day after his first ad only ruling declined to address the complaint against Councillor Buck because it was seen as political. Council was only slightly more successful with Tsubouchi. He recommended a reprimand on 1 of 2 complaints filed by Councillor Evelina MacEachern.

Era Banner reported that Tsubouchi commented;

“You’ve got a new mayor and council and they have their own direction and ideas with respect to this,” he said. “It actually dovetails with some of the things that I have going on right now. So it sort of works out well for me.”

In spite of the fact that Tsubouchi ruled only on the Buck complaint by other members of Council, he has been paid a monthly retainer the entire period of his contract.

During the election campaign, the code of conduct and integrity commissioner position was criticized by all four mayoral contenders.

9 Responses to “Tsubouchi Beats Dawe To The Punch”

  1. Robert the Bruce said

    When will the ads for his replacement go up?


  2. Anonymous said

    TUNA for everyone!!!!!

  3. sharon said

    Mr. Tsubouchi has saved Council and whoever the job fell to, an unpleasant task. Hopefully, this new council will readdress the need for an independant 3rd party with regard to council behavior. My husband and I loved the antics and theatrics for years watching council meetings on Tuesday evenings, no need for repeats of Americas Funniest Videos for the last 15 years in our eyes. But this last year wasn’t funny. Im so tired of all the He said She said that is still going on. Onwards and upwards, all!

    • Oh soooooo anonymous said

      From my perspective the good news is that for pure entertainment value you sill have Gaertner and Ballard to watch without a chance that their apparent obstructionary logic will win the day.

      Did you see them try and squirm out of supporting a volunteer organisation called Neighbourhood Network last night ? Wendy went as far as to suggested that she would prefer not to see anyone from Aurora volunteer in Newmarket. So much for being good neighbours. Apparently we should let municipal boarders dictate where we contribute to the greater good.

      I’m also willing to bet that Wendy added at least an hour to last night’s meeting without adding any real benefit and at least a few times it was explained to her that “we’ve already addressed that”.

      Aurora Council is as entertaining as ever, with Councillor Buck even adding some good humour from time to time. You have to love the fresh new direction.

      Over-all the new council is doing a great job of staying on track and cleaning up the various messes left by the previous council. Let’s face it, in that regard they have a lot of work to do !

      So far, so good.

    • Anonymous said

      I don’t care whether he handed in his resignation or council gave him notice, just as long as he has gone. Hallelujah!

    • Anonymous said

      Re Wendy’s performance on the 25th:
      I believe she this is her 8th year as a councillor and yet she still does not understand that it is a PECUNIARY interest that has to be declared. Rats in a maze learn far more quickly.
      Why doesn’t she just throw in the towel and spare us all from such painful performances!

    • Broderick Epps said

      Wendy’s performance on Tuesday only served to accentuate the dullard she really is. Equally it raises questions about the intelligence of those that voted for her.From my perspective she got elected not because of any past achievements but rather the luck of having her name alphabetically ranked first of all the incumbents. It seems a lot of voters had 5 or 6 or seven choices prepicked and to fill the slate dipped into the incumbent pool. Hence Gaer/Gall/Gran finished first second and third from the incumbent pool.Now we are stuck with someone who is an anchor to a council with high expectations.

  4. Good riddance said

    Mr. Tsubouchi was hired as Integrity Commissioner after a total a six people were interviewed – or so I recall. I wonder who the other five losers were?

    The position was to pay up to $60,000 for one year. How much did Mr. Tsubouchi actually receive? Was anything paid to the Vaughan IC who was called in to act on Mr. Tsubouchi’s behalf for a reason that now alludes me?

    Whatever it was it was an exorbitant rip-off out of the pockets of the town’s tax-payers.

    Mr. Tsubouchi issued one decision and ignored the strictures of the Municipal Act that states decisions are confidential and are to be given to Council on that basis. Instead, Mr. Tsubouchi published his decision live at a Council meeting.

    What was particularly satisfying was when Councillor Collins-Mrakas literally shredded the poor man in public. Possibly this humiliation was one of the motives behind his early resignation.

    So far Aurora’s experience with a Code of Conduct and its Integrity Commissioner appendage has not been constructive.

    Rather than staff conducting a study of the Code of Conduct for possible improvements, which is an insane concept on its own, it should be scrapped in its entirety, right now.

    Should there ever prove to be a need for a Code of Conduct at some future time, the matter could be revisited. Certainly the Council of that day should play a major role in its creation.

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