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Salvation Army Kettle

Posted by auroracitizen on December 4, 2010

I just spend 2 1/2 hours with my daughter “personing” the Salvation Army Kettle at the Yonge Street LCBO. What a rewarding experience.

It was inspiring to see the diverse folks who dug deep to help. Young or old, it made no difference. My daughter commented that sometimes it is the people who “look” like they can afford the least who often contribute the most.

When we left, what started as an empty container was filled with Loonies, Toonies, $5, $10 and $20. Hundreds of dollars donated in just over 2 hours.

I was again reminded of what a friendly and giving community we live in. Whether people left pocket change, $20.00 or nothing — most people exchanged a smile or a greeting. Many commented that they had already given at another store earlier in the day. Others stopped to chat and say hello. Holiday well wishes were in abundance.

It was also an unexpected pleasure to say hello to folks I have not seen in quite some time. In our busy lives, we often find that folks we saw often through our children’s activities, we no longer see as our kids go in different directions.

So if you have some time available this holiday season, consider finding some way to volunteer. And if you have children — take them along. It gives them a renewed appreciation of how fortunate we are to live in a community like Aurora.

Plus, in addition to the positive feelings about the good work that we were supporting by standing by the kettle — which invariably increases the donations, I also got to spend over 2 hours with my daughter without interruption or distraction. That in itself is a special privilege we often miss as they get older and busier with friends, school work and extra activities.

So, if you can, look for a way to donate some time. The benefits are many and the need is great — even in Aurora.

If you are not sure where to help — call the Neighbourhood Network (905-726-3737), they can find something for you to do 😉

Bill Hogg

6 Responses to “Salvation Army Kettle”

  1. veritas said

    I was so glad to hear that both the Eaton Centre and Fairview Mall managment have reversed their decision to ban the jingling of bells at the Salvation Army kettles. The reason for the original ban was that the bells caused noise pollution. I have never heard such nonsense and am glad that there was enough of an outcry to achieve the reversal.

  2. Steve Hinder said

    Thanks for helping out Bill. There are plenty of locations and time slots for people to fill, in support of the Salvation Army. The funds raised during the Kettle Drives provide the annual operating monies for them.

    Another way to help this year is by providing a new, unused toy to a child who might not otherwise receive one. At Neighbourhood Network, we are accepting toys that we will then turn over to many of our partner organizations who are engaged in Drives to assist families at Christmas.

    We receive the toys, then connect with our partners to get a list of their needs. We then select from the toys donated to make certain those donations get to those truly in need.

    There are many ways people can help others this season. We do have an incredibly supportive and giving community but that’s only because so many pitch in to help.

    I encourage folks to drop by Neighbourhood Network, see how you can help contribute to our Town.

    To learn more or sign up as a volunteer visit


  3. Jim Tree said

    You always did lead by example Bill and Aurora is a better place because of it , Merry Christmas

  4. Elizabeth Bishenden said

    Great post, Bill.

    Here’s more recent holiday helping news:

    The AMHA has done a fantastic job of partnering with the Aurora Lions Club to provide Christmas Hampers (food and gifts) to families in need at this time of the year in Aurora. Rep and House League teams and divisions are contributing at record levels this year.

    The St. Andrew’s College Outreach Committee has sponsored several dozen families through the Holiday Hero campaign.

    Lester B. Pearson P.S. is holding its annual Toiletries Drive in support of the Aurora Lions Club.

    Aurora Heights P.S. had a food drive.

    The Pine Tree Potters Guild hosted an “Empty Bowls” event that raised $12K for Welcoming Arms and the York Region Food Network.

    Everyone, list the amazing activities that you see in our community that make a difference: money raised, help given, lives eased.

    • George Gonsalves said

      The “Empty Bowls” event was remarkable and fun. Several restaurants served delicious soups that patrons could sample with their chosen “empty bowls.” Welcoming Arms was extremely happy to receive their share of the money raised. This outreach programme supported by six churches helps many despite their limited resources.

  5. Thank you said

    Good people make good neighbours make good communities.

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